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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1938659 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  62 here this morn.  I know what you mean about the pretty flowers

Kitty.  My wife has the pool surrounded in color.  My daughter started it when she was living here

and working at a greenhouse, mostly flowers.  I've put pictures on here of Summers past.  Speaking

of pictures I'm supposed to make up a disk of all the wedding pictures of our granddaughters wedding.

Today we hope to walk around the town we lived in first couple years about 100 miles north of here.

Supposed to be 70 or a little less today with sunshine, so a perfect day to walk. 

Our pup Chloe is getting sick on and off so trying to get her in to see one of better doctors we know.  Hard

to get in, have to phone in to check for cancellations every morning, same as when Brandy started the problem

with her leg, that turned out to be a hariditory cancer tumor.

Plan on going to the farm Friday.  Got my daughter's 7 foot saw sharpened and tried it out here yesterday.  Cut

a large branch that went completely through the tree next to it.  On the farm there's still two large branches rubbing

the two story garage roof.  I'm using a safety harness so I can use both hands working.  Hard to do at first but grows

on you.  So driving the Monte Carlo SS down to the farm, at least the price of premium gas has dropped, it burns lots

of it. 

The environment is very pretty Kitty, especially with all the rain we just got here, first just a little, then 0.77 inches in one

storm.  As green as it gets with wild flowers here and there.

Enjoy the day all.


Constantia, NY next to Oneida Lake.  With grandson, Brandy and Cocoa.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....it was 48 degrees here this morning....cool...no agenda as of yet......just walk by the jigsaw puzzle and put a piece or two in.....that is how I do it...Brian will sit there for awhile....I haven't the patience.....hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free day.....


From: JavaNY


A very nice three days in NYC. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Kitty, and all.  Very cool here this morn, almost as cool as yesterday morn.

40s then and 54 now.  Pups were nervous and woke me with little sleep but will get a nap later.

My wife is going out on a glass bottom boat with one of our daughters for wife's birthday.  Hope

they both get through it safely, a small boat with oars. 

I don't have the patience for those puzzles Kitty.  I did work on getting the bearings greased in that

antenna rotor yesterday, glued the ends of the windings so they don't come unraveled more, and

glued the windings down into their holder.  Will try to solder the end of the windings and reassemble

the rotor next time I get down there.  Have to get this thing working and get the antenna up before

Winter.  My dad did those puzzles on his dining room table, seems like they were 500 to 1000 pieces.

Something like that.  Sounds like Brian has just about finished the garden and has a break for a while.

We had a good time up north though we couldn't walk the pups through the neighborhood where my

wife lived when we met.  To many dogs and our 8 month our pups go bizerk when a dog is near, hard

to hold onto them.  We talked to wife's brother's wife and their son there, then went out of town to

visit her other brother and wife.  Out rural I walked the pups couple miles while wife visited.  Lot of new

hunting camps sprung up there.  All they have for a building is sheds about 10 feet by 15 feet.  Maybe

bringing in RVs for hunting.  Also, some families with kids camping there now.  Probably because of the

rent problems.  Hope they have a place to Winter, their campers can't be heated in the Winter.

We have Saturday clear this weekend, then rain next 3 days.  Heavy rain Monday.  So wife and daughter

will head out today. 

I will need a light jacket to walk the pups this morn.

Hope all enjoy the day.


Two grandsons on Oneida Lake where wife lived when we met.


From: JavaNY


Glad you were not hurt, Ernie.  Enjoy the day everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Very rainy here all night and all day, couple inches of rain.  I guess

you mean cutting branches Paul.  There's others that need done but out of my reach so they

just have to go on where they are.  Especially the huge branch above the electric lines my brother

thinks I'm going to cut.  I would rather it just fall on the lines.  My wife's aunt's boyfriend got

killed that way and I'm sure many others. 

