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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1708289 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Warm weather all week until Saturday, then the rainy cold front moves in.

Glad you got your new battery.  I remember once I was working night shift, a person on the cleaning

crew was trying to figure out how he could get a battery for his car so he could use it again.  But I

remember years before that we needed a battery and got a broken one from my brother to try,

didn't work.  We must have eventually got a new one.  Also, remember once our battery went in

the Montgomery Wards parking lot and I walked over to their automotive service center and bought

one and put it in our car.

I should be able to talk to the Allis Chalmers dealer to see why the new drive assembly comes up short.

Can't go over to the Harley Davidson dealer today, closed on Monday.  The inspection sticker I got on

my bike in August flew off my bike somewhere. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning  Ernie and others I hope, Susan where are you.? ...the sun is shining on our hillside...not too bright but enough to show the beautiful colors......hope all is well at your house....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Leaves are turning colors here also.  Cold front and rain move in Saturday.

Control arm broke away from the rear cross member on my Subaru.  Broke near my daughters

so I'm trying to remove the old one over there.  I cleaned the under carriage and coated it with

POR15, type of paint used to preserve classic cars, last year and it was rust proofed new.  Also

had the rust proofing touched up every year for 10 years.  But the rear frame piece rusted on top

where the control arm connects to it.  I have one side almost off, will keep me busy for a while.

I got the inspection sticker replaced on my bike early in the day.  Inspector is much younger than

my bike at 1982.

3 more days of nice weather, enjoy it.



From: Kittyarnold


this morning we are so fogged in that we see the colors off and on.....not supposed to be clear for the rest of the week...Brian has a dental appt and I am doing a few things around the house....flu shots today.....they recommend at least 3 wks past the virus shot and it is that....hope your day is lovely


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Fog water droplets were racing around in front of our security cameras

when I got up but gone already.  Woke up early last 3 days but later this morning.  Good thing,

I still have a lot to do to get that damaged sub frame out of the Subaru.  Found a place to order

a good used one, can't get a new one anymore.  Got a lot done yesterday, I'm lucky to have nice

weather to work in, hope at least the 50s to put it back together.  We didn't have rain forecast

until Saturday but looks rainy for Friday now.  I will probably look for all new bushings to

reassemble, maybe use the old ones if I have to.   One large bolt came part way out, then seized

up.  Trying to figure out how to get that one out, the head is already damaged from trying to get

it out.  I will be happy if I can put new life back into the Baja. 

We have a memorial to go to Saturday.  My wife's high school friend's husband gone last Friday

with cancer.  So our generation again.  Wife only high school friend she has stayed in contact with.

I had to search for her once when they lost contact for a few years.  Memorial is at her friend's home.

It's up near wife's parents home so we will probably spend the weekend there. 

I guess your back got better, you never talk about it anymore.  Glad you had some success.

Have a good day.


2000-2004 Subaru Legacy REAR cross member sub-frame K sub frame crossmember OEMSubframe of Subaru


From: Kittyarnold


Hi all  interesting day so far....we have a pair of coyotes lying in the sun in our backyard....now there is one...they have wandered around etc....down near the pond but very visible on the mowed lawn...wonder how come...never happened before...they must feel safe....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We've had them pass through here but never stop.  Maybe some

kind of trauma, their puppy got killed or something like that.  They worried me sometimes

having dogs with me that I'm responsible for.  I would have to fight along side of my dog if

they attacked.  We had them all over the place when they were building the Millennium Pipeline

and for a couple years after.  Our run ins with them almost always occurred before

daylight,  I have seen some coyotes out in the fields during daylight.

I found more damage to my Subaru Baja so I will call a mechanic I know this morning and ask his

advise on moving forward.  A pain, the car is in such great shape.  But did get it new when we stopped

smoking almost 15 years ago. 

Went and looked at Toyota trucks but they're getting new price for late models because of the shortage

right now and haven't got any new ones.  So not going to buy from a lot if I buy.  I might put a car back

on the road my daughter parked years ago.  I remember the transmission has a clunk in it and the heater

doesn't work.  So would have some work to do anyway.

Hope your day goes well.



From: Kittyarnold


we are going out today to look at a new car....


From: Kittyarnold


we looked but didn't buy....and today the kids brought supper over to celebrate Brian's birthday  


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, Kitty and Diana,

I am wondering if I write a "joint" posting can all see to read?

Fall is here....cooler evenings and days.  Trees still have not really reached their peak.  Maybe by the end of the month.  We are driving to Bexley OH at the end of the week to visit Jim's daughter and family.  Perhaps more color as we drive down I-71.

Everything good here in Avon Lake after COVID.  Finn's surgery is exactly one month from today.  We have a goal of finishing off our dining room with the plank flooring by Thanksgiving.  I bought some knee pads that may help kneeling on the TKR knee.  Still amazed at being pain free and highly recommend the surgery.

Keep the Faith.  Sad about Collin Powell passing ~ an honorable man.   Susan