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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1705862 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We went out and looked at pickups when my Baja looked impossible to fix.

They have marked the used vehicles up to the new price because they have no new ones in stock.

I was going to register an old car that my daughter has parked on her property until they have vehicles

back in stock but looks like I may be able to fix mine.  Still might register that old car but would also

take some work and only to use temporary. 

I really get frustrated trying to get the fourth and last bolt out of the Baja sub frame.  9 inch bolts. 

Came part way out and froze.  The nuts are up inside of the body so can't heat them with a torch and

make it easier to get them out.

I do still have a couple bolts that attach it to the rear differential.  Don't know if they will be difficult. 

I did reassemble it and had it towed from my daughter's to our house because I can weld here. 

Now my daughter's car won't start again so I need to take a break from the Baja and go help her today.

Hope you and Brian are having fun days.  Temperature drops after today.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning everyone.....another beautiful day and still no frost....Brian picked more string beans yesterday....and some baby summer squash.../.always having had a garden it seems rare to me....but they are good and I am glad they are still doing their thing....just looked out the window at our view....ducks in the pond and there is still a little color left...all the trees aren't bare yet  I hope everyone has a wonderful day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  39 here this morning but not frost.  Our daughter and grandkids have

been here the last two nights to play a board game, that wife's father made for us, and watch


I got that 4th and last 9 inch bolt holding the sub frame in the subaru out.  Got a few smaller

ones out and still have a few of those left.  They still haven't shipped the used sub frame.  At

least I used paypal to pay for it and they've backed me up in the past when a transaction went

bad.  So I get my money back.  Ordered the part last Monday.  I moved the John Deere backhoe

outside and put a car cover over it.  Put the Subaru in the tent so I can work on it in bad weather.

Soon I will be waiting for parts and maybe run back down to the farm and help them.  They tell

me the leaky faucet in the kitchen is getting worse.

Glad your garden is working out well.  I was helping my daughter with her garden but she changed

over to herbs and stuff years ago, mostly up in wooden boxes.

Our peak colors are long gone but still very pretty days.  I love the Fall.  Miss my Brandy and it's sad the

season and year she left are fading.

We are having great days here and wish you a great day today.



From: Kittyarnold


Brandy was a beautiful dog and I am sure the best of the best....our day here is partly sunny and mostly cloudy.....the color on our hillside is fading but this morning...many clouds but then the sun shone and for some reason there was a a rainbow coming straight down on the hill top...never saw anything like that before....our oldest son (the new Gramps) is letting us come and visit and meet our new great granddaughter  4 hours of an open house...so we aren't all there at the same time....can't wait to hold her.......


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  I'm sore from working on the car yesterday.  Glad you got to visit

everyone, especially great granddaughter.  We don't have any yet.  It's surprising enough

to have an 18 year old granddaughter. 

We get some sunshine but not that much most of these days.  It rained a lot of yesterday.

Not supposed to get to much rain today, maybe some towards end of day.  Thinking of

helping on the farm today, not sure yet.  I will look at the forecast soon and think about it.

Supposed to be rainy until Thursday after today.  41 right now.  Chilly on a bike but I do have

a fairing in front of me and all leather clothing with a full face helmet if I think it's to cool for

a regular helmet.  Also got heated gloves to walk with last year because my hands get cold first.

Still don't have the sub frame out of the car but close. 

I can picture your hillside, very beautiful. 

Have a great day.



From: Kittyarnold


Got to spend some time with new Great Granddaughter....so beautiful (of course) and her nickname will be the same as my Mom's  which they didn't know....names Evelyn...and My mom was Eva....so nickname will be Evie.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Warmer this morn at 48, lot of rain went through last eve and night.

Must be in your area at 5 am.  I did ride bike down to the farm yesterday, left there at 4:30

pm, just when started sprinkling.  Rode out of the rain and dry all the way home.

I got the new kitchen faucet installed.  Got the wall mounted heater working in the trailer. 

Looked at the large furnace in the trailer basement but didn't get it running yet.  Sort of

miss just visiting my old home town and cruising around but will again some day.

Glad you got to see family and your new great granddaughter and the names.  I see on

the forecast weather might not be to bad, no rain until after dark and maybe some sun

during the day.

Have a great day.


Dad's barn 2020

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hey Susan,

Yes, I have been MIA for a few weeks...not for any good reason...I wrote in the August 2021 post what has been going on...am glad to see you have recovered from COVID!  

Besides what I posted in the other place...not much going on here...not liking this cooler weather and rain...LOL  

I did buy myself some cute little outfits..got some bells that had appliqued butterflies...and pearls...they are adorable...and a pair of embroidered jeans...loving them...takes me back to the 70s...Sometimes hard to find jeans that dont have rips in them...and i really dislike those cause the jeans last less than a year...cause the holes get too big!  LOL

Hope you have a fantabulous Monday!



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie....we had lots of rain up till morning....and now we are totally fogged in...can't even see our hill out the window....closer to the ground there is still some visibility...but not much.....glad you made it home still dry....a basement in a trailer?  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Diana.  Good to see you back.  I don't have much clothing from back then

We have a pair of bell bottoms my wife's aunt gave to us before she died back before 85.

I wore them once a year as long as I could wear a 32 waist.  I have been able to get them on

since I lost weight for Diabetes but not well enough to wear them anywhere.  Still remember

Shannon from back in the days.

Have a good day.