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Difficulty   Quit Support

Started May-26 by scoobydoo19; 166 views.

From: scoobydoo19


I stopped smoking 14 years ago and all it took was my want to stop and telling myself A. i do not want to die from any lung ailments and also B. I am tired of paying money to kill myself and C (this is when prices were still under 5 dollars most places) 
I knew that cigs were gonna be sky high in a short time ... these three things are really all you need.... 
I stopped after smoking for some 38 years cold turkey and only cheated one time .... six months after i stopped... took a few puffs of a cracked, fixed cig, tossed it ,.. and never looked back... 

and you know what ... it was a piece of cake, all you have to do is tell yourself as soon as you wake up-- I want to live and I want to NOT pay huge amounts of money to kill myself.... that is all it took, ( and I do NOT have the strongest of wills, but honestly ... that is all I needed to do... 

You do it every single day, say those thing out loud and you will not even miss them ...after about 3 weeks to a month,.... you are home free ... no more addiction.... (it does work) ... This is May 26 2023 and I stopped on my 50th birthday which was 14 years ago of course... still not smoking,... the smell that you smell on other people that do smoke will make you want to gag... 

And now that prices ARE sky high it is a great incentive to stop.... you do not need meds patches or hypno... the mind is strong enough.. if you truly want to stop.... I Promise You!!!