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Day 1again!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-5 by Devildog2147; 11442 views.

From: colesharon14


Hello how are you doing today,I hope everything is ok with you?


From: strong1977


Hey there!

First off i want to say I am so very sorry for the news about your heart, def not a good situation there, and I can understand you having bad anxiety about kicking the habit but i also have to tell you that this is the best choice you will make for yourself. My husband and I quit ten years ago, we did this together and never looked back on it, your going to have some good days and some bad days but what i can tell you is that what helps is cold water with ice for those bad days you have cravings, and also keep yourself busy so that you don't think  about smoking. Plus if your really struggling come on here and post because there is always someone who can get you thru the rough patches, but remember you got this...wishing you all the best 


Ten years smoke free 


From: Devildog2147


The name comes from me being a Marine Corps Veteran.   We often call each other Devildogs.  The 2147 was my MOS.  

I do agree we are our own worst enemies.  I unfortunately haven't quit yet.  I am working on the mental part.  I know I want to quit but I just don't want to go through the withdrawal.  Lol

I know I need to get on here more for the support but as someone else said I don't want to feel like I disappoint anyone because I'm already disappointed in myself.   I know everyone is going through or went through the same struggles so it's unfounded thinking.  


From: candrew


Hey Dog

You are not disappointing anybody. We are all struggling with the same thing. Everyone is on their own timetable. This is probably going to be the most difficult thing that you will ever confront. We ALL understand and support you no matter if you are smoking or not. 

No need to beat yourself up. The mind sometimes takes over and makes you do things you truly don't want to do.  You want to quit but it tells you that you can't. What is important to understand is your will has to be stronger than your "mindset". Willpower really has nothing to do with sucess in overcoming this problem. Just remember why you wanted to quit. All the reasons should be stronger than a stupid craving. The battle ensues and depending how fed up you were/are with smoking these reasons should reinforce your commitment to winning the war. 

You are stronger than you think. Surrender should not be an option. Much like the Ukrainians you may not have the resources that the enemy has but with determination and perseverance you will stand your ground and win. 

Stand tall, pull out the big guns and start bombing the sh*t out of the enemy. They know you mean business and will eventually yield to your determination. Little by little you can take back your ground and live life smoke-free. I know you can do it. 

Good day (and many more)



From: Jatchat


I can empathise with you devildog, same thing happened to me a tiny voice whispering, you can have just one, Never  ever will I fall for that trick again.

you can do it, I can do it, starting afresh, good luck.

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From: Devildog2147


Well just smoked my last, last smoke.  Already anxious about it but will get past that.  Gonna go home after work and get rid of all smoking related stuff ashtrays,  cigarette rolling stuff, everything.  Clean start.  Keep your fingers crossed

Hi Devildog,

You probably don't know me but I've been around for a while.  My quit sister Denim and I quit on the same day in 2018 and after our one year anniversary, I don't get on as much as I would like to on the Forum.  But I try and check in once in a while and help where I can.  I am here to tell you that you can do this.  I know everyone says this but take it from me (a 35 year smoker), you really can.  Here's another thing you hear "Just don't smoke"...it's really true.  Just one ruins all of it.  Push through it...do whatever you can and it's the hardest thing to do but it is doable.  The pain and urges does go away, but it takes a while.  And it really sucks... but you can get past all this.  Some days I would just go to bed because I couldn't take the cravings and I was exhausted from thinking about it and fighting it. 

I'm going to try and check in more than I have lately and give any advice that may help.  My husband still smokes and I know if I just have one (which believe me, I have thought about it), it will be all over and I will be back to Day 1.  Dig deep and find that reason to go through this pain.  Mine was anger... Angry that my husband said I couldn't do it, anger that the tobacco companies have made so much friggin money off me, anger that I wasted so much of my time leaving somewhere to go out and smoke, anger that I subjected my daughter to second-hand smoke... that is what fueled my quit and you need to find what works for you.  Not to mention, anger at being an Addict and cigarettes running my life.  I hope you can find your "reason" for getting through each day without smoking... you can do it.


From: Loreficent


Good to see you Cindi!

You and all the others”old timers” were and still are instrumental in my quit. It’s nice to see you pop on. 
I don’t recall if I knew you quit while living with a smoker. That to me is the ultimate challenge and I don’t know if I could do it. Then again, I’m the type of person that something like that could be fuel and encouragement too, so hard to stay. I’m grateful that wasn’t that added layer for me. 
Has he been inspired to try in all this time? 

Hi Loreficent,

Off and on over the years.  He'll try patches and then smoke with a patch on.  He just doesn't have the desire to do it.  It really was fuel for me because he told me I could never do it (I was quite an addicted smoker).  In fact, we both smoked in our house and after I was at a year or so, I washed all the walls and curtains and repainted.  Now he only smokes in the basement or outside.  His smoking really didn't make me want to smoke because in fact, I kept a pack of cigarettes in the drawer for almost 8 months.  I actually just forgot about them and finally threw them out.  The only time it bothered me is if we got into an argument and I was stressed, I could feel those receptors kick in full force and of course, the first thing he did was light up and I had no relief from it.  That eventually goes away though.  I haven't made it through many messages to see how everyone is doing, so how are you and what's been going on in your world?