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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1671774 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Had some fog here also but none this morn.  Meds worry me some, a lot

because of my daughter talking about them.  I especially don't like them if they are new and / or

expensive.  Don't trust the people that make them.  These days I've replaced those type meds with

diet and exercise.  Still taking very small dose of meds for blood pressure and cholesterol, take just

enough so the blood test results are satisfactory to me.  I also have the thyroid thing, that was the

reason for the blood test this week.  Dose has to be lowered because of the weight I lost.  One of

those doses they have to lower, then wait 6 weeks to see if it's correct dose. 

Got some new wire racks for the basement to help clean it up.  Assembled two of them yesterday,

one left.  My daughter got me a couple of them few years back and they helped lots.

We had wifes birthday party last night, was fun, even though she doesn't want to get older.  smile

Going to farm today, work on the diesel tractor more and might replace the kitchen faucet. 

Took brakes apart on one corner of Subaru to get the brake pads so they would slide in and out.

Have a good day. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Welcome back!  Hope all was fun on your vacation, other than the prices.

Bale of hay and pumpkins sounds great.  I might copy them if I can find the supplies.   Fall is my favorite

season but don't look forward to snow. 

Off to the farm today.  I bought some bridles and leads at a horse farm closing down.  Have them hung

here in preparation for our horse farm dream.

Have a great day.


Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hi Susan...

Welcome back from your Vacay! hope you had a marvelous time...

Am here!  I definitely need to go through all my stuff!  have way too much of it...and am sure that if i were to pass...my children wouldnt want it!...tis strange when you are young...that the accumulation of "treasures" is important...but as you get older...it is just stuff...and really doesnt hold the value...it once did.   

Been busy....my dad passed of COVID last November...and we held off his services...his family is flying in today!  Though very worried...cause when we planned this...the pandemic was almost non existent...then boom...I know his brothers and sisters are vaccinated as well as myself...but we are one of the highest counties in our state for COVID...and one of the least vaccinated...and really dont seem to have great information about the breakthrough cases...i did hear..seems to happen to those over the age of 65...which doesnt make me feel better!  LOL  

Anyway...my sister, who i love dearly..but she is uhm...not sure the word...when my mom passed 10 years ago...i called her the bridezilla of funerals....and as we get closer to my dad's.....lol her tendency is showing!  She is also coming to town....we had something really weird happen to us last week...my sister had come into town, because we needed to go through my dad's personal effects...and she wanted to check out the venue (which is the VFW)...we went to the VFW...they all know me...cause am a lifemember and used to be the bartender over at the legion...so...we are just hanging out and having a cold beverage...and this dude... (someone i am friends with on FB)  came over and he had his hands all over my sister...on her legs...etc..i came unglued!  (my sister doesnt live in this town...so she doesnt know any of these people) she didnt react...but i did!  LOL  (yes my sister is extremely beautiful...but ewww!  doesnt mean you get to grope her)   I did report it to the commander of the post and they do have the whole incident on video...which could explain..why he wouldnt look at me yesterday when I had to go in there..dunno...my sister was impressed with how i reacted...go figure...we are 10 years apart...so i had moved out by the time she was at any age she could remember...so i guess she finally got to see...what big sisters do!  LOL  

Should be interesting as my sister is planning on coming in tonite to decorate...guess i will self appoint as her bodyguard...  LOL  cause even yesterday...when i went in there...she was all those old men wanted to talk about!  I think they will be in for a let down cause she is bringing her significant other!  

I am at day 36 today!!!  woohoo!  doing good...staying smober!  



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie....a clear sunny day here but chilly....Brian washing the windows which is lovely....some I wouldn't be able to reach without a ladder....glad he  is 6' tall.....hope your day is great....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We're supposed to be able to tip our windows in but I've never tried.

Did notice they could stand to be cleaned. 

Went to the farm on my bike.  Got that 220 volt outlet installed finally.  So now we can run

the air compressor and welder.  Didn't get the lawn mowed because it rained some while

I was putting the outlet in.  We got a new faucet for the leaky one in the kitchen but the

fittings under the sink are corroded to the pipes so couldn't attempt to turn them that

late in the day.  Most likely will be some damage and more parts to buy.  Did get the

airiator replaced in the bathroom faucet so doesn't spray all over.

We have our grandboys today so that will be fun.  I had some electronic kits ordered for

them to solder together but they won't be shipped here in time, for next time.  We will

think of other things to do.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie and Susan....hope all is well with you both....another cloudy day for us....and dinner at daughters....always something good to anticipate....I'm sitting here listening to Susan Boyle....saw her on Americas got talent...and watched everyone's jaw drop when she started to sing....a wonderful talent...don't watch the show anymore....one tree on our hillside is started to have a reddish glow to it...hope your day is wonderful...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Glad you got to have dinner at daughters.  Saw my daughter yesterday

and the day before.  We have the grandboys for a couple days and then going up north to wife's

parents.  Daughter and boys going up for first time in about 5 years.  Picking up my Monte Carlo

SS and wife's brother will get started on wife's car.  We have 4 cameras with motion lights on each

one aimed at driveway so hope person will leave the vehicles alone.

So probably won't post on here for a day or two.  Usually wife's parents talk her into staying a second

night.  I have a terrible time trying to do much, like posting, on my phone, I know many millions use

there phone for everything.

Got the lawn mowed yesterday and took care of garbage.  My grandson built an electronic kit that

doesn't work so I will troubleshoot it after we get back.  I've built those 3 steel racks in the basement

and filled one up.  Did I tell you 2 of them slipped out of the back of my Subaru at a traffic light on

an uphill grade, when I started out.  I managed to get them back in, though very heavy.  Then pulled

off and finally strapped them in.  They are very awkward to try to strap in.  Was a very busy street.  smile

Have a good day Kitty.



From: Susan1206


Hi Diana,

Hoping that you managed to be totally away from the ciggies after the memorial tribute with your family.  Your sister sounds "interesting".  I'm being polite.  Not sure how I would have handled the carrying on at the VFW post!!!!  

Well, I hope it was a lovely service and that it offered you closure.  It is very difficult when both of your parents are gone.  I am an only child ~ lost Mom when I was 26 and Daddy much later.   Still hard sometimes to realize that you are on your own.......

Doing the summer/fall wardrobe switch and I despise it.  I need to throw away at least 80 percent of all of the old clothes and just buy a few basic things.  My closet needs the cute Asian girl who is great at organizing.  Her name escapes me....but she says if it doesn't bring you "sparkle"....get rid of it.  LOL

Enough for now.  Bills to pay and closets to tend to... ((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty ~

Hmmm.  An Autumn glow.....  Are you ready for it?  Actually, I love Fall and the cooler temperatures.  Right now it is HOT and HUMID.  I'm in the midst of my closet clothes transition.  It takes weeks.  Need to just throw it out!  Stick with a few basics and life would be simpler....

We are off to Kent State on Friday to see my granddaughter...her dorm room....dinner and a theatre group...Asleep at the Wheel.  Jim's favorite...

Enjoy the week ((hugs))  Susan