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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1825726 views.

From: JavaNY


Good afternoon, all. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the day. 

It's a nice path in my concrete jungle.  I'll be offline a few days. Going to meet 3 college friends in Des Moines. Supposedly equidistant for the 4 of us. I've never been there, and the weather looks nice, so it should be interesting. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  47 out this morn, pretty warm.  Days weather is unbelievable for a while.

Humidity goes up and storms move in for the weekend. 

Susan glad your illness is gone.  I use medium grade in my bike, was $5.09 this past Tuesday.

County and federal taxes are supposed to be reduced June 1st but it's still going up so won't be

a big difference.  My Monte SS is premium but don't have it yet.  Must be up around $5.50 or


Paul, I had a family and worked full time in college so not much socializing.  I did have lab partners.

I found one on facebook but he left facebook all together when the politics took over.  I don't get

on myself much anymore.  It's great you are all getting together.  I saw the one lab partner once

since college briefly, one of my professors giving a college tour where I was working, and one other

professor after he stopped teaching and was doing some work for a company where I worked. 

Please let us know how it went, when you return.  Glad you don't have to feed our addition while


Pax was such a good boy.  I couldn't walk him for years until he settled down.  The town discontinued

their K9 program so he was kicked out with a lot of years left.  He was sad because he had been trained

that job and was all he wanted to do.  Walking him was touchy because my daughter was liable for anything

he did wrong, more so than we all are with our dog friends.  They had to sign liability papers and pay $3000

for his training or he would've been put to sleep.  Pax would look at me with a bewildered look, like why

couldn't he go back to work.

Tuned my amplifier after all the rework done on it.  Also, turned my beam antenna a little so it worked better

on the frequency I'm transmitting on now.  I'm using two different repeaters 100 miles away in my old home

town.  So listening on one frequency and transmitting on another.  Changed it briefly so I was listening on the

one I was transmitting on.  I can barely receive it but I can, so turned my beam antenna until it was stronger.

The leaves are getting thicker so I need every advantage to get through even at 700 watts.  Took a while to

clean up the area where I've been working for a month on this problem and for two months before that to get

the amp working at all. 

The two pups are still growing fast and still getting rowdy with their playing.  I'm glad they're happy not to be

separated from all their family but they get to be a lot sometimes.

Enjoy the day all, safe trip Paul.  You should be going right over top of us unless you fly to Dulas to DC first.


Of the four dogs I walked, Pax was the only one that picked his feet up and swam in the pond.


From: Susan1206


Enjoy your time with “friends”

of the past. I am meeting some of mine next week ~.  Lol, we have all changed!!    Susan. 


From: Susan1206


I love the picture. Finn loved/loves to swim!  Lab results show high levels of a liver enzyme and maybe hypothyroidism…. Will try not to Google or worry… Dr. will call if she feels necessary!  

Enjoy the weekend. See you in the flip side of the weekend. Fly out in two weeks!!!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Took me a long time to get on this morn, Java Script was disabled some how and

I finally found it and clicked it back online.  Hate to say it because us humans use it for a cop out of almost

everything but Finn is getting old.  I really wish him the best.  Our pups still require one of us almost all the

time except when they're sleeping.  I still hurt from losing Cocoa and Brandy every day.  Guess many months

before our new pups will be ready for long walks.  Have to develop their joints.  All four dogs at my daughter's

went into the pond on warm days but the other dogs waded around, only Pax swam.

Worked on an old Kenwood stereo audio amplifier yesterday.  Put a modification kit in it over the last couple

years when it stopped working, that replaces much of it's main amplification components.  I start it up on a

variac that you slowly turn up the voltage until it's like plugging it into the house outlet.  Had a short and I

found it, made it up to the 120 VAC like a house outlet but then it went back to humming and blowing it's fuse

around 40 VAC so guess it developed another short circuit.  Some part probably burned out.

Think you said you were going back to Florida again, most likely hot there right now but we are supposed to be

going back to the lower 60s so Florida will probably be cooling again.  I haven't been there since around 1966 and

then think it was in the northern part around Daytona.  One of my brothers thought he was going to live there with

his family but he moved back north after a few years. 

It must be twilight at 4:20 AM, I can hear the birds starting up.  I saw somewhere it's to celebrate and tell the other

birds they made it through another night.  We are getting close to the longest days of the year. 

Paul, up north moved my Monte SS down to the garage to finish it up but the humidity is rising already and will stay

high through the storms of the next 5 days or so, probably will barely get started on it before stopping for a while.

Would like to get it back but will cost a lot more to run.  Takes premium gas and burns a lot of it.  Would be nice if

Russia would find an end to it's war, a worthless waste of time, money, and lives. 

Everyone have a good day.


Cocoa and Brandy when Brandy was just a puppy.


