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Gained a few pounds but I am way healthier   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started 11/17/15 by BDB1985; 4475 views.

From: BDB1985


Dear all,

I am today happily celebrating my one year milestone! One year ago I was having an allergy/asthma attack due to my partner's cats and I had to take prednisone for 5 days. I figured that since I could barely breathe I should probably stop smoking for a few days  to recover. You all know what hell week feels like, so after four horrible days I said 'you know what, as long as you're at it, this is the time to give a try at quitting again'. Two years before I had a relapse on a 10 1/2 month quit which was only possible due to this forum. Some of you might remember me from then...i sadly had to notify my quit budies that I had relapsed...that was May 2013. After that I had never found the strength to quit again. But then, one year ago, I decided to try again.

I struggled a lot with anxiety and horrible mood swings for four months, which were very hard on my relationship. I thought maybe I should go back to smoking to 'be my old self again'. Stupid jinky reasoning. Lucky me, great people in this forum explained to me how these mood swings can be particularly harsh for women who are quitting because on top of everything else, smoking (and therefore quitting) messes with our hormones. For four months I was high and low several times a day and This forum gave me information to understand that a lot of people go through this and that it was worth it. Sure enough, after those four months things improved a lot for me and I started having less cravings.

Before I quit I used to make visualizations of what  I PICTURED my life to be after one year smoke free...I pictured a much more athletic (I love sports) and self-determined person. This didn't happen immediately, but now i have been working out almost everyday and throughout my life I have accomplished so much more than before. I am not making this up to be motivational. It was trully the year were I learned more about how to push through fears and lack of self esteem and get the job (whatever it is that I believe I can't do) done.

I hope my message can be motivational for others who are struggling with addiction. I am  30 years old, smoked for 10 of those years and now i feel great. I look younger, i get compliments on how young my face looks (it's never too late to quit even for that superficial reason!), I have few asthma attacks (I will always have asthma, I've had it since nine, but I had no serious attacks the entire year) and I haven't gotten seriously sick this year. Not even a cold.

I am very very happy today!!! I find myself picturing what my next lifestyle change is gonna be. :)


Deb (fluffersDeb)

From: Deb (fluffersDeb)



I am sure you will be the healthiest ever from here forward. The second year goes by so easily -- no more going backwards!! 

You fought hard for your freedom and now you have your life back. You will definitely inspire all new quitters to tackle and win their freedoms too!

CONFRATULATIONS -- You are in the 1 Year CLUBHOUSE!!!!!!


From: BDB1985


Thanx, Deb!! So happyyyyy!!!



From: youdi


Congratulations Barbara!!!


From: Sooz007


Barbara, you should be very proud of your key!  Go and celebrate!!

Sooz :)


From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on ONE YEAR, Barbara!

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

One year is an extraordinary accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself.

Thank you for such an inspiring, postive milestone post.




From: ModDee


Congratulations on your first year of freedom!  Each new year will bring more and more benefits.




From: AnnaFreshAir


Hi Barbara, and Congratulations on ONE YEAR!!    I am lucky enough to know how good it feels :)  Can I please just tell you how very smart you are to quit at 30?  Well, you are!   (I'm in my 60's.)   You have so much of your life ahead of you as a smoke-free person, and that is wonderful.  Your post WILL inspire others! 

All the best to you,


From: revwendyb


What a fabulous post and milestone!  Hooray, hooray!

Rick (Onelegshort)

From: Rick (Onelegshort)


That right there's worth a Yeehaw & a Whoo-Hoo!!   smile