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Cazza's junkie journal   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 7/4/17 by Cazza2468; 5514 views.

From: Suzy2018


Hi Caz,

I'm ok, thank you - this has been the hardest day so far, but it's only a couple of hours off bedtime and I haven't smoked, so that's good. 

And YOU haven't smoked either, which is even better!  They do say the third month is hard - you're over the euphoria of actually, finally having done it, but not quite at the peaceful happy place all the long-term quitters talk about.   

I say 'they do say' but actually I know - I once quit for just over a year (my most successful ever, and I still can't believe I thought it was ok to have just the one) - and remember struggling around 8-9 weeks, but it did get easier after that.   It wasn;t so bad - just a bit niggly - and as you say, it's nothing like week 1!  I can absolutely confirm that you DEFINITELY don't want to be back where I am!

Very best wishes, and I'm counting on you to light the road ahead.



From: Cazza2468


Yes Suzy

we all think we can have that one cigarette.  But we can’t, it only leads to misery. The misery of returning to full time smoking.

i hope you have a wonderful smoke free day.  You are getting closer to that first elusive 1 week free.


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From: Cazza2468


Well after wandering around here I found this old journal that I had started ona quit a couple of years ago.  Time to bring it out for a bit of an airing.

Reading though the old posts reminds me to remain vigilant and not to become complacent.  

At 5 months I am feeling pretty good and have days when I literally do not think of smoking but there is still the odd day that can be very annoying with stupid smoking thoughts rumbling around in my head.

Keeping active has been my my saviour.  I think it has become my new obsession replacing the old unhealthy one.



From: Eve1973


You are today 6 months! Skimming through your journal, I see this is the 3rd time you are here. I am so happy that you didn’t give up! 

Just remember to always NOPE, even if just in your head! If I see someone smoking I just think NOPE! 3rd time is a charm and remember to always always reward yourself on milestones! It helps. Plus it reminds you that you need to continue so you can reward yourself next month. No matter what don’t ever give up! You can do this!


From: Cazza2468


Thankyou so much eve. So nice to have the support.

yeah I have been here a few times but that was on the back of an 8 year quit. This really is a terrible addiction and you really need to stay on guard for a long time. Never think you can just have that one

good luck with your quit and keep on noping



From: Eve1973


Yes! I will stay on my guard! I think that is the pit fall of thinking “oh I can just have one” but I definitely know I can’t! I would be back to 2 or 3 then a pack, then cartons. Nope definitely Do Not want to do that! Keep plugging along, soon you will back to to a year!