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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1902091 views.

From: JavaNY


GM all. Yes, Ernie 81 at this hour. Should get some rain in the afternoon and cool off a bit.


From: Kittyarnold


glad you have the pictures....loved the screened in porch....did lots of entertaining there.....Thanksgiving dinner with some neighborhood friends.....wonder if the new owners left all of my paintings on the floor...?  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  Cooler this morn at 60, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday morn.

Paul, at least the ocean keeps you warmer in the Winter.  Even the towns by lakes stay warmer until

they freeze over.  Think today it stays in the upper 70s.  It cooled off here after yesterday mornings rain.

I went and picked blueberries again after taking care of everyone's garbage.  Got pretty hot out there

picking after the sun came out.  At least no bee stings.  NYC must be like being down south.

I don't know what year the pictures on Zillow are from Kitty, but think your pictures are still there.  Saw

all the homes on your island for sale now have an M after them so all above one million, to much for us.

Hope you have your shell crafts hanging still, lot of effort went into them.

Purchased some octane booster for the bike.  The spark knocking will destroy the engine, especially when

I can hear it.  Most of the time it would be drowned out by engine noise but still destructive.  The ignition

timing isn't adjustable, all set by an electronic box.  Already running premium gas while it's so warm out.

I see a frog out in the pool I have to relocate before the pups get out there.  They go ballistic over them.

Enjoy the day all, much cooler.



From: JavaNY


Good evening, all, 

Will be away a few days. Headed to meet a cousin in Knoxville. He said the mountains keep it cooler, hopefully he's correct.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Hope you have a good trip Paul and a safe one.  Cooled off a lot up here

but should be cool in the mountains.  I will probably head down to the farm tomorrow but

it's just a day trip, sometimes a long day.  Last time wore myself out climbing on ladders,

moving the ladder, and handling the chain saw up there.  Got most of the branches away

from the garage roof.  Think I'll take my daughter's 6 or 8 foot electric saw up next time,

don't want to climb any higher.  I'm cutting the branches at the trunk.  Don't want to be up

there every so often doing this.  Once and done.  I stepped in pine resin last tine.  Took a

lot of work and solvent to get it all off.  These are high Army boots, hard to find them new

in my size, then expensive.  Very high quality for the soldiers these days which is what I

need so not to injure my feet doing tasks. 

Took a piece of exhaust pipe out under my Subaru yesterday to look at patching up the

exhaust for the Winter and replacing it in the Spring but don't see how I can.  Less than

3 years since I replaced the intermediate pipe and muffler with it's tail pipe.  Not very high

quality.  Was $265. , a higher quality set is $452.  Maybe have to buy them.  Salt keeps our

roads clear, sure tares our cars apart.  Jobs and education much more plentiful here than

in rural PA where I grew up. 

Paul, think wife and I were in Tenn once in the 90s for a convention either for small engines

or motorcycles,  We were in those businesses back in the 90s.  We were only there briefly for

a day or two.  Close to Knoxville, think I remember seeing it on signs.  Would remember because

of the Grand old O pry. 

Got the spacer / shroud for that cooling fan in my amplifier yesterday so replaced the thin plastic

homemade one I had put in.  Took a while, had to put the plastics blade on my table saw and cut

part of a corner off the spacer and find some long screw to go through it to the fan.  Had to drill

couple mounting holes through the RF deck at an extreme angle.  Would be a days work to remove

the deck from the chassis and reassemble it and might get some new damage, it's heavy but fragile.

Have a great day all.  Cooled down.


Rf deck out of chassis back when first getting amp working and converted.


From: Kittyarnold


that is one hellavu chain saw...we are cloudy and only 65 at the moment....supposed to clear in awhile.....hope your day is a good one...you always have such involved projects to keep you busy....there was 7 deer in our yard this morning....fawns with their Mommas.... 

Hi Susan,

I just happened to see your message on the Indians.  I am too from the Cleveland area even though I now live in Conneaut.  Grew up in Columbia Station and Parma and still have all my family there.  I refuse to call them the Guardians, by the way.  Ridiculous.  But also, like you, I am way more of a football fan.  This upcoming season should be interesting.

