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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1976240 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and Kitty, all.  We have the surgery this morn and worked on the 3rd tree cut down until late,

so we didn't make it out with the trick or treat grands.  That should be the last tree we have to cut, it was about

2/3s dead.  Lawn is sorta dry to remove it all after cut up.  Lucky we have the tractor for this clean up, makes it

one day instead of a couple weeks.  We would have a road worn into the lawn if using our garden tractor and a

cart.  Gave my cart to one daughter to do work over at her house.  Someday we will have a trailer and a tow vehicle

to move the backhoe around.  Was very happy to see the tree fall exactly where I wanted it for the third time.  This

time it couldn't reach a building but it could have crushed some fruit trees that were here when we moved here over

40 years ago.  They are sentimental to me as much as the trees my wife planted.  Two of the fruit trees didn't survive

the tornado in 83.  So only 3 of the original trees still alive.  The rope, tractor, and cutting a wedge on the fall side

seems to be working well.

So we have my wife's second eye surgery this morn, I'm a little more confident will go smoothly.  Happy for her to

be able to see well again.  Had the lasic surgery years ago so she wouldn't need contact lenses and that only lasted

a few years when the cataracts ruined that, and now these surgeries.   The nurse told my wife not to let her ride go

to far away because they have patients sitting their waiting for hours after their surgeries.  I cant's believe people

leave the patients sitting there so often that it becomes a thing that requires a warning.  Hard for the patients and

the medical staff to see it happening.

Sorry the misunderstanding Kitty.  We have no great grands yet and hope our granddaughter holds off until she

finishes college.  My wife's parents have so many they stopped sending $5.00 with a card and just send texts when

they remember, for birthdays. 

I can hardly believe the next seven days are forecast to be in the 60s and one day at 70, after the way Fall started.

Have many days to finish outdoor projects comfortably.  It's 54 out here before dawn. 

Enjoy the day all.


Garage on the farm, had to cut many large branches from rubbing the roof in the rear.


From: Kittyarnold


It is 54 here and we are totally socked in with fog...looked out the window and all is white or is it grey...?   