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Future plans   Quit Support

Started Jan-22 by feafee78; 584 views.

From: feafee78


Does anyone else make pretend plans to smoke a different day? I’m home alone tonight, which triggers me wanting to smoke, and I find myself assuring myself that if I don’t go buy cigarettes today, I could smoke a lot more of them if I got them on Monday. I find this strange. Maybe it’s part of the “one day at a time” thing? I don’t expect to buy any, even on Monday, but it kinda worries me that I’m even thinking like this. I probably need to assure myself that I can buy my favorite ice cream on Monday, instead, lol.

I saw a neighbor smoking a couple days ago and was very tempted to go ask for one. I think I’m doing good, then it reaches right up and grabs me. I try to ask myself if I’m prepared to smoke 12+ cigarettes the next day, because that’s what it’ll lead to. That usually helps. 


From: SusanK1960


It is not uncommon for thoughts of bargaining for cigarettes, that is the addiction talking. You are correct in bargaining for your favorite ice cream, that is the true reward. You are doing this just right!

From: Loreficent



Hi Feafee

You made me laugh. It is the recognition. Yes, as Susan said, that is completely NORMAL.

The addict voice is the best bargainer in us there is. Always conniving and reasoning. I truly believe that nobody can rationalize like a smoker. Keep the faith. The voice does weaken over time. Your other wise voices will be stronger in no time; just feed them lots of ice cream! blush

Hi Susan! kissing_heart

CC to SusanK1960

From: xvaper


Hi fearfree,

I totally used this thought method at the beginning of my quit. When I was grabbing on to the couch to stop me from running out to the store to buy them, I used to tell myself, well I can wait one hour right? I can always smoke in one hour. Then another hour, then the next day. It does show you how slave to the addiction you are but also the ability you have to overcome it. I then graduated to "Is it really the most important thing in great the sum of my life that I smoke a cigarette right now?" And now I am just doing the simplest thing - Never another puff again. Like you said, there is never just the one.


From: xvaper


Yea, your icecream copying mechanism even made in to a movie!!!

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From: feafee78


Thank you, all! I’m much better today. The thought processes that come while quitting amaze me! 
I guess I worry I’ll actually decide that I’ll buy some in the future, then follow through. I need to keep the thoughts as “I could” instead of “I will”. I think I’m due for a nice reward, so maybe I’ll focus on finding that. Along with the ice cream, of course.


From: HerbSouth


Fee fee!!!!