I just checked and no water coming in at our trouble points, is raining hard though, causing big

splashes on the pool.  I'm certain I will need to drain some water off the pool today so it isn't

above the skimmer and nothing gets skimmed off the surface of the water anymore.  We put a lot

of money and work into not getting flooded anymore so glad it's working.  A lot more work went

into damage control when we were flooded though.  We are on a mountain but not at the top so

get lots of run off and it keeps us wet for a long time.  Some houses get their basements filled just

from the run off.  We were starting to get mold from the basement staying wet for long periods of

time.  Now we have two coats of waterproof paint in the basement, many drains outside, and burms

built up to divert some water.   Had to redo many spots around the basement floor with sealer, then

repaint them.

Hope your jogging is going well Paul.  Really wish I could still jog, it's much better than walking and gets

you feeling well much quicker.  Seems like I have to walk for 3 hours o get what you get jogging 1.5.  The

family doctor told me as much but the foot doctor told me how lucky I was that I could walk so well.  Many

of his patients can't walk well.  I had to stop in 2016 because the arthritis in my feet hurt to much.  Soon

after Cocoa dog had to stop because of cushings disease and diabetes.  Same year I had to have an Aorta

stent installed.  Glad you managed to stop smoking Paul and found you way here.

Had to disassemble part of the Subaru exhaust yesterday and install a different doughnut on the rear of the

catalytic converter.   Had a leak, lucky one of the used doughnuts I had worked.  Spent the rest of the day

with the pups so wife and daughter could go out shopping, but was happy to get the exhaust problem out

of the way.  I see on the neighborhood forum people are having their catalytics stolen.  Hope our street light

and cameras keep ours from it.

Hope all enjoy the day, we will probably get groceries today even though most have the day off.


Painting basement walls with waterproof paint.

Run off water by our road.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning everyone....stay smoke free....innocent


From: JavaNY


I hope everyone is enjoying the smoke free day. 

It's been too humid for me to jog, Ernie, so I've just been walking.  Have a 5K charity walk/run on the 25th so I need to try a few times before. Last year it was perfect weather, so I'll hope for the same. Not much rain here, forecast was not very accurate. I think some will come tonight.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Paul, and all.  Warm here at 69 for early morn.  Looks like the rain finally stopped

about an hour ago.  Wife probably stayed up until it stopped.  Rained all day yesterday so were all tired

of it, especially the pups.  Rain never did over run our drains and ditches, takes a lot of water to do that. 

I'm very glad to be smoke free Kitty, doesn't cross my mind but I'm sure it would if I were living in some

kind of trauma.  I can't imagine sending my kids back to school in the Ukraine.  I'm certain parents have

trouble sending their kids back here in the states with our shootings but so much worse in a war zone.

Our grand kids are home schooled, thank goodness.  If I had kids in school we would have taken them out

after that last shooting.  We do have our granddaughter in college now though.  Lots of ex military students

in college like I was.

I see the trough of rain is moving east so you might get lots of rain through the city and up in Connecticut. 

Don't know how long it will take to move out into the ocean.  We still have pieces of the front moving through

here today and Wednesday.  I might get down to the farm Thursday.  Cut down those last branches that are

rubbing the garage roof and move all the branches that I've cut, will be lots of work but less with the backhoe.

Will take the extensions from my loader bucket so it carries branches better.

I worked on my antenna rotor a little yesterday.  Noticed the end of the potentiaometer is broken off, that shows

which direction the antenna is pointing and signals the end of the rotation.  I have no way to fix it and rewind

the wire windings on it so ordered a refurbished one on ebay.  Spent so much of savings on granddaughters

college but need to try to move projects forward anyway. 

Going to walk the pups out through the woods later in the morning for a while because it's getting hard to get

them up before daylight.  When hunting season starts in November will have to go back to predawn on the road.

I would think by Sept 25 the humidity would be gone and cooled off but can't be sure about one day.  I've seen

years where it seemed like we were getting a second Summer.  Hope the one day is good for your 5k.  I tried to

run in them but my jogging was to slow.  Maybe back in my Army days I was jogging fast enough.  smile

Hope you all have a good day.  Fall is right on top of us now, love Fall but Winter comes fast.


Princess, back behind Brandy, she left us Labor Day 7 years ago.  I miss her. 


From: Kittyarnold


I feel very impacted by the Queen's death.....I watched her coronation 70 yrs ago....on our first TV.....so sad....