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Welcome December 2017 Ex-Smokers   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

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SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Hi MissMo3 and welcome to this wonderful forum.

What is so great is that all the people here from around the world are all going through the same thing you are - overcoming their addiction to nicotine. It is not easy but is really worth the effort. Read as much as you can and post to anyone you wish to. We are all here to support each other.

Hope you have a good smoke free night....sue quit 3/17/2016


From: MissMo3


Thanks Sue for the encouragement and support. Very much needed! 

Such a wonderful community most definitely! Thanks and you too!

Miss Mo Dont despair about the urge that overcame yo u.Nicotine is so utterly addictive,you have had it as part of your life for a long time.Move on and hop right back on the quit journey when you are ready to.

Most of us have been tempted to lapse and the hardest part in quitting is jumping off into the unknown and wondering how on earth you will cope with never,ever having a smoke again.Well just dive on in here as someone will catch you and support you until you get stronger


Hi Miss Mo,

With some people just the thought that they quit smoking can set off a compulsion to smoke.  Having a plan helps.  I smoked over 40 years and the thought of quitting caused me to break out in a sweat.  Before i quit I saw my doctor and she put me on an antidepressant and we discussed all the NRT's available  as to what one would be best for me.   Just don't give up no matter how many times you have tried to quit.

 Build Your Quit Plan

Guidance on creating a quit plan, including picking a quit date, telling loved ones you're quitting, removing smoking reminders, and making a list of reasons you're quitting.

SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Hope you have a good day - stay busy - both mind and body.

sue quit 3/17/2016

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Hello everyone, today is a New quit date for me. I bought Walmart brand of patches because they were out of Nicoderm brand 14 mgs that is. I also bought Walmart's brand of nicotine gum. I found out that that gum ( in the begining) does not stick to your dentures, if your wearing them, at least not at fist. Once you let the medicine desolve in your mouth and maybe chew for a minute or two, then spit it out because then it will start to get sticky. I'm saying this just in case anybody else would be curious, like I was. 

I appreciate the support I have gotten in the past from you all and look forward to more support in the future. Because with dh smoking around me all the darn time, I'm going to need it!

Everyone have a great smoke free day and my goal is to go to bed smoke free!

Hugs to everyone, Lynn

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Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Sorry Sue, I didn't mean to jump on your thread. I meant to put to ALL and forgot.

Hi Lynn,

Glad you are trying again.  You can do this.  Check out this article.  it's very helpful as it discusses JT and all the mind games that come our way when we quit and how to fight them.

'Don't quit smoking because you have to. Rather, embark on a challenging and rewarding adventure of teaching yourself how to be a non-smoker. The second option is more pleasant and, thus, easier. That is not to say it won't be without some effort on your part, but embracing the process instead of head-butting it is the best way to go'

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thanks Marge for the article. I book marked it so If need be I can go back and re-read them again. 

Take care, Lynn

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Hi Lynn,

I am sure you will get more quit buddies soon.  It's an added bonus to communicate with folks who quit the same month as you. 

Note- I'll go ahead and delete my post back to you in the Name Suggestion Thread since you deleted yours.  Maybe you have a buddy group name suggestion to kick it off.