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January 2023 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started Dec-31 by modCindi (CindiS319); 7689 views.

From: MarthaJC


 Love love love what Gloria said! Truth! Thank YOU for all you do:)



From: Nircelaj5


     Thanks for the great response Jenny! 

      Good luck with your back procedure! I hope it goes well and helps you! So as I wake up on my day off today, I now have 2 days!!! I’m so proud of myself! My son’s 13th birthday is February 19th so I want to give him a month (plus a few days more) of me quitting cigarettes as a partial birthday present! He hates that I smoke and begs me to quit!!

       When I quit for 6 months he was so happy! 

xxoo Erika


From: Anne2020


You son will love you you for this quit.  Because you quit, he may never smoke at all.  So you are not just quitting for yourself but for your family and all those who look up to you.  Some you may not even be aware of.

Good for you.  Well done! You are well on your way to a solid foundation to build your new smokefree lifestyle for you and your family and friends.



From: feafee78



yay for 2 (almost 3?) days!! Your son will be so thankful you’ve quit. I don’t think you could give him a better birthday present than that! My daughter (17) looked me straight in the eyes recently and told me she wanted me to quit. I could hear the emotion in her voice and it was really hard to hear. I don’t think she’s at the point of believing I’m staying quit, but we’ll get there, I’m sure. 
My back thing went well. It helped with my back pain, so I’ll get scheduled for the next thing in a month or so. It’s been a really, really long journey and I’m ready for something to help for longer than a couple weeks. 
I still had a few times today that I thought of going to buy cigarettes, but not being able to drive because of sedation helped with that. I think the next few days will be hard for me since we’re visiting family next weekend and I could rationalize having just 4 days to smoke, knowing I’d quit again for the trip. One day at a time is hard sometimes! 
Did you work today? I’m attempting to make homemade pasta tonight. I already used 5 cups of flour instead of 3, so I added another and the recipe is now doubled. Wish me luck getting through the rolling part! I may enlist the help of one of the younger people in the house.



From: feafee78



Are you doing better since your appointment with your doctor? I was thinking about you today  

I saw you mentioned finding some cinnamon candies to help with the lozenge cut down. I know they helped me a lot when I did that. I got some that are like breath mints, so small and kinda chalky, like the lozenges. I also cut my lozenges in half with a pill cutter, so I could still have them, but with less nicotine. Eventually I had them cut in quarters before I finally let go of them. Actually, I still have a couple containers upstairs that have some of those in them, I think. What an odd thing to hold onto, right??

 I can’t believe I’m almost through day… 5… 6? I’m losing count already. I think it’s day 5. 

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From: feafee78


Feeling a bit unsteady tonight. It’s a little after midnight here and I’m really thankful I don’t have any access to cigarettes. I’m working hard to not decide to go buy some in the morning. Just getting through tonight and not making plans for anything. 
Hoping everyone else is doing better than I am right now. I’m not even sure why I’m crying. I want my non-smoking life back without the hard work to get there, lol. Taking deep breaths and hoping to sleep soon. We have another storm coming in tomorrow, so maybe that’ll keep discouraging me from wanting to brave the weather. I can rationalize that I “like” to smoke, but that kinda falls apart when it’s pouring rain and I’m wondering if the tree I’m near might fall on me.  

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From: feafee78


As much as I think I want to smoke right now, I’m so thankful I can stay in my nice warm bed, surrounded by my cat and dog that were always upset when I’d get up to smoke if I was still awake an hour after climbing into bed. It’s cold outside and it takes a bit of effort to bundle up and get out there!

I’ve been loving being able to sit and watch tv with my family without excusing myself at the end of a show if they want to watch another one right after. There was often groans and talk of starting the next episode without me. I really couldn’t blame them when they did it a couple times. 

I can leave the house without worrying if others will smell the stench on me. Being a closet smoker, it took a lot of effort to feel comfortable being around people I knew. 

I can already take a deep breath and feel good to breath! 

I’ve gotten well underway in my cross stitch project! There’d been a few obstacles with that because of smoking. I want to not smell like smoke while working on it, so I had to wash my hands and change clothes before sitting down with it. Then I could only work on it for an hour before setting it down to go feed my pointless addiction. After coming back in, it seemed like too much work to get ready to stitch again, so I wouldn’t get back to it. 

I don’t want to lose all those things (as well as so many more). I’m not smoking now and I’m gonna commit to at least getting through the morning. I’ll go from there. It’s far to easy to decide to start over a different day. ?? 



From: Jerthie123


Jenny.... You are doing great! I know you have thoughts of going out to buy smokes, but the fact that you haven't shows that you are winning! Continue to do what you are doing.... Waiting out another half hour, then an hour, then two hours. That is basically what I do with my lozenges. I delay and delay and delay.

I did see my doctor last week on Wednesday. He put me on a new medication. So far, so good. I am emotionally balanced. However, I did have a bit of anxiety about one of the main side effects being weight gain. I gained 12 pounds with the last medication change. I can't bear the thought of gaining anymore! As a result in my panic, I have went from 6 lozenges a day to 7.

I think I will be okay though. I haven't been sleeping well for the past two weeks. I wonder if life for me would be much better if I quit the lozenges all together, and stopped worrying about my weight.

I will let you go girl, but I want you to keep on keeping on with your quit! You' ve done it before. You can do it again. Good night all!


From: feafee78


Jerthie, I’m glad the medication change is going good. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an “off” switch for worrying about certain things? I hope you don’t get the weight gain side effect you’re worried about. I’m sure all our lives would be easier if we could let go of addictions and needless worrying. Sounds like a fabulous plan! Count me in. I laugh because it seems silly to think it’s that easy, but maybe it really is and I’m just fighting it for no good reason. 
I got through day 6. Had a rough night last night, but woke up with some clarity about things that really helped throughout today. I did a post about it, but seem to have lost it. Anyway, today was good. I’ll get through tomorrow and have a whole week. Haven’t had that since October!


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From: Sunaad


Hi everyone !! 

Started my quit on 17th December and relapsed on New Year’s party after a small quarrel. Made up my mind again but broke down 5 days later and smoked 3 in a day. Decided to not succumb and going three days strong again !! 

I’ve realised that the thing that really makes me want to smoke is the stress induced from fights and quarrels and also when i eat really good food. 

What helps me is reminding myself everything I’ve read here about why we associate smoking with so many things. Chewing normal gum also helps to keep my mouth busy 

Going to sleep and  looking forward to another smoke free day?