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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1849668 views.

From: JavaNY


Hats and sunglasses are always good to wear. I spent too much time in the sun a few weeks back in Iowa and I have some peeling skin now. 

 I have family in Ulster County NY. As a child we'd go up there and eat the various berries straight from the vines, never bothered cleaning them. When the country paved the road ten years ago, an aunt was given the 'honor' of naming the street as they were the first residents on it. She named it Barberry Street. Barberries grew all over there, so I guess appropriate. I never see them in stores, and I don't think they are common, but they tasted pretty good. Healthy as most berries are.

Enjoy the day everyone.



From: Kittyarnold


have a wonderful weekend....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Kitty, and all.  Supposed to be a cool day here around 60 and cloudy with a north wind.

Having a nice June, I seem to remember times when most of June was cool and rainy.  We are planning on

going to the Laurel Festival Parade today and taking the pups, almost 6 months old.  In my growing up home

town of Wellsboro, PA.  Last event Brandy attended last year I think.  Will be a challenge training the pups to

behave around all the people and an occasional dog. 

Paul, I love berries and especially healthy for a Diabetic.  Hope to go picking blueberries with grands in July.

The detox berry.  It's usually an annual thing we do together, though last year the grands didn't make it

picking with us.  My brother told me we went picking blueberries on state land when we were kids.  I do

have a picture of tall green bushes, in my mind, when I was little.  After a rain and everything was wet.

My parents had so many hardships in their lives wife and I didn't have to face.  I frequently feel bad for


Did some work on the Monte Carlo yesterday.  Had to get a new battery, change the engine oil, replace

wiper blades, and lube the front end.  Don't have grease fittings on our late model cars but do on the 85.

The paint is very thin, can barely touch the car without damaging the paint.  Lot better shape though, with

all the dents and rust patches gone.  Get lots of compliments every where I go.  Looks black until get close,

then it's purple.  Took the tape off the reverse lights, scraped the paint off the license plate lights and the

exhaust resonators, they are chrome. 

Also hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  A beautiful Summer.



From: Kittyarnold


daughter and granddaughter went to a local farm where you can pick strawberries for yourself....they picked us some huge and beautiful they are so delicious  will have a bowl with my yogurt for breakfast  l had some last night with my ice cream.....yummy  hope your day is lovely....we are celebrating Fathers day over there at lunch....Brian is a wonderful step-Dad to the 5  kids I already had when we met....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Another cool morning at 42 and will drop before sunrise.

Sounds like your daughter and granddaughter have lots of fun, we do picking blueberries.

Our 48th anniversary went was last Wednesday.  Had a good day.  Had a good Fathers day


We did make it to the Laurel Festival Parade Saturday.  The pups were difficult but part of

their training.  Stopped to replace a blown fuse at the farm house.  We've moved the large

chest freezer to a different circuit so hope that will cure the problem.  I mowed a part of the

field around the house and by the road waiting for my brother to make it home.  Found out

someone is going to mow it and bale it up for mulch so that will save lot of time and expense.

I can move on to getting the chain saw running and trim branches away from two roofs.  One

of the trees the branches are to large, we will have to get the tree cut down.  Probably tie tractor

to it and put pressure on it while I cut it. 

Updated all 3 of our Garmin GPS yesterday.  Recharging the battery on the last one, then will be

done.  None of them had been updated for many years.  One of the newer ones was starting to

give us problems.  Moving it to the Monte Carlo SS where I can watch it and troubleshoot the problem.

Have a great day all.


Our wedding day 48 years ago.


From: Kittyarnold


Nice looking couple.....48 yrs is wonderful....Brian and I will hit 45 this year....it is a cold start to our day....was low 50 s when I got up at 6....it is only 62 now....another no agenda day which I like....tomorrow visit with older daughter which is weekly and pleasant....partly cloudy day....hope your day is great....


From: JavaNY


Oh, the years fly by.

A bit warmer here, low 70s, enjoyable. Donated blood this morning. Doesn't bother me, but I don't think I'd like giving needles to other people.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Kitty, and all.  48 and some rain coming here around 8.  Nice days,

will get the dogs out for a walk before the rain.  Got solar lights up over the sliding doors

yesterday so can see out on the deck between the house and pool.  After that the pole

light shines on the pool.  We did have under water lights in the pool but were a pain to

maintain.  Then they leaked later on, found some steel rings that bolted into the bolt pattern

and sealed them off.  Put in the type that brighten with motion, again.  Old ones there had

stopped working well and daughter got me some new ones for Father's Day.

Activated my new tracphone yesterday.  I get a new one every June with a one year plan for

$50 to $90.  It's a pain getting contacts transferred every time but get it done with the help of

customer service.  I never could have imagined a world with everyone carrying a phone.  It's

similar to 2 meter ham radio that uses repeaters that I started using in the mid 80s.  I think

that's where a lot of the development came from.  I remember seeing teens carrying them

everywhere before I got one.  I wondered how they could get something that cost $40 or $50

a month, from their parents, I guess.  Makes you wonder what else will take place in this world.

The years do seem to go by faster as we live through more years and seasons. 

I don't have an agenda many days, stuff just seems to fall into our lives.  So many things waiting

on the side for our attention.  I love being retired but feel bad for the people that have only social

security, especially now when all businesses are taking advantage of the price rise.  Even if their

costs are the same, they're raising their prices a lot.  Even used stuff is going up if not doubling so

I guess it's all of us.  My dad said something about people with just social security many years ago

but less and less pensions now and the market probably scaring people into staying t work.  My

oldest brother still working out of his home at 80 with no pension.  Sister gave her house to her

daughter and lives in the side room our mom built there.  Sis has no pension and her husband died.

Have a great day all.


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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie and all 54 sunny degrees here and supposed to cloud up and stay cool.....interesting dream last night...I was outside having a cigarette  with the neighbor....and it has been 14 yrs since I quit....I wouldn't even consider doing such a thing but it was interesting that it was in there at all....so no matter what, we have to stay on top of things...hope everyone has a wonderful day....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  About 10 degrees warmer here this morn, 58.  Supposed to rain in

the afternoon and eve.  We did smoke a good part of our lives and very hard time stopping the

addition from being fed.  Think I smelled smoke while loading some lumber for my daughter at

the Home Depot yesterday.  Think you are very close to 15 years since I passed it in April.  I never

remember any dreams anymore, don't know why.  I've had times in my life when I remembered

lots of them and sometimes when it was rare but now, none.  Seems for years.  I often wonder if

a great life trauma would send me back into the addition.  I might never find out, that would be

good.  I know if something really bad happens people don't care about anything anymore.  I was

very close to Cocoa and Brandy and lost them both but many wouldn't understand the relationship

with a close canine friend.  doesn't seem like a day goes by that I don't miss them.

I mowed one of my daughter's lawns for her yesterday.  She hadn't gotten any sleep the night before

and her tractor still needs jump started because they still haven't replaced the battery. 

I hardly have any prescriptions left but picked them up yesterday.  I felt good yesterday, wish I could

hold onto that body chemistry every day.

Gotta go get ready to walk the pups, traffic is a mess on weekday mornings.

Have a great day all, doing great here.


The 3 year old that helped convince me to enter this final quit graduates high school Friday.