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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1939645 views.

From: Kittyarnold


I have been awake most of the night....just some naps off and on....stayed in bed tho.....up at 4 and will for sure go in for a nap....as soon as I eat which will be early today


From: JavaNY


I generally sleep pretty well, but every once in a while, the same thing happens to me.  Hope you get a good nap later, Kitty.

All good in the city, Ernie. Warm but summer is winding down. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Paul.  Another beautiful day.  I woke early also, stayed in bed for a while

but up now.  Retired also so I can sleep anytime I want.  Knee slowly improving, able to do stuff,

but not setting the world on fire. 

Got the gift for my granddaughter's wedding yesterday.  Strange to see that little girl getting married.

I remember the blocks of wood in the ground at the park a mile down the road.  Used to count them

off for her to learn her numbers.  I got her a mixer for her kitchen, same thing my parents got us almost

48 years ago.  We still have it, had to order a beater for it once when parts were still available for it.  This

last time I had to buy a vintage mixer to get the beater for ours.  Didn't cost much, a Hamilton Beach, so

not rare.  It's just nice to have one of our wedding gifts still around and being used.  Granddaughter helps

make lot of the birthday cakes here. 

Ordered the Kerig coffee maker for our niece's wedding next month, strange to see her getting married

also.  Can still remember my wife telling me about the pregnancy before she was born.  At least she got

some college out of the way before marriage. 

Hate to see the Summer days fading away.  Another one coming when one leaves, I guess.  I don't close

the pool until the end of September, it's so close to the house and looks so nice.  Do get it closed before

the leaves fall. 

Have a great day all.


Granddaughter with Cocoa's parents, Princess and Buddy, many years ago.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all   wonderful sunny day to wake up too......anyone want zucchini?  LOL  this time of year we are all sick of it if we have a garden or a neighbor does....hope you all enjoy this day.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Little cooler this morn at 56.  our granddaughter got married yesterday

but haven't any pictures on this pc yet.  Was a nice small wedding in the country.  They're a nice couple

but lots of work ahead and granddaughter starting college Monday.  She did take some courses there

at the college in her senior hs year.  We ended up financing her first semester tuition and books, 10x

what it cost me when I started.  That was after I worked for a little while, we went through the Army,

and worked a little while again so I wasn't 18.  Kitty might remember me sending thousands of hours

with my granddaughter while she was growing up.  Church, parks, walking dogs, The Zoo and Discovery

Center, Brownies, parades, visiting relatives, and amusement Parks.  Much more.  She was born 3.5 years

before we were on here stopping the poison smoke.

I remember Kitty back then, clearing Palm branches away from the yard and trails after storms, collecting shells

on the beach mornings, volunteering at the animal rescue washing the bedding blankets. and moving back

north Summers until the last few years when started living down south year round. I've only been to Florida

for a brief visit around Christmas of 1966.  A brother lived there a couple years back then, now lives northwest

of here in New York State. 

That's all we did yesterday, wedding was over an hour away and we had to take a cage for the pups to

travel in the car, then move it upstairs in the house when we got there.

My wife buys zucchini often, slices it and fries it with some kind of flour coat on it.  Tastes very good.

I emailed couple wedding pictures over to this pc.

Everyone enjoy the day.



From: JavaNY


Glad you enjoyed the wedding, Ernie. Looks like a beautiful day for it.

Enjoy the day everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Warm here this morn at 65.  Supposed to hit 90 here today.

Didn't do much here Sunday.  Worried about our granddaughter starting out her marriage

and college. 

Took our grandson home yesterday.  I walked the path that granddaughter

and I walked with the dogs every day during my lunch back when I was working.  I walked

to the pond where we took them to wade and swim, a couple weeks ago.  All those pups

are gone.  New people bought some of the property and posted it but my daughter uses

different paths to walk her dogs now. 

We got my wife all set up on social security and medicare.  Have to jump through some

hoops because of all the people trying to use scams as a career.  Has even expanded lots

since I had to get started a few years ago.  So she starts in a few days.

We thought one of our pups might be sick and have to take a trip to the doctor but seems

better now.  Difficult to get in these days, have to keep calling in for a cancellation or make

an appointment for a month or two out.  Don't think we have any emergency services anymore.

Closest one is in Ithaca, NY, over an hour away.  We will keep an eye on her, don't want to lose

one of the sisters.

We are all doing well here, hope you all are.


Pax, the retired police dog, swimming in the pond in 2011.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning everyone...the sun is shining here today and it is so pretty.....Brian is cleaning the veggie garden today beans are done etc.....it is early maybe but the broccoli is still growing....the flowers are still prolific ....I can see the zinnias etc.....will miss that this winter....altho the view of the hillside is still nice......had a dream of quitting smoking again....if you have quit don't try to smoke just one.....it doesn't work.....have a good day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  62 here this morn.  I know what you mean about the pretty flowers

Kitty.  My wife has the pool surrounded in color.  My daughter started it when she was living here

and working at a greenhouse, mostly flowers.  I've put pictures on here of Summers past.  Speaking

of pictures I'm supposed to make up a disk of all the wedding pictures of our granddaughters wedding.

Today we hope to walk around the town we lived in first couple years about 100 miles north of here.

Supposed to be 70 or a little less today with sunshine, so a perfect day to walk. 

Our pup Chloe is getting sick on and off so trying to get her in to see one of better doctors we know.  Hard

to get in, have to phone in to check for cancellations every morning, same as when Brandy started the problem

with her leg, that turned out to be a hariditory cancer tumor.

Plan on going to the farm Friday.  Got my daughter's 7 foot saw sharpened and tried it out here yesterday.  Cut

a large branch that went completely through the tree next to it.  On the farm there's still two large branches rubbing

the two story garage roof.  I'm using a safety harness so I can use both hands working.  Hard to do at first but grows

on you.  So driving the Monte Carlo SS down to the farm, at least the price of premium gas has dropped, it burns lots

of it. 

The environment is very pretty Kitty, especially with all the rain we just got here, first just a little, then 0.77 inches in one

storm.  As green as it gets with wild flowers here and there.

Enjoy the day all.


Constantia, NY next to Oneida Lake.  With grandson, Brandy and Cocoa.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....it was 48 degrees here this morning....cool...no agenda as of yet......just walk by the jigsaw puzzle and put a piece or two in.....that is how I do it...Brian will sit there for awhile....I haven't the patience.....hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day.....