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Day 6   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-11 by wharry30; 209 views.

From: wharry30


Day number 6 was tough ate alot though but still did not light up!!!


From: Anne2020


Try to get some exercise in the offset the food intake.  Exercise is one of the best distractions and something as simple as a walk is sufficient to walk off those extra calories.  

Remember to that a couple of deep breathes work well to dissipate cravings.

Finally, no matter what anyone says, do what you need to - to keep from lighting up.

When cravings come, don't think how you are missing out on a smoke, think about how your body is healing and every craving is a sign of another milestone in your new non-smoking lifestyle.     Hmmm, you teeth will be whiter, your skin will be clearer, your hair will stop falling out, your colgne/perfume will smell better, you will be calmer.  All a win, win.

You are doing great!!!    


From: Lubbercat



Congrats on 6 days, that is fantastic.  

I know some days are tougher then others and I did gain a few pounds over my quitting and quitting and quitting and now that I am hopefully forever quit (just passed 14 weeks), I will worry about losing that weight.  However, I still do not deprive myself and I don't "overdo" the exercise.....I feel better so I am up and doing things a lot more often and that by itself helps to offset some of the extra food I took in!