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Started Jan-24 by Lee.T; 349 views.

From: Lee.T


Hi Alll. Just want to tell you that I have quit smoking for over 4 months but used vaping to get me off the smokes. I now want to quit vaping which is also a habit to break. Any good tips or suggestions to help me take the final step of getting off the vape and freeing myself of nicotine all together. Am battling a bit. I've got to the stage of now not vaping at all at work but I have in the mornings before work and then can't wait to get home to vape. Its just so frustrating . Anything I can read or tips and help from anyone who has been or is where I am now would really be great and appreciated.

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From: JavaNY


Hi Lee. I use an e-cigarette. I started with nicotine in the cartridges, was able to reduce the level, and am down to a nicotine-free cartridge.  I don't use it much anymore but feel better carrying it.

I'm not that familiar with vaping, but are there levels of nicotine that you can reduce over time until it gets to zero? Then it becomes just a habit. 



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From: Lee.T


Hi Paul I can go to zero nicatine and have ppurchased the zero but am battling to stick to the zero. Clearly because of needing the nicotine. Seems I'm lacking to get my mind right

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From: JavaNY


GM. It's similar to quitting the cigarettes, I think, just need to pick a date and switch. Use the same aids of lots of water, exercise, and staying in the right frame of mind. You've proven you can do it once.

Everyone's addiction is different. The hand/mouth movement was a big part of my own. That's why I found the ecig helpful and still carry it. I can't say there's really any taste enjoyment in it. Good luck.  

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From: feafee78


Hi Lee,

I used vaping to help quit years ago. I bought the nicotine free liquid and started added some each time I filled up. So mostly the nicotine liquid I’d been using, with just a few drops of no nicotine. I slowly increased the amount of the free one and eventually got to where I was using mostly it with only a couple drops of the nicotine. I went on like that for quite some time, not wanting to let go of those couple drops, but I eventually let it go. I still used just the nicotine free for a while before I was able to let go of the psychological part of it. 
I hope you find a way that works for you!