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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2154357 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Also glad we are all quit of the poison smoke.  Chilly mornings for a while.

31 here now, warming to around 60 in the afternoon. 

Went up north yesterday to walk Brandy's sister, Dixie, and her friend Charlotte.  Decided to take the

Monte Carlo SS at the last minute because of the north winds and clouds.  Had planned on riding bike.

Twice as much fuel to take the SS.  Dogs were great.  We did have a few lose dogs come out but none

mean.  One I had to go back and knock on the door so they could keep her from following us home, Lilly,

I know from before, very friendly dog.  My radio came out of it's clip and got run over before I got back to it,

so it's gone.  Costly transceiver but I've had it for over 20 years so at least wasn't new.  Listened to music on it

sometimes and it was added security to have my phone and the radio along, two different transmitters. 

SS worked flawlessly and was fun to drive, will be coming off the road for the Winter soon. 

Getting some nice Fall days to enjoy.



From: JavaNY


It sure gets dark early. Around 6PM. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and everyone.  29 here this morn, gets warm during the day but cold mornings.

Will get dark at 5 PM soon and dawn at 7 AM or after.

Used my new rope to take down a pine tree in our lawn that died years ago.  Was nervous but I got

it to fall right where I wanted it to.  Had been dead for a while so our backhoe was heavy enough to

handle it.  Doesn't really have to outweigh it, just has to weigh enough to pull it in a given direction.

Just gives me more confidence if the machine outweighs the tree.  smile 

Your skylight picture is beautiful Paul.  I took a picture of the windmills spinning up in Morrisville, NY

on the horizon but can't expand photos on here and even at 4x zoom on my phone they were tiny in

the photo.  Can't even see them without expanding the photo.

Glad you are still quit of the poison smoke Paul, keep up the good work. 



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....29 degrees here this morning....a few red trees left on the hillside..mostly bare now.....will look beautiful with snow..... our great grand boys came with Mommie and Gramma dressed up yesterday afternoon....they were all cute....their Mom was a Princess....with a long blond wig.....don't expect any others....Halloween is not like it used to be....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  Warmer here this morn at 36, lot of warm mornings coming up.

Great your grands came to see you dressed up with their mom, glad they took the time and

effort.  We took our grandsons to a Pumpkin Farm Saturday.  Rode on the hayride, fed the

animals, went through the corn maze, and they did the pumpkin slingshot where they actually

use tennis balls.  We've gone before but for some reason we didn't get there for years.  We have

gone trick or treating with them.  Wife has her 2nd eye surgery tomorrow morning so not sure

if we will make it tonight or not.  Some years our work schedules made it so only one of us made

it out.

After I downed the tree Friday, I cut it up.  Yesterday moved all the pieces across the road where

they burn wood for heat.  I have an even larger one to cut but it only has a danger of falling on

neighbors property.  No chance of it hitting anything when it falls.  Will be easy to make certain

it falls our way.  Much less stressful to cut this one.   The one I fell Friday was the first time I used

the new chainsaw my daughter got me for Christmas.  I already had one I bought used when our

Sears parts and service shop closed many years ago.  I'm really sad to have lost our Sears store

at our mall 3 miles away.  Now no Sears and all the stores I go to are across the other side of the

river and interstate except Wegmans grocery, glad they moved in over here.  We have a Home Depot

over here but they only give specific veterans a discount where Lowes gives all veterans a discount

and I fall into the all veterans category.  Also Lowes handles Craftsman tool warranty and I got all

Craftsman tools when I was an auto mechanic back in the 70s. 

We used to get trick or treaters here also but stopped in the 80s with all the candy scares.  Think we

started being careful with our daughters also, had to be.  Most years we still buy one package of candy,

just in case, and leave it on the deck in some kind of bowl while we are out with our grands.  Our daughters

were close to being done with it by the time it went bad. 

A little rainy here for a couple days but still great days this week for weather, enjoy all.



From: Kittyarnold


it was the great grands, they are 4 and 7....so their Mom and Gramma brought them.....and it is 37 cloudy degrees here.... 


From: JavaNY


Here you see children in costumes usually the Sunday before. But not many actual trick or treaters. Have a good week all.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and Kitty, all.  We have the surgery this morn and worked on the 3rd tree cut down until late,

so we didn't make it out with the trick or treat grands.  That should be the last tree we have to cut, it was about

2/3s dead.  Lawn is sorta dry to remove it all after cut up.  Lucky we have the tractor for this clean up, makes it

one day instead of a couple weeks.  We would have a road worn into the lawn if using our garden tractor and a

cart.  Gave my cart to one daughter to do work over at her house.  Someday we will have a trailer and a tow vehicle

to move the backhoe around.  Was very happy to see the tree fall exactly where I wanted it for the third time.  This

time it couldn't reach a building but it could have crushed some fruit trees that were here when we moved here over

40 years ago.  They are sentimental to me as much as the trees my wife planted.  Two of the fruit trees didn't survive

the tornado in 83.  So only 3 of the original trees still alive.  The rope, tractor, and cutting a wedge on the fall side

seems to be working well.

So we have my wife's second eye surgery this morn, I'm a little more confident will go smoothly.  Happy for her to

be able to see well again.  Had the lasic surgery years ago so she wouldn't need contact lenses and that only lasted

a few years when the cataracts ruined that, and now these surgeries.   The nurse told my wife not to let her ride go

to far away because they have patients sitting their waiting for hours after their surgeries.  I cant's believe people

leave the patients sitting there so often that it becomes a thing that requires a warning.  Hard for the patients and

the medical staff to see it happening.

Sorry the misunderstanding Kitty.  We have no great grands yet and hope our granddaughter holds off until she

finishes college.  My wife's parents have so many they stopped sending $5.00 with a card and just send texts when

they remember, for birthdays. 

I can hardly believe the next seven days are forecast to be in the 60s and one day at 70, after the way Fall started.

Have many days to finish outdoor projects comfortably.  It's 54 out here before dawn. 

Enjoy the day all.


Garage on the farm, had to cut many large branches from rubbing the roof in the rear.


From: Kittyarnold


It is 54 here and we are totally socked in with fog...looked out the window and all is white or is it grey...?   more dental work for me today....hope your day is wonderful... 


From: JavaNY


Next weekend highs here are 73 & 76. Forecast isn't always right but odd for November. Enjoy All Saints Day.