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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1822839 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Warm 23 here this morn.  We did have some snow melting off the bay window

roof.  Saw it dripping.  My dad had puzzles on his dining room table lots of times in the Winter.  We

had kids and everything so wasn't doing puzzles.  I seem to keep busy in retirement so far.

Headed down to the farm today.  Drove back on snow last time, looks like clear weather this time

just before the next ice and snow storm.  We're supposed to get 6 inches of snow from this one. 

We have to go get my brother some diesel and get a piece of radio equipment out of a shed before

the elements claim it, besides cleaning all the cat liter boxes and the garbage my brother has left behind. 

We had daughter and grands over for pizza last eve and one stayed so my wife has company while I'm

gone to the farm today.  She can't stand going to the farm house, she can smell the cat urine 100 feet

from the house, only about 3 feet for me.  My sense of smell not nearly what hers is.  House is very

dirty too.

So I never got to spackling around the outlet yesterday.  Glued in pieces of wall board and that's gotta be dry.

I got another little bucket of spackle and took car of everybody's garbage yesterday.  Also got my 4 prescriptions.

One of those is test strips so have only 3 meds.  Much less than I used to take.  None for diabetes, thank goodness.

Two of those I only take every other day.  I usually keep my glucose below 100 with diet and exercise.  I suppose

the day will come I won't be able to exercise so hard and will have to go back on diabetes meds.  It's many years

off right now I think.

Have a great day you all, quiet before the storm here.




From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....36 cloudy degrees today....today is the day we go to daughters for happy hour(and take our garbage )...Lol    that means that we don't need to have a garbage company....save a few bucks which is funny to me...but when we take it over we visit and have wine and cheese etc.....otherwise not much going on....hope your day is wonderful...


From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty,

A tiring day and to bed at 9:30 p.m.  Now, 12:30 p.m. and up, drinking a hot toddy and watching the snow.  I think they have made much ado about nothing...but we will see.  I just finished shoveling the patio ice and snow yesterday, the rains came and it was clear for the first time in weeks.  Now, Storm #2 and supposedly 8 inches of snow and ice today.  Everything has been called off ~ all schools and restaurants closing.  I even heard that the Turnpike will restrict the type of vehicles until it's over.  We will see.

I'm on my second knitting project ~ a hat again.  It's a super bulky wool and it knit up almost too fast.

Well, stay safe.  Tell Brian not to get carried away with snow shoveling....


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

I can't tell what is on the table with your grands?  Looks like a very large cake..maybe?

The second storm of the century (lol) has arrived.  Just finished shoveling the ice and snow off the patio from the other storm and now we have another.  They've predicted much in two parts ~ we will see.  It looks like an inch or so at 1:02 a.m.

Enjoyed some time with my friend and her Golden this week at a pavilion in a nearby park.  We've been friends for probably nine years because I met her in the Pet Store.  I'll forward a picture of Kayla and Finn (now both ten years of age).  It was a balmy 41 degrees that day in Avon Lake.  

Plan to spend a quiet day inside.  Spicy chicken soup on the menu and some knitting...



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Susan.  34 here at 7:20 Thursday morning.  We're still getting rain.

Ice and snow haven't arrived yet.  Left the farm last eve about 5:30 PM trying to make sure

I headed east in front of the storm but roads still good here this morn.  Cleaned up the garbage,

Bagged some and burned other.  Cleaned all the kitty liter boxes.  Got diesel and filled his backhoe

for snow removal.  Cleared snow and ice away from his mailbox but more arriving next couple days

anyway.  Did some other stuff. 

Got home and our refrigerator control circuit board burning up.  I found a new one at Amazon after

2 hours of looking this morn.  Found many replacement types but wanted the exact one.  Can still smell

the burned circuits in here and all our refrigerated food is out on the deck under a tarp. 

I'm glad Finn is doing well at 10 years old and gets to enjoy time with the golden. 

Kitty, glad you're enjoying time with your daughter.  Will probably talk to my daughter this morning because

she has Amazon Prime and see if she can order my circuit board and get it quick and I can pay her if not an


Enjoy the day all.


Always enjoy showing the bedspreads my mom made back around 1981.  She's gone in 87.


From: Kittyarnold


no shoveling here....just rain and heavy fog....and above freezing....and I am sorry you are up in the middle of the night...hopefully you will sleep late and catch up.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Rain ended here last night, still a mix here early this morn.  Snow

supposed to start in hour or two.  Hope to get the circuit board for our refrigerator today.

Maybe not in the icy weather.  Ordered it through my daughter's Amazon Prime with

expedited shipping.  Was about the only company had the exact board and was the last

one they had.  Frig is 14 years old but still in good shape.  Our last one was 25 years old

and was still running when I gave it away to a co-worker for garage beer frig.  It likely ran

without a control circuit board but it's shelves were starting to rust.  I put the rest of the

frig back together yesterday so it's ready for the board and take off running.  All our food

is still outdoors.

Our grandson is staying over so he went and got the mail.  I only went outdoors to get food

out from under the tarp. 

We are keeping the bay window curtains closed until noon so the Cardinal doesn't bang

against the window.  He mostly does it in the AM.  So maybe he won't damage himself to


We will probably stay home today unless the board arrives at our daughter's house.

Have a fun day Kitty and Brian.


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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning....all of our trees are ice coated and the sun just came out....so all are sparkly.....so beautiful with the bright blue sky....only 14 right now.....won't be going out until the roads are sanded....hope your day is wonderful.....


From: Susan1206


Hi Kitty ~
Totally snowed in here in Avon Lake.  Looks like a winter wonderland.  Perhaps a foot of snow over a three day period.  We are at the mercy of the HOA to plow streets, driveway and walkways.  Stay safe. Leave for Florida in two weeks ~ wish you were there to visit once again!  Susan

Our friend, Bonnie, reached out via messenger. I hope to meet her when I come back 

((hugs)). Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

I have heard of birds doing this… territorial or looking for a mate??  I have been taking a large coffee container (maybe 6 full cups) twice a day to the feeder and also on the ground.  We have at least 12 inches of snow on the ground since Thursday.  It is a winter wonderland.  

I have a path shoveled to the feeder but it is quite icy underneath. Using pet friendly salt for Finn.