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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1535391 views.

From: Kittyarnold


we just got back from Home Depot and another store...bought a gazzilion packs of seeds and some plants...Brian got his red raspberries and asparagus  he has ordered seeds and is working on a greenhouse....he is the gardener  I only do flowers...so bought heavenly blue morning glories....a regular for CT...didn't work on Sanibel...too hot......Brian starts a lot of plants inside so when the danger of frost is gone they are bigger....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Another cold day then a little warmer.  Seeds sound

great and flowers.  I don't plat either usually but help my daughter some.

She also sometimes plants veggies early indoors.  Not 6 AM yet and getting

light out.  I probably will plant flowers in the tractor tire where my mom had

it back in the 60s and 70s, maybe in the 50s, not sure.

Heard my brother talking on the ham radio last eve.  I set it up for him Friday.

I got the power supply working yesterday but I have to fix the regulator for

the front panel meter lights now.  For the radio I built in 79.  I have other newer

radios, just want this one from the past working.

Have a great day.



From: Kittyarnold


another bright and sunny day....but it was 24...now up to 31...have planned dinner changed sheets, and sorted thru pillow slips...we have too many since we no longer have 2 bedrooms....will have to pass them on....dinner is planned and Brian is making some shelving in the laundry closet...will be handy...otherwise a quiet day...hope yours is good....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Only 8 here this morn but today is the first warm day of many.

Sounds like you were keeping busy, your back must be improving. 

Brandy and I walked our 7 miles yesterday, I'm still wearing Army combat boots but

won't be much longer.  Hurt my back a little down in PA last weekend,  Throwing those

kitty litter pans and buckets around like they were toothpicks, will have to be more

careful.  It's still hurting on Monday but hope it improves during the week.

Groceries today and walking with Brandy will take up a good part of the day after 1.5

hours on the elliptical, sit ups, and weights this morning.

Turns out both bulbs blew in the radio so don't have to fix the regulator, just get some

bulbs today.

Our laundry is down cellar.  I have a plastic shelve unit down there and a bench next

to it. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


another sunshiny day but brrrr temp is up to 19   no agenda for today yet....Brian goes for his annual check up today.....sure he is very healthy  and wish i could go out and weed the flowers  which aren't planted yet  relaxed


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Hm.  I'll have to look up Sweet Baby Jane.   I liked the Beatles and Rod Stewart way way back in the day.  Laughing.  

Did you happen to watch the interview with Prince Harry and his wife last evening.  Since I am into the Netflix movie, The Crown, I watched with great intensity.  Very interesting...the Monarchy and The Firm as she referred to it.  I think Prince Charles (future King) if Queen Elizabeth every dies, is far far removed from reality or at least life as we know it.

A sunny day and higher temperature.  Maybe in the 60's.  Finn and I will go for our first off leash venture in many a month.  I hope he does well.  Down 2 pounds on the dog food.  Vet chided me yet again NO BISCUITS!   I told her that I did give him a bit of fresh salmon or meat.  She asked, how much?    She said only 2 Tablespoons per meal.  Ugh..... Poor Finn.

Carry On.  Susan

  • Edited March 8, 2021 10:33 am  by  Susan1206

From: Susan1206


Hi Kitty ~

Lovely that you and Brian will do flowers.  My favorite is Heavenly Blue morning glories and blue forget me nots.  I start the morning glory seeds by soaking them in water or Miracle Grow to speed them along.  Problem is they get a late start here and often don't bloom until September or later.   Jim wants to extend lower beds from the rod iron fence that surrounds the patio.  I showed him the HOA book that says we have to stay within a certain 2' distance.  Others have not....so I guess he wants to have his own showy annual plot and that's fine with me.

I don't know how I will be bending over with the knee recuperating....but I do love gardening.

Carry On.  A venture off leash (the first in many a month).


  • Edited March 8, 2021 10:34 am  by  Susan1206

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Days are warmer for a while.  My back is really a pain before

it gets better.  I would hope it gets better instantly so I can enjoy these nice days but


Hope Brian does well on his check up.  Doctors are a pain for me because they keep

leaving for better or different jobs and I get stuck with a new one.  They seem to keep

trying to push new pills and shots, to the point where I don't want any. 

I got the new bulbs and the older radio seems to be working correctly.  Did get groceries

and Brandy and I did our 7 miles.

My daughter's car isn't starting so will try to help her with that today when I help her with

her garbage.  I will be moving slowly with my sharp back pains.

Have a great day Kitty, enjoy the sunshine.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Sorry I only caught a clip of the royal interview.  Saw

where the media had been tainted and made it seem like the whole country

had been.  Saw a couple quick interviews with people on the street for and

against.  Seems like politics and over here I'm ducking out of our split.

Glad Finn is getting out.  I might have to go for a short walk in the woods

and let Brandy run around.  Sprained my back last Friday and seems to be

getting worse before it gets better.

Brandy gets as much food as she wants but gets plenty exercise.

Have a great day Susan, hope you and Finn have fun in the sun.



From: karenvans


Hi, Everyone:

Sorry, I have been missing for so long . All is well with us, except for the problems of aging. We lost our 11 year old Golden Retriever, Tucker, unexpectedly from cancer on May 31st, 2020. We tried with all of our might to adopt another Golden Retriever from a rescue, but were unable to do so. We found out there is a Golden Ret. Breeder a few towns over from us, so we got Cooper on July 24, 2020. We love him to pieces, but we forgot how crazy it is to have a puppy. Cooper is blonde with some carmel color highlights. He and Tonka get along very well, Tonka is now 11. Maybe I can email Susan a pic of he and Tonka and she can post it. Have missed you all. Have been very busy going to Doctors, exercising, physical therapy, etc.