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For those who are struggling    Quit Support

Started Jun-28 by strong1977; 2944 views.

From: Marjorie1244


Hi tonypfan, just remember , when you get that strong urge and how miserable you feel not having a cigarette,  just rambert how miserable you will feel if you give in , it is better to be miserable for a short time or even a full day , rather than being miserable every day back as a smoker . These strong urges will decrease , its not a physical urge as your nicotine free now , its an emotional urge , your brain reminding you how you enjoyed and miss that smoke , those little receptors nagging again , ignore them but do remember pending on your mood this also can cause triggers , so if sad think of something nice , if bored try do something you enjoy doing . Keep up the good work , each day you keep in  control , tell yourself you can have a smoke but you won't smoke today , day at a time and it will get easier and easier marjorie1244 


From: tonypfan


Thank you, Marjorie, for reminding me how to handle cravings.  Everything you write is true.  Especially the reminder of how awful I will feel if I give in.  So I refuse to give in.  Fortunately, my cravings have dissipated.  They are becoming few and far between.  I give thanks for this.  I never thought it could happen.  But I am becoming free and staying free.  Anthony


From: Marjorie1244


Hi Anthony,  thats great news , its not nice having those uncomfortable urges , I am in my 6 weeks now and like you it is getting much easier , hopefully in time I won't even get a thought at all of just fancying one , dont need them , need to re wire my brain now as I know its not a craving its more a physiological urge lol , but I will keep going and do a day a time for now , went out on my bike other day and gosh I felt much better , gonna go back swimming soon as im retired now and like to keep busy ,much better than reminiscing.  Bye for now marjorie1244

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From: feafee78


Struggling with day 3/4. Keep thinking I might go buy 1 pack, then deciding I definitely won’t, just to find myself thinking maybe I will a little bit later. Ugh. I know it wouldn’t be just 1 pack, so I keep reminding myself of that. I wouldn’t be likely to quit again until late next month and I know it. 
I’ve been reading some of the posts on here and it’s helped some.  Just thought I better post and hope that helps give me a better boost of confidence. 


From: turtles


I just happened upon this thread, I’m sorry you still have not had a day free of the thought of smoking. I could relate however to your statement that there was no way you could do this again. I quit April 1 2019. It was the second time I had quit, the first time I failed after having “just one”. I vowed then never to have to go through the quit again, it was just too hard.


From: candrew


hey Turtles

andrew elliott here. it's been awhile since I have been on the forum. really got a lot from the site. all of us have one thing in common and that is to eliminate this terrible condition called smoking addiction

how long? it's been almost 6 months for me - not easy but who said it would be?

I have met some incredible folks, we all are trying the best we can

hope all is well for you - see you on the forum sometime in the future




From: candrew



i seem to remember you from days gone by - excellent advice, we are all in the same boat - a sinking one to say but there is hope - God willing we can depend on our own devices to overcome - I have almost 6 months (I think) Very busy with work, I take walks to help - Excited to wake up in the morning because I no longer have to huff 3-4 cigs to get going. I do use the pouches to maintain the level of nicotine, so I am not totally nic free. I drink a lot of coffee and sail thru the day.

Busy writing a website for seniors, a referral venue, live in the Villages FL the largest and most incredible place for retired people. They need reliable sources of services which we have identified - been here for almost 20 years and we know the best

Hope you are well and smoke free. I know you got a lot from the numerous posts that we provide (same for me)

Take care and remember we can overcome.

Andrew E, Villages Florida

Land of the hurricanes


From: strong1977


Good morning Andrew: 

I have been smoke free for almost 11 years now, Still going strong. now a days i struggle with kidney stones, which are not fun. That is amazing work that you are doing for seniors, it's good when you have something to keep your mind busy and your hands busy, I was a PSW for awhile but that line of work was really hurting my heart as i would have to watch the seniors i grew to love pass away so now I am a Customer service rep for Balsalm Hill.

I used the patches for a month to help me stop smoking, and then i had threw them away and did it cold turkey for the rest of the way. I have had many triggers that could of sent me back to smoking but i chose to stay smoke free. Will def keep you in my prayers and really hope that everything goes well for you as well. Thank you for your kind words. and I to enjoy waking up early mornings and starting my day.

Take care 

your non smoking friend 


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From: turtles


If this helps at all, yay! Hard to express how wonderful the light is at the end of the addiction tunnel. I never think of smoking, don’t notice when someone else does except they smell horrible lol. Besides eating a lot of sugar free candy and gum, every time I had a craving I read this list. Usually by the end the craving had passed and distraction worked. Hope it helps you..

If I have just one I will be right back where I started; and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today".

In the beginning of the quit the voice of addiction screams loudly and incessantly and then as the days, weeks and months pass it changes tactics and gently seductively says of course you can have just one". Don't fall for it ever again. 

One leads to thousands more!

I'll stay quit cause I never want to go through this again. 


you only have to do one thing to quit......just don't smoke!

It always seems impossible until it's done.

If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

I'm not exhausted like I used to be but I have come to realize that I smoked anytime I didn't know what to do

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From: Anne2020


I hope you didn't buy that pack and that you were able to stay strong.  I would love to hear how you did it.