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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1829138 views.

From: Susan1206


Thanks, Paul ~
a lovely brunch with my daughters and three grands.  It’s going to be a warm and sunny week by the shore of Lake Erie.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Couple chilly nights here, all the flowers had to be brought in.  Hope you get

sunshine down in the city soon Paul.  Sunday was sunny here, only 175 miles East. 

Waiting on parts I ordered April 26 from China, for my amplifier.  Arrived at Binghamton

post office on May 8th, might get over here today. 

Probably ride bike down to the farm on Tuesday.  Install the shields on the Allis Chalmers tractor.

Couple hours to get the shields back on, heavy duty shields in the 70s, compared to today.

Have a good day all.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Whole week of nice weather.  I'm headed for the farm this morning.  Didn't get

enough sleep, maybe get a nap before I leave.  Have the shields to put back on the Allis Chalmers

tractor that appeared to be finished on the last trip down.  My brother bought a wire antenna he

wants me to put up in the air for him.  Then there' mowing the lawn too.

Went over to my daughter's place on Monday and finished the maintenance on her lawn mower.

She's ready for a season of mowing now.

Wife brought in the flowers again, frost warning but it's 41 out at 3:30 AM. 

Received the parts for my amplifier and managed to get them installed during the day yesterday.

Was hesitant to try it out until towards the end of the day, but does seem to be working.  Only had

it powered up about 20-30 minutes before I went to bed but had no problems.  So this problem took

a month to fix and the whole amp project took over 3 months. 

Hope you're all enjoying the great weather.


Some may remember Pax, the retired police dog, I used to walk at lunch time.  He's been gone for 10 years now.  Was a good boy.

In the Fall he would bust apples apart with his jaws and eat the pieces. 


From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

Yes, it was very nice yesterday. Looks the same today and the next few days,

Part of my jogging path. Overlooking the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Trail looks good, dirt to run on instead of pavement.  Will save your

feet and joints for the future.  I got arthritis or I would still be going.  The fronts of my feet swell

up like I have a bee stings if there's an impact, can get away with speed walks.

Went to the farm yesterday.  Our sister is staying there for 2 days a week this year instead of

living there.  I got the half bath running for her since it won't freeze anymore but she has a cold

so she won't be back this week, at the least.  Also put the window AC unit in for her because she

works and gets hot. 

Put the shield over the hydraulic drive on the Allis Chalmers tractor so it and the radiator are

protected.  One tree branch in there could easily do a $1000 dollars of parts damage.  

Used my Henry Amplifier last night after I got home, worked pretty well.  It needs tuned from the

beginning of the procedure.  Had to use all of the 675 watts output RF power to get across the

100 miles at 147 Megahertz.  Many of the leaves and brush are blocking the signal now.

I'm sure everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.


Going across the field with the brush hog cutting down weeds, on the Allis Chalmers.

Dad's farm 80s.


From: Susan1206


Great picture of Pax, the apple munching dog!  Great story. My neighbor just lost his German Shepherd to cancer. His name was Boo.  A gentle giant.

I drove 40 minutes to see an ENT Specialist.  No more vertigo but felt I should check in and be a good patient,  Guess the Cleveland Clinic needs more $$$$ lol

I paid $4.29 a gallon this am. My Advantage card should have been $3.99. Bummer

One day at a time ~


From: Susan1206


That is an unbelievable view ~ how fabulous to see Lady Liberty!!!  

i am diligently riding my bike ~ need to do the gym for the treadmill.  A beautiful week here!!

Keep the Faith!  Susan



From: JavaNY


Good afternoon, all. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the day. 

It's a nice path in my concrete jungle.  I'll be offline a few days. Going to meet 3 college friends in Des Moines. Supposedly equidistant for the 4 of us. I've never been there, and the weather looks nice, so it should be interesting. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  47 out this morn, pretty warm.  Days weather is unbelievable for a while.

Humidity goes up and storms move in for the weekend. 

Susan glad your illness is gone.  I use medium grade in my bike, was $5.09 this past Tuesday.

County and federal taxes are supposed to be reduced June 1st but it's still going up so won't be

a big difference.  My Monte SS is premium but don't have it yet.  Must be up around $5.50 or


Paul, I had a family and worked full time in college so not much socializing.  I did have lab partners.

I found one on facebook but he left facebook all together when the politics took over.  I don't get

on myself much anymore.  It's great you are all getting together.  I saw the one lab partner once

since college briefly, one of my professors giving a college tour where I was working, and one other

professor after he stopped teaching and was doing some work for a company where I worked. 

Please let us know how it went, when you return.  Glad you don't have to feed our addition while


Pax was such a good boy.  I couldn't walk him for years until he settled down.  The town discontinued

their K9 program so he was kicked out with a lot of years left.  He was sad because he had been trained

that job and was all he wanted to do.  Walking him was touchy because my daughter was liable for anything

he did wrong, more so than we all are with our dog friends.  They had to sign liability papers and pay $3000

for his training or he would've been put to sleep.  Pax would look at me with a bewildered look, like why

couldn't he go back to work.

Tuned my amplifier after all the rework done on it.  Also, turned my beam antenna a little so it worked better

on the frequency I'm transmitting on now.  I'm using two different repeaters 100 miles away in my old home

town.  So listening on one frequency and transmitting on another.  Changed it briefly so I was listening on the

one I was transmitting on.  I can barely receive it but I can, so turned my beam antenna until it was stronger.

The leaves are getting thicker so I need every advantage to get through even at 700 watts.  Took a while to

clean up the area where I've been working for a month on this problem and for two months before that to get

the amp working at all. 

The two pups are still growing fast and still getting rowdy with their playing.  I'm glad they're happy not to be

separated from all their family but they get to be a lot sometimes.

Enjoy the day all, safe trip Paul.  You should be going right over top of us unless you fly to Dulas to DC first.


Of the four dogs I walked, Pax was the only one that picked his feet up and swam in the pond.


From: Susan1206


Enjoy your time with “friends”

of the past. I am meeting some of mine next week ~.  Lol, we have all changed!!    Susan.