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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1849166 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Susan, Jerthie, Kitty, and all.  I went to bed early because of getting up at 3 AM yesterday

with the generator.  I did have to reset the time on my bedroom clock but didn't realize the battery backup

in it wasn't working.  Power glitch during the day yesterday changed it's time again and I didn't notice when I

went to bed.  Got up way early this morn around 2:30 AM because my clock was wrong. 

Power still out, 3rd day I guess.  Cost much more to keep the house electric going with a generator than being

on the grid.  About $60.00 a day I think.  I use premium non ethanol in all my small engines.  Have run into trouble

using regular with ethanol.  $5.09 a gallon and still using natural gas for heat and hot water.  At least this morn the

generator is still running so got up and got my coffee easily.  I drink one cup of caffeine coffee a day so sending a

small amount of Dopamine to the receptors of my brain when I first get up.  It's an insulin blocker and isn't good for

Diabetics but I still have one cup a day. 

Paul, having some difficulty with my dentist after finally getting some dental benefits back in retirement.  For a couple

years I was waiting in line for free cleanings but now is supposed to be copay $10.00, ended up being $20.00 this last

time and I told the dentist it was supposed to be $10, they told me supposed to be $20 so I called my insurance company

and they told me was because two procedures exam and cleaning even though the dentist office had already told me that

wasn't the cause.  Finance office said they would call me back but didn't get the call.  Also, the tooth clean lady told me no

plaque on my teeth.  I do use a good electric brush, Siltronic or something like that.  My old dentist wants to grind away a

tooth and do root canal and crown on a tooth even though it isn't bothering me he says the nerve is damaged that shows

up in the xray.  So thinking I don't trust them, would lose most of a tooth and $1600 because that stuff isn't covered for

retirees.  Might just depend on my electric brush and drop the dentist.  

Finished the repairs on my amplifier yesterday but it doesn't function right on the generator so maybe try it again after power

is on.  Thinking there is more of a problem in it. 

They've changed the forecast for Sunday here, from 70 degrees to 80.  That will be strange not sure if I will use that day for my

bike trip to the farm.  Nice ride but not used to the heat to do the work down there.  My sister is there now helping them for a

couple days but we will miss each other again. 

Kitty, sorry you have relatives with the virus.  Hope they get well quickly.  I had a friend about 50 miles west of us get it.  Think I

heard some of our relatives that we rarely see had it and two that we do see sometimes.  I think I get two icons over on the right

from your posts, one with the picture you first put on back in 2007 with the flower hat with karno12 as ID and the other with just

a silhouette that has your ID as kittyarnold.

Susan, you might have told us about the eagles in the past but I had forgotten.  When I go down to the farm in PA I see the nests

they have set up on huge poles for Osprey nests, large protected birds there.  Sometimes I see on sitting on the nest.

I have a lot of broken branches to finish cutting off trees and just to pick up.  Might see if the neighbor wants them to burn for heat.

Think we're supposed to get our power back this eve, Thursday.  Think about 7 or so large breaks just on the Hydrangea Shrubs, they're

about 15 or 20 feet high right in front of our bay window.  Two of our 3 bird feeders are back hanging in the air.  They're a transplant

from my dad's farm many years ago. 

Glad Finn is enjoying life on the patio.  Our new pups are still a handful all day.  At least they take naps once in a while.  Usually they're

little helleons.  Think they must weigh over 30 pounds each now.  They fight with each other and try to destroy lots of things they find

here.  I'm still doing 1.5 hours on the elliptical and weights in the morning and another 1.5 hours in the eve.  I need to get back to going

faster to burn more Glucose.  It's much easier just to not go at high speed.  smile

Hope all enjoy the day.  A little cloudy and rainy here today but still in the 50s. 




From: JavaNY


Good morning, all. A nice day here. Should get to the 60s the next few days.

I don't mind the dentist too much. Not enjoyable, but it doesn't bother me. I also have lots of plaque. Supposedly flossing is better for that, but that is something I can't seem to do. My fingers are too fat, or I just don't do it right. I use these soft toothpick-like things. They may not be as good as flossing, but they help some.

Yes, Susan, I feel my sense of smell is better. I haven't noticed any change in my sense of taste yet.

Enjoy the day,




From: Jerthie123


Hi Susan!

Five miles is no small feat!  Good for you girl!  I love hearing about your bootcamp classes.  Do you do any weight training?

I used to lead a fitness class for seniors at a place called the Older Adults Center.  We did 30 minutes of cardio, followed by 15 minutes of weight training with light dumbbells and ended with light stretches.  The people at this class were fit and strong. Some of them in their 80s.  We would go for coffee and pastry after the class, which puts all the calories back, but it was fun!

This center was very lively!  Bingo, zumba classes, line dancing, bazaars, weekend trips to the casino, a coffee lounge.  I taught my class there for a period of three years.  I loved my peeps there!

I encourage you to stay on track with your fitness routine!  It helps with mental and spiritual health as well!  Please keep us all posted on your progress.  And now with the warmer weather approaching, we should all be going for walks... Ideally everyday!  Goos day all!


From: Jerthie123



Your work on the elliptical is applauded!  Weight training is really good for bone density so keep up with that too.  I am wondering if you use some of your time on the elliptical to do more weight training.... Full body... Upper and lower body, arms and core.  My oldest client was 91 years old.  He used to see me three times a week to use the treadmill and work with light dumbbells.  He used a walker but was always in good spirits!  Weight training is also good for heart health and burns more calories than cardio!  I used to be really into fitness.  I worked in the industry for most of my young adult life.  Do you follow a healthy diet as well?  One cup of coffee should be allowed and thoroughly enjoyed!  I drink sometimes two cups a day, on tough days, three.  Good day all!


From: Jerthie123



Those flossing picks are very helpful!  My mom prefers them over dental floss.  The warmer weather is still being anticipated here in southern Ontario.  We have a wet gloomy morning here, but sun is supposed to come out at 1 or 2 this afternoon.  Are you still jogging?  I do hiit workouts and I love going out for long walks, even during the cold winter!  It is the fresh air that keeps me motivated.  Have a good day all!


From: Susan1206


I will keep them in my prayers.

I just scheduled our third booster at the end of the month.  I will be traveling with daughter and family to Islamorada in the Keys and Jim to the state of Washington in May.  Wish they would resolve the mask issue!  I, for one, will wear mine on the plane.



From: Cocoa60


Good mornng Susan, Kitty, Jerthie, Paul, and all.  Supposed to be a beautiful weather day here.

I did get the chainsaw out and cut the broken branches away from the trees yesterday.  Don't

like using the saw up on the ladder but did it well.  I still have a little work to do out there but

got most done before it started raining. 

Our power came back on around 3 PM so hope that is over, our worst outage in the last 42 years

here.  Over 3 days think it was.  Nice to have the generator especially with our 2 new puppies.

Otherwise think it would be smarter to go stay somewhere else and save the $60 a day in gasoline.

I still need to drain the gas out of the generator and change it's engine oil. 

Jerthie, I started out on another journey over a year ago.  I was already exercising but slowed and

stopped the 3 meds I was on for Diabetes and stepped up my exercise and diet.  I keep my weight

down in the upper 140s and my Glucose down near 100 but not easy in dieting or exercise.  I got

discouraged this last blood test, thought I would be below 6% but hit 6.2%.  It still is in remission when

below 6.5%.  Makes it more difficult to get diet and exercise right when you don't meet your goals.  Also,

Brandy dog got a cancer tumor in her leg last April and had to die in July.  We were walking 8 to 10 miles

a day.  That's when I changed over to the elliptical.  When our two new puppies get older I will get out and

do some walking but will still be doing the elliptical and weights.  I also was doing sit ups but had to stop for

a while, the puppies would rip my mat to pieces if I put it out on the floor.  They will mature quickly and I

don't want to rush their puppy years, their lives go by so fast.  We took Brandy dog to Colonial Animal Hospital

in Ithaca, NY because Cornell couldn't see her for over 6 months and we didn't have that long.  This type tumor

couldn't be stopped by amputating her leg so she got pain infusions and pain pills for 8 weeks and the she was

gone.  I miss her so.  She was 8 1/2 years old so she would've still had some good years. 

I do 1.5 hours on the elliptical in the AM and again in the PM.  I get off the elliptical every 15 minutes and lift 15

pound weights from my ankles to my hips 60 repetitions  now, 30 if I'm doing sit ups.  I try to get a reduction in

fat around internal organs to help with Diabetes.  Everyone want to reduce fat in their mid sections but it's even

more important for Diabetics. 

A pain that it's my brother but he's also a Diabetic and didn't take care of the disease at all for a long time.  He was

skipping meds and drinking lots of Pepsi every day.  He still overeats and is 250 pounds.  Has to get shots in his eye

every month for blood behind the retina, a thing Diabetics get.  Also, his legs are damaged and he uses a cane to gt

around slowly and makes pain sounds constantly.  But it inspires me to try harder.  I know other Diabetics and don't

see any of them dieting and exercising.  Just usually take meds.  Diabetes is progressive so wherever you are in it, you

are going to get worse and it does irreversible damage.  My brother is at least using insulin now, it's to late for him to

take meds, when he took them. 

My brother destroyed his mobile home by having 85 cats living with him and got to weak to care for them properly.  Now

him and his wife live in my dad's old farm house with 16 cats.  It's still a mess because he won't attempt to maintain the

liter boxes.  I go down to take care of all the garbage and liter boxes every week or two.  It's 100 miles southwest of us in PA.

His wife is bedridden and older than him.  The house stinks and is unhealthy but I do what I can.  We are both ham radio

operators and I work to make my station better so we can talk on the air.  I work on antennas for him down there too.  I do

some work on his equipment and others in his ham radio club help him some.  There's always other projects that need done

down there.  Hot water, leaky faucets, grass mowing, equipment maintenance, goes on and on.  Right now I try to wait for a

good weather day to ride my motorcycle down so I'm not putting lots of miles on our 4 wheel vehicles, they cost more to maintain

except for tires, bike burns tires more quickly. 

After my one regular coffee first thing in the morning I only have decaf the rest of the day.  Caffeine blocks the insulin in my body

so not good for Diabetics.  

Have a great day all.


Cocoa in the foreground used to jog 4.5 miles with me every day before work.  2007-2019

Brandy in the rear, wasn't long after she was jogging that I couldn't jog with arthritis in my feet, so we walked.  2012-2021

They were such great beings.


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Three total hours a day of exercise....oh my...I wish I had your heart and lungs.  Went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the bike.  I have to be mindful of my respiration rate.......  Feel good.  I've been really watching my calorie intake and the pounds are slowly but surely coming off.  I'm convinced that the older you are, the more difficult to come off! 

Warm temperatures predicted for this week-end.  I need to wash the screens.  Does anyone still take their screens out in the winter?  I'm wondering...



From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

Shall I "huff and puff" as an ex smoker and send some really WARM temperatures your way?  I shall.  It's supposed to be in the 70's this Saturday and Sunday.   I shall bask in the warmth of the sun.  Enjoy the week-end.  Susan


From: Susan1206


I promise, warm weather coming your way soon.   It's been a not-so-great April.  Here's hoping for sunshine and warmth in May.

((hugs)) Susan

Our Booster (second) is scheduled for the end of the month.