Just wanted to say Hi and hope you have a great day!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Paul is off to Knoxville, Tenn.  Hope he has a safe and fun trip.

Did you see those new pictures I put up of your previous home?  Are the frog and

other things on the wall paintings on the wall itself?  I can't enlarge the pictures but

they fit in and makes me curious.  They look great by the way.  smile

I've been a technician since the early days and I like solving problems and getting the

repairs done so things work, hopefully without spending the fortune it looks like when

the problem first comes up but sometimes it seems to cost way to much even when it

is extremely reduced.  There's no shortage of things breaking down, it's constant all around

us even if we purchase high quality products.  Of course, our human bodies and other beings

bodies are constantly failing all around us also.  Keeping doctors very busy.  If they don't fail

enough we damage them in accidents.  I'm still thinking about weather I want to tackle doing

a patch job on the Baja exhaust or just bite the bullet and pay out $452 for the components of

the system.  The ones that just went are slightly less than 3 years old.

Yesterday I mowed the banks and ditch with the hand mower.  It seems like a lot of work.  I need

the exercise but it's about all I got done for the day.  Using an electric mower right now and I take

a break to charge the mower in the middle of the work.  Cool down and sometimes go into the pool

for a while. 

I was going to the farm today but didn't completely work out so that might be put off until next week.

We will be gone for the weekend going to our nieces wedding shower for her September wedding.  I don't

try to post here from my phone, though I can read the thread.  I should get to walk Brandy's sister, Dixie, a

couple times,. She can only walk about one mile because of joint problems.  Then I walk her friend Charlotte

some more miles. 

Next time I get up in those trees I will be using a safety strap.  Almost lost my balance up there one the last time.

Using the long electric saw will make it easier to lose balance though it is lighter it has more leverage with it's

length.  Will have to wait until I take a 4 wheel vehicle down to the farm to take the 8 foot saw down.  They probably

come apart but still to much for a bike.   Trees on the farm with branches touching the roofs of one of the homes and

a two story garage. 

We are having great days and probably aren't appreciating them as much as we should.  Don't have an infinite supply of

them.  You two have a great day also.  I don't care for sports that much, motorsports some.


Garage in back has trees behind it causing problems with long branches.


From: Kittyarnold


the pictures are all accurate.....when we sold the house we had given away the frog painting.....loved it and miss it....maybe I should try painting one myself....I don't usually drag the paints out as there isn't a place to leave it all set up....and I don't paint something all day....paint and leave it and come back to it etc....but thanks for the picture posting....might be from when the place was for sale.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Very cool here this morn at 48 and probably drop to 46 before dawn.  I can't imagine

making those paintings, must have took a long time and very tedious.  Looks like the place last sold in 2020.

According to Zillow.  Very good paintings Kitty.  We had one son in law that could do that before he drifted

away to another life. 

Went to the farm yesterday.  Tried to retrieve my brothers flannel shirts from the dumped totes from the thieves

but they had already returned and took them.  Busted out a back window to throw totes out packed with stuff.

So I was a little to late.  Managed to find a little bit of stuff, really looks like stuff the thieves planned on taking

but left it sitting out and forgot it. 

Tried to fix their phone on the farm but didn't get it working.  They have cell phones but brother's wife hasn't

used hers and doesn't know how so brother left his smart phone with her.  They just converted to dish a few

weeks ago so things about the new system I don't know. 

At least I got the chain saw blade sharpened for when we get that large tree cut that's got branches rubbing

against the guest house. 

Not a very rewarding visit.  Almost in an accident on the way back on my motorcycle.  A deer ran out right in

front of me and all I had time to do was let off the gas.  Deer lunged forward so it's rear legs were straight and

my left foot hit his rear leg.  My feet were on the forward highway pegs, was going 65 mph.  So mostly the deer

saved our lives.  So glad he was so fast.  So close to a disastrous accident. 

We have a wedding shower to go to up north either today and stay over night or go up early tomorrow, not sure

yet.  For our niece. 

Hope you're all doing great.  Cooler weather will give our AC a break and out electric bill also. 


Bike and I are still in one piece.  smiley