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Day 1again!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 5/5/22 by Devildog2147; 13330 views.

From: Marjorie1244


Hi there dog , I know exactly how you feel , I have gone just over 3 weeks now and it is very challenging process.  But if it helps , just remember how miserable you was as a smoker , and though that urge to smoke feels really strong makingbyou feel miserable going with out , you do know that urge will pass given time, even though it can sometime feel your are craving all day long. Your body will be nicotine free now , so the physical part of quitting is done , its the emotional part you now need to complete , this bad habit we've all had for some time. And to help this we need to re set the way we think , never tell your self you can't have a cigarette,  you tell yourself you can have one but you don't need one , these little receptors in our brain , keep nagging at us for nicotine , and each day we go with out ignoring this irritating need , the weaker these receptors go , and after 3 months they will be gone completely,  you will prob not think about a cigarette as much , prob not at all, but at the moment the thought tends to be at the for front most of the time most days.  But hang in there these needs and thoughts will weaken , just relax go with these urges dont fight them , distract yourself and they will pass . Well done keep at it .  Your doing great. In 3 months time you will never look back , and over the 3 months it will get easier each day .marj


From: Marjorie1244


You will one day , once you've got your head around it , just think how happier you will be as a none smoker, having a cigarette doesn't make you happy really , your just topping up the need for nicotine . Let me know when your ready to commit,  I will be here for you , even though I a have only gone just over 3 weeks with out , I am determined this time not to cave in,  or let them little receptors, in my brain that keep nagging at me saying I need nicotine win . These thoughts will be gone completely given time and weaken each day . Marj


From: AsthmaGirl


How’d the quit go Andrew?

Msg 7061.122 and the next 4 deleted

From: Jerthie123


Hi Lore....

Can you please tell me the name of the ebook you told Anthony about? I would like to have a look at it. Ty!


From: Loreficent



Hi Jerthie!

Let me know if that link doesn’t work. The book is a little funky to navigate. Only in the sense of going back or ahead. But it is full of information that will help you understand the addiction to nicotine.

Anne sent a link a couple of weeks ago that I thought was really beneficial. Not sure where that is but the woman’s name is Nasia Davos and she has a lot of videos on YouTube. If you put “CBQ Method quit smoking” in the YouTube search they will come up. I’ve been watching a lot of them and they are excellent! 

Hope you are doing well all around! Haven’t seen Andrew much for a while. I wrote him several days ago to check in but haven’t heard back. My notifications were broken on here for a while and I lost touch for a few weeks of posts and replies. They are fixed now and that has been a huge help.

Hang in there Jerthie!