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Continuous gratitude to you all!   General Chit-Chat

Started Jun-27 by Jerthie123; 89 views.

From: Jerthie123


Anne, Lubercat, and Java....

Your words mean so much to me!  Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!  I appreciate all of the sympathy and continuous support!  If I missed anyone, know that you are in my heart as well!

I am back down to 6 or 7 lozenges a day... Down from 10 a day, which I never reached that amount before!  How was I able to quit the lozenges for 9 weeks in January and February and March, and then be back up to 10 a day?  Because I am a nicotine addict.  Even when I quit cigarettes in my mid thirties and most of my forties, there was the lozenges, and I confess, short lived périods of smoking ... I have never been free!

Today I was just grateful to go back down to 6 or 7!  I spoke to y addiction instead of getting mad at myself.  I stroked it gently, and said... "I know you miss me.  I miss you too!  But I need to move on.  I don't know if I can ever leave you completely, but I just saw you an hour ago.  Can you at least wait another 2 hours before I see you again?" And it worked!  The addiction would leave when I spoke gently.  I am going to keep doing this and hope, hope, hope that a gradual reduction might lead to a quit!

Other than this life has been kind!