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I let my guard down   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-26 by Jerthie123; 126 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello All. It is 8:15pm in Toronto. I let my guard down and have already consumed 6 lozenges, which I had set as my maximum limit for the last 4 weeks. I have about three more hours to go before I get to bed tonight. Can I not use anymore? I don't know. My most crucial lozenge is the one I take right before I sleep. Honestly, I wanted to smoke today. Proof that you can never be too safe on a quit, even a good quit.

What made today different? The fact that I became lazy and complacent. I thought to myself, Wow, just as long as you don't smoke you can have lozenges unlimited. I thought I extra on my plate today, so I will allow s few extra, and as long as I don't buy smokes, I will be golden. What I discovered today is I do not want to be lax. I do not want to buy smokes first and foremost, but secondly, I do not want to climb back up slowly to 12 lozenges a day, and potentially feel the anxiety I had over this past summer.

So at the moment, I am sucking on a cough drop and will continue from hereon today to fight the good fight and not have one until I get to bed, and that will put me just at 7 instead of 6, but still not at 12! I do not want to fall back into using 12 a day ever so gradually. And if I could be quit 100% I would.

My true goal was to just be content at 6 a day until the new year. I may just stick to that plan and not get too overly ambitious or just plain old lazy. Is it okay to coast the way I have been going?