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

  Freedom!  My Father served four years in New Guinea and the South Pacific. He came home with malaria and rarely ever spoke of his experiences. He ran a large piece of equipment that allowed U.S. to build airfields. He never came home to see my Mother in four years.  I was born upon his return.  

I fly the American flag every day and make sure to vote every election .   God Bless our country and the troops and women and men who protect it.

Enjoy the weekend!   Susan 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  58 here, warmest morning yet.  One more day here, then temperature starts

to drop.  Spent a lot of yesterday working on the lawn, then took the Winter cover off the pool since

it had dried the rest of the way after pumping the water off it.  Then did a little more work on the pool.

Didn't actually finish the lawn until late eve when the sun left the back yard.  Then finished the rest of

the hand mowing. 

I didn't mean it was a waste of time for us to help with the war, meant it's a waste for Russia to attack

a little country in the first place.  I spent 3 years active duty, then 3 years inactive reserves, then one year

active reserves.  Wife and daughter traveled with me so was rough on them also, no friends or relatives

close by.  Far into the past now.  Wife didn't get a drivers license until we got out.

Wife is taking the pups out for short walks around the yard while their joints develop.  She only takes one

at a time because they raise heck with each other when together.  I watch the one that doesn't go. 

I will probably work on the pool some today.  No rush, it's cooling down again after tomorrow.  Just have to

get it going since the sun rays will be hitting the water now.  I run it salt water with a chlorine cell.  So I have

to pick up about 6 big bags of salt.

Have a good day.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, 

Tis a really great pool and picture of your family!  
it is most likely safer with salt water rather than chlorine!  We have a small neighborhood pool that I visit ~ chlorine really dries out one’s skin.

Off to Menards.  Beautiful day ~ enjoy!  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  60 outside this morn, still 74 in here.  We did get the pool up and running.

It always has problems to solve but always get the systems going somehow.  Can't afford a pool

company to come in set it up, maintain it, and close it.  Same as everything with most families.

Salt water pool has a chlorine cell that generates chlorine so it does have chlorine in the water.

Of course we don't have the level of chlorine that public pools and motel pools have, not even

close.  Our pool smells like chlorine when I shock it, opening, trying to eliminate algae, and when

we close it.  Nobody is allowed near it when it's shocked, especially the dogs.  We still have to maintain

the chemical balance in the pool besides buying all the salt.  Bought 7 bags of salt yesterday for around

$45 with my military discount.  I think it's PH minus I always have to keep in balance, so expense there too.

So that means to increase the acid but can't get away with letting it go like you would want to.

My amp failed again after running 4 days.  Didn't burn out any of the more expensive parts.  Seems I do that

turning it on repeatedly trying to get a handle on what's wrong.  So just some inexpensive diodes shorted. 

I took some resistance readings and asked a ham operator that builds amps sometimes, in Texas, for advise.

He's going to think about it but he's on his way to France.  I had ordered 15 new 1 amp diodes because I'm out

but only $3.00 for them and they're already on the way.  Think diodes are a filter to filter out AC voltage in a DC

voltage power supply but I'm not sure, will keep looking at it and maybe other guy will have some suggestions.

  I don't work on the circuit powered up because it's 2000 volts Dc, easily kill me if I make a mistake.  Young

people take those chances.

We had a couple pretty good down pours yesterday but no water got to the basement thanks to all the drainage

we put in.  We live on a slope part way down a mountain so lot of surface water comes through here and everyone

in the neighborhood has this problem.  It's better than living in the valley where they get water 5 feet high in their

homes.  Supposed to get storms Sunday and Monday also.  Very expensive to set up the drainage weather you do

it yourself or have it done.

Pups are doing great.  Think they like the fenced in pool area better with the pool cover and all the concrete blocks

gone.  Gives them much more room.  For us, looks a lot nicer, especially with wife's flower arrangements all around.

Have a good day all.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Senior moment.....can't remember if I responded to your last posting.  A lovely picture of your wife outside in the pool area by her flowers!  The flowers are also my therapy.  I have many perennials in the front walk way and a combination of perennials and annuals (roses and hydrangeas, beautiful french lilac bush) in the back.  Also Coreopsis and herbs.  Makes me happy.  

Hoping that our friend, Paul, has had a safe trip back from his reunion and was not tempted to smoke.  Often times, it only takes a drink or two.....and a group of smokers, to entice one to go back.  I remember when my late husband and I had quit for several months and we attended a wedding reception....dancing, drinking, etc.  I was the one who wanted the ciggie...and sure enough he readily agreed.  So off he went to buy a pack...and that was another beginning of trying to quit and fail.  So, I hope Paul is doing good.

A gray sky here with rain expected.  We attempted to drive an hour and a half to go birding on Monday.  It was such a rainy, dreadful day that we decided against it.  Will try on Friday.  This is a well known McGee Marsh by Lake Erie where the migratory birds find refuge for a few weeks of the year.  

Take care.   Susan