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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1387875 views.

From: Kittyarnold


Happy 5 months and many congrats...Florida is kind of crazy with openings and too soon...restaurants open inside only 25 % and take out....or outside dining...


From: Kittyarnold


Love that picture too...thanks for sharing and today is your wife's day tell her I said Happy Mother's day.....


From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty ~

And happy Day After Mother's Day to you ~   Did I hear that EVERY day is Mother's Day?  LOL

A cold and chilly day.  Frost again tonight.  Just discouraging.  I bought some tall ornamental grass and a clematis.  Still not in the ground and that's okay.  

Painted (what I hope) is the final coat on the fireplace tiles.  Have gone with white mantle and white tile to brighten up the corner.  May get an attractive tall grate (am I thinking of the right word)?  Anyway, it will be a nice change.  The kids started the panel flooring in the kitchen and it looks absolutely fabulous.  I'm so very pleased.  They will continue on to the Foyer and half bath.  Then, Jim and I will take over with the entire living area.  What a wonderful and welcome change.  

Guess it is all going to open tomorrow but I, for one, will not be at Stein Mart.  I'm going to take a very wait and see attitude.  Nothing I truly need (other than groceries).  Mass will be another stepping stone.  Will want to go but what will the restrictions be?

What a world.  Full of masked faces...  How would we ever begin to believe all of this has happened.  I take it that you will stay in Paradise until your home sells?

((hugs)) across the miles.  Susan

Yes, my tribe gathered for Mother's Day.  It was good to be with everyone.  


From: Susan1206


Dear Cherie ~

Hope you have moved into the "grandchildren" zone.  My tribe decided Mother's Day was a good day to gather.  We ate wonderful food from a take out restaurant, drank lovely wine, danced and had a general wonderful time.  The two year old Bronwen seems to be to all of our delight!   So happy to be with everyone...finally.

Cold here....really cold......frost expected tonight and we are by the Lake which is somewhat protected.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Love the pictures of the barns ~ On your property?

Cold here...freeze warnings out.   Who has heard of this kind of May?

Bought some perennials but have not put them in place.

Kids worked on the plank flooring and it is wonderful.  Love, love the new look and so much better than the tile.  Happy we've made the decision.  Jim thinks it's possible that we are learning and since it is snap and lock....we will finish the great room.  Kids munched their way through the kitchen.  Next, foyer and half bath.    

New dishwasher in place.  I think the 15 year old Whirlpool was probably made much sturdier...but I'll be happy with this one......  Now, a new microwave....

Hugs across the miles..



From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  These are barns that Brandy and I walk by.   I've never owned a barn.  When one brother got control of the farm he sold the section that had the barn, he's the one that had 91 cats living in his trailer.  I tried to buy it from him but the neighbors had been working on him for years.  Gone forever now, I think all of my siblings saw dollar signs when they looked at the farm. 

My wife put off buying flowers because of the forecast of cold weather.  It's 32 degrees here now.  I think the snowing is over.  One of my daughters started planting flowers all around the pool when she lived here and worked at a flower shop, wife has continued on with it all these years.  We have lived here 40 years this year, put the pool in 1989, put the house here in 1983.  Supposed to be in the 70s towards the end of this week.

I'm glad your floors are turning out so well and you have help with some of it.  I put new floors in 2010 or 2011.  My granddaughter helped me put in the trim all around, they are mostly laminate.

We've not spent any time with our grands yet, maybe this week.  I saw them for a couple minutes when I was over there mowing the lawn last Tuesday.  Mower was crapping out, hope it works ok after cooled down.

I bought a new dishwasher at Sears when ours was closing down, 2017.  A sad day, it was in the Oakdale Mall, 3 miles from here.  Our old one was a GE of their upper model, can't remember what they called them, was a 1998 model.  I miss my Sears.  Unrelated, I wired up speakers to our old Bradford AM/FM 8 track in the basement.  We bought it back in 1976 when Grants Department stores were closing.  Was in Wrightstown, NJ while we were there in the ARMY.  Still works.

Have a great day.


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From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie and friends ~

It seems as if I get a later start with each passing day.  I understand that sleep is important for your body to heal and therefore I take advantage of the deep sleep that comes in the morning.

Nice here ~ cloudy, warm and we have had lots and lots of rain.  My condo neighbors took it upon themselves to plant pansies surrounding the tree we share, orange and yellow marigolds in front of our joint bushes and a coral hibiscus plant in a large pot in our joint walkway space.   I told Jim that this is where condo living takes lots and lots of patience.    My gardens consist of pale blues, and pinks ~ old fashioned hollyhocks, columbines, forget me nots, hosta and zonal pink geraniums and euphorbia in a window planter.   So, can you picture the conflicting colors????    NOT.

So, onward we go.  I must somehow do a drive through for bird seed and small white rock and go to the grocery store with a mask.  I try to go once a week only.  The kids will come to continue the plank floor tomorrow.  The kitchen is coming together.

Enjoy the week-end.  I hope you will get out warm temperatures...



From: Kittyarnold


do we get to see pictures of the do overs in the house?  hope so....