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Cazza's junkie journal   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 7/4/17 by Cazza2468; 5521 views.
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From: Cazza2468


So yesterday was 7 weeks but today is 50 days, that’s worth celebrating also.  So hooray for me.  I can’t remember the last time I had a craving. Not this past week or the one before.

i still have thoughts about smoking but when that happens I just brush them away and tell myself not to be stupid.

I Think I need to start doing some more exercise and it looks like a nice sunny day today so I might venture out there

caz sun_with_face

Congratulations 7 weeks is awesome!! You are getting that quit mindset!! I found exercise truly helpful in changing my moods and giving my lungs a great workout. It made me proud to feel I was doing something truly awesome for my body. I feel healthier than I've ever been now as an exsmoker. Keep on kicking nicotine's butt. You will feel this too so just keep on NOPING everyday. Nice job!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Cazza2468


Thanks Debbie

i just had my walk and I feel good.  Now onto the next 50 days. I am already feeling much better.  The congestion has cleared and my ears feel much better


Cazza bet you feel way better.

Ive stoppe for 8 weeks today im over doing it with the chewing gum so much ive got sore ears and jaw.


From: Cazza2468


Hi John

yes I know hat you mean.  I tries the gum (well nicotine gum) years a go and ended up with a really sore jaw.  I thought the stuff tasted really bad too, but maybe they have improved it since then. Ha ha.

congratulations on 8 weeks, that is a great achievement.  Are you still getting cravings?  For the last couple of weeks I only seem to be having a vague sense of loss when I start to think about cigs.  Hope it stays this way.

i quit cold turkey so I guess I don’t have any Nic left in my system and I am sure that helps.


No dont get the cravings i feal better in general im on nrt patch 2 about to go to patch 3 the weakest strength.

The chewing gum is a sugar free variety ono nicotine its just to help with the habit stuff.

Seriousy how painfull is chewing gum sprain CGS ( just made that up :) it sucks. Should be warnings on the packets, freinds think im grumpy from nicotine withdrawals and I tell them im ok its CGS it makes me look pissed off.


From: Cazza2468


I like that. Chewing gum sprain ha ha

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From: Cazza2468


8 weeks today.  Soon I will be moving into the icky third month

I think 5he third month is an issue because after 2 months of solid quitting, the whole process becomes a little blah.  The original euphoria of early successes has faded and we become a little complacent 

so over the next week or so as I move into the third month it is time to renew my commitment to stay strong and true to the quit.

i am going to make a whole new plan for this month.  I will make a list of activities and hobbies that I am interested in and endeavour to ramp up the exercising routine.  

Caz sun_with_face


From: Suzy2018


Congratulations, Caz - must be eight weeks now!