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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1386939 views.

From: cherbearquit


Good morning Ernie. Hope all is well with you. Nothing new going on here. I’ve just been continuing my walks when the weather cooperates and keeping up with my house cleaning. I did manage to scrub the living room carpet and cut the grass this weekend. I talked to the grands on FaceTime Sunday, but it’s not the same as seeing them in person. I just hope our country heals soon and that our leaders and citizens make the right decisions. Such a scary time we are in right now. I picked up groceries yesterday, and the market was stocked much better. Still bare aisle where the toilet paper and paper towels usually are.  But, I found another place nearby that usually has those items. It’s cooler and rainy here, but I think I’ll be able to fit a walk in. I like to walk much better than exercise inside. I am approaching 5 months on May 6th and am so happy that I quit when I did. I feel so much better and am happy that I am no longer addicted to that nasty habit. Saving the money is an added bonus! Well you take care Ernie and have a great day!



From: Cocoa60


Morning Cherie.  Everything is going pretty well here.  I have to get the oil and filters changed in lots of vehicles, grease some, and sharpen blades on mowers.  I can take my time though being retired,  Used to have to cram everything in and try to get time with my family.

I took a birthday cake over to one daughter when I took care of her garbage, didn't see the dog or kids.  Wife is taking birthday cake to our other daughter today probably.  They were both April babies, years apart. 

One of the houses we walked by, they let two large shepherds out as we were going by.  I'm certain they thought there would be a fight but Brandy has never fought or snapped at anything.  So might have to change my route, not sure.  We were having trouble with the old route, traffic with a narrow shoulder and loose dogs.  Think I still have one route that works well but Cocoa dog got tired of our old route and it's mostly our old route, with a hill added, and doubling back instead of going around the block.

I'm glad you're making it to May also.  My mom had COPD for many years and then lung cancer.  She died when I was 32.  A terrible thing for her to go through. 

We get groceries on Monday also.  Try to escape the weekend rush.  It's almost like working in a large industry, fewer friendly people than there was.  Meat shortage looming.  I don't eat hardly any meat anymore, a little chicken sometimes.  Wife eats meat every day still though. 

Have a great day Cherie.  Cloudy today but dry.



From: Susan1206


Hi Cherie ~

Still grey/gray sky here in Avon Lake.  I'm thinking it's the big cloud that hangs over Lake Erie until June.  More rain expected.  We've had so much.  I tried to move the mulch around my perennials but didn't get that far.  I made it through all of the border of mystery lillys on the outside....but soon found that I was tired.   Considering I could work outside for hours and hours at a time, I guess that means that "age" has caught up with me.

Another trip to Lowe's (with mask and gloves).  Dislike the idea that many are not wearing them.  I had decided to paint my fireplace tile.  A lot of consideration went into this one.  Plan to remove the ventless gas fireplace logs and put in electric ones.  Much safer, I feel.    So, with careful planning and consideration, I chose a lovely gray.....well, the quart still sits on the carpet nearby and now I've decided to take the unopened can back to Lowe's and have them make it a darker grey.   How do I explain all of this through the mask??

Not sure if it is me.....a bit of claustrophobia....but breathing and talking through the mask is not so easy.....

Carry on...congratulations on your five months.  Each month will get better and better.  Your lungs are singing "hallelujah"......

Hugs, Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Yet another Spring downpour here...  So much rain this Spring.  Everything is very very green!

Yes, to the scarcity of meat products (especially pork).   I could easily become a vegetarian but alas, Jim likes the meat.  I take that back... I love love fish (almost every kind) but particularly salmon.  Chicken is o.k.   Could care less about beef....maybe a burger now and then....  We trekked to Aldi's the other day.  Have you shopped in an Aldi's?    I flip/flop between a high end Heinen's store and Aldi's for the most part.   The meat counter was very bare.   I assume with the closing of the meat and chicken plants, there will be more of a shortage to come.

Who would have ever guessed this pandemic would be in our every day lives and I don't think it is about to go away anytime soon.  Both daughters...the teacher and the medical director are working from home.  A different way of life.

Enjoy the day.   Will don a mask and gloves and head to Lowe's soon.

Happy April birthday to your wife.  Both of my parents shared an April Birthday.

((hugs))  Susan


From: karno12


Hi Susan....just caught up....we had two days of downpours and grey, gray days and this morning it poured again but this afternoon the sun came out and it got up to 80....a friend had 3 of us ladies....over to visit 6 ft apart...an hour and a half of girl talk and a bit of wine...a nice break...and it is nice to be somewhere that makes this possible...visit outside far apart...but it does get old doesn't it....? stay well everyone....


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  Same here yesterday rain, Brandy and I made it out for our walk in the morning.  Soon it will be to hot to walk in the afternoon but for now it's just nicer.

I haven't worked much out in the lawn.  I have to dig a ditch deeper, then put a pipe and gravel in it but it's still to soft for the backhoe.

One of my daughters is staying home and teaching her sons, the other is out taking care of special needs children.  It's my daughters both born in April, not wife.  Wife made them both cakes.

I only go to Aldi's about once a year for a turkey or something like that, usually go to Wegmans. 

My wifes parents drove down to try to get meat at a store we have called Maines, think they got most of what they wanted but no pork.  I'm eating hardly any meat so we need to buy a little for my wife and that's it.  Don't really care about pork.

I have to move one antenna, it's just a quieter receiving antenna but it's to close to the transmitting antenna.  Damaged the input on an accessory component.  I found the bad part and have one on the way.

I still have to go to the auto parts store sometime.  Need oil filters for both riding mowers, oil for the mowers, and oil for the Subaru.  Have been putting it off.

Have a good day.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Cute pups on the trail a while back......

Lovely here ~ possibly in the high 60's and sunny.   Painted the fireplace today, first coat and tackled the shoe molding with Jim.  We are removing it and will repaint when the new floor is installed.  

Now, on to the patio and mulch that awaits.  I want to get two tall ornamental plants for the patio...mostly for privacy from the next door neighbors who we like but don't necessarily want to be  conversing all the time.   It's what happens when you trade your house for a condo.  LOL

Enjoy the week-end.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  The hunch I had to fix the solid state rf amplifier didn't pay off.  Still doesn't work.  I'll get back to it again sometime, have many other projects in various states. 

I finally put a panel across the ditch between us and the neighbors so Brandy won't get all muddy when she plays with their dog.  They don't bring her across to their side yard much anymore, just once in a while.  I think Brandy will have to take me for a walk earlier today, it will be to hot in the afternoon.  Supposed to be over 70 and sunny.  I have to walk fast to burn calories and keep up with her.  I've been getting very warm last few days and they were cooler.  Will have to do my 1.5 hours on the elliptical later in the day.  Weight and glucose are stalled again for a while but I have plenty of time to reach my goals, 2.5 months left.

My wife is worried about another freeze so not planting anything outdoors yet.  I have to open the pool later this month, don't really want the furnace and pool pump running at the same time, makes for a higher utility bill.  It's much prettier out back of the house with it open though.

Our neighbors are to close but a tree line on one side and a garage in between the other neighbor and us.  The garage side are friendly but the tree line guy is mean.  Single guy moved in 1983, just not a nice person.

Well a bright sunny and warm day, hope we all enjoy it.



From: Cocoa60


Morning Cherie.  Forgot yesterday was your 5 months.  Congrats on a great anniversary. 

Smoking was so bad and so great to leave it behind.



From: cherbearquit


Thanks Ernie! Haven’t been online much lately. Our internet has been acting up off and on and it drives me nuts. I think it might be due to local increased usage since everyone is stuck at home. Some of our counties are moving from the red to yellow phase tomorrow. Not much different than the red phase except you are advised to stay home instead of being ordered to. Certain things will open like golf courses and private campgrounds but restaurants will still be takeout only. Lots of places will still be closed. The governor is supposed to announce more counties tomorrow for moving to yellow on the 15th, so I am hoping we are included this time! I want to be with the grands even if it’s only twice a week! This has been very difficult for my daughter trying to work from home with the kids running wild all day. Lol! They learned how to call me using FaceTime. They must have called me 20 times the other day. I am glad to hear from them though. I am also very happy to have reached the 5 month milestone! It is getting so much easier now, just fleeting thoughts now and then. Nothing like it was in the beginning. I will never go back to that nasty habit! It’s supposed to get pretty cold here for the next couple of days. Crazy weather pattern lately. Take care Ernie and stay healthy.