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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1118065 views.

From: karno12


I am starting to feel like I am in CT and it must be Feb....no sunshine again....and it never got above 63....the sun "might" shine tomorrow...


From: karno12


The sun is shining today....at last...it is depressing without it....hope all is well with you...


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty and everyone ~

The sun is not shining here in Avon Lake.  We joke that a large cloud is overhead now until perhaps April or May.  Yes, it does affect the way one feels toward life....but.... carry on we do.

I hope life is good for you.  Are you planning on going to CT for Christmas?  Any serious lookers on your home?   I do remember the days of "keeping it clean" for prospective clients coming in.  It's truly a necessary pain!  An agent once told me that the house will sell on its own.  Does not matter if there is dust on the tables or a crumb on the floor.  

I keep busy these days...too busy for my own liking.  I've joined the fitness center with their warm pool for an arthritis class ~ been there once, but plan to go today.

Thanksgiving looms ahead and then Christmas.  Is that possible.  I will most likely put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  It's my beautiful buy from WalMart, flocked and prelit.  Love it, love it.

I feel I will be doing a lot of Amazon.com shopping this year.  Love to go out on a Sunday to some of my favorite "local" small stores to shop BUT as far as the box and malls ~ nope, no longer interested.  Instead of many small gifts for everyone, I will choose one or two nicer ones.  That's my plan...and I'm sticking to it.

Off now to walk Finn and get ready for class.  Too early at 10:30 a.m.

((hugs)) across the miles to all ~  Susan


From: karno12


we are heading out on Fri.....flying north for Thanksgiving with the family.....will have to borrow coats...not sure we have anything heavy enough....


From: karno12


We will be guests in CT for Thanksgiving...but not Christmas....too expensive to fly then  and then never sure it wouldn't snow and hold up the flight....no interested buyers as yet....the realtor is going to hold lots of open houses while we are gone....and we will be gone for 10 days....as soon as we get back we will put up our tree too and all the outdoor decorations...I think I sent you pictures last year??  if not I will this year....hoping it will sell as soon as we get back...and wouldn't it be nice it it didn't close until March...LOL...take care of yourself....the exercise is important but so is quiet time and deep breathing....take the time.....


From: karno12


have seen all the kids and a couple of grands and the two babies.,...all so good....but it is cold....brrr


From: karenvans


Sun is shining and it's 55 degrees here. Ken is on a hike. I've been going to a Balance Class and trying to get back into water exercise.

Just had a lady friend over and we were doing some step work.  Our social life here is amazing, we are constantly meeting new people and eating out way too much!


From: Cocoa60


Morning Kitty.  We spent the weekend up north by Syracuse with relatives for their Thanksgiving dinner.

We will have another dinner Thanksgiving day down here at our house.  It's much warmer than it was, had

some nights in the teens.  Glad you are getting to spend Thanksgiving with your family. 

I would like to move to Florida after Christmas until April but expensive.

Have a great day and stay warm!



From: karno12


we are in CT now....the fun part of this morning .....it is the day before Thanksgiving and a flock of turkeys was hanging out in my daughters front yard....good thing we already have our turkey....hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful....


From: karno12


it is expensive to rent for short term.....where we live in Sanibel....there are several rentals....28 day minimum....some of our friends rent ....maybe we will be able to get a "deal"....but that might be wishful thinking....hope your dinner is great....enjoy