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Happy Half Year   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Aug-25 by modCindi (CindiS319); 338 views.

I just wanted to wish Happy Half Year Anniversaries to Marilyn and Lore!  You are both amazing and we appreciate you being a part of our forumily!

Marilyn 2/25/2018 - HAPPY 4 years 6 months!  6 months away to your WINGS! 

Lore 2/25/2020 - HAPPY 2 years 6 months!



From: Loreficent


Oh, thank you Cindi!!

Do you celebrate half birthdays too? I have some friends that do and it’s so fun! Lord knows I would not be here without my Forumily. 

I will tell you, and I I do with reservations because I don’t want to scare anyone, but I had a craving from heck yesterday! tired_face It didn’t last long, but it returned a few times within a couple of hours. Just a few minutes each time. Each time it passed I thought to myself how ridiculous it was. I have no idea of the trigger. Nobody was smoking around me. At the end of the day I was grateful though because one, I didn’t give in, but more importantly, it reminded me of the struggle it can be at times to remain smoke free. I think an occasional reminder of that can be healthy. To know the mind of the addict is a great tool in being successful. Understanding the fragility of ourselves and humbly accepting that for a few moments leads to a renewed sense of empowerment when it passes. That sounds strange maybe, but for me it’s true. It’s been months and months since I actually thought a smoke would “be nice”. When I had that thought then I ended up a little angry at myself. We all know there is nothing “nice” about it. But I was angry at myself that I even had the thought a couple of years out. Then I realized that anger with myself was not productive and what I really needed was some self care so I scheduled a massage! joy 

Last night I went for a walk and listened to the crickets and how lovely they sounded with their rhythmic fluctuating tones and it was such a reward to be aware how I enjoyed the night out walking without having smoked and knowing I don’t want to. It was also a reward to feel and be in touch with my humanness and to feel the acceptance of all of myself at the end of the day. So, ultimately, I think we do have the ability to turn things into accomplishment and success and feel the joy of it and have that in itself be our ultimate reward. 
Please, any newer quitter, don’t be dismayed. Focus on the craves while they are there and embrace them for the healing that they are. I’m not angry or sad that I’m still healing. I’m grateful. 

Thank you Cindi for being here for all of us! hibiscussunflowersun_with_face

Hi Lore,

I do not celebrate half birthdays...at my age, I don't even want to celebrate my real birthday LOL.

It is very true though and I love your post.  I've been under enormous stress lately and even after 4+ years, the thought of "just one" still happens.  I just think that the addiction part will always be with us.  I know ex-drinkers after 20 years that still want that drink.  Why do people go back to smoking after 5 years or more...that addiction part is still in our head and I don't think it ever really goes away.  Plus we still occasionally romance the thought of smoking (even though it is a ridiculous thought).  I myself even relate "happy times" to smoking even though smoking had nothing to do with it being a happy time.  Our brains just work in funny ways I guess.

But I'm glad we are still here and I'm grateful for each smoke-free day we have.


From: Molly010


Hello Cindi,

I am super excited to see that you are a moderator now!  Who would have thought when we began that you would be here moderating over 4 years later!  Just trying to get through one day at a time back then was really a challenge.  Love that Denim has taken over and that you are moderating.  Hope to be on the forum more myself, but life has been getting in the way lately.  You are going to be a great help to the beginners.  Good luck with everything!

Thank you Molly and hope to see you checking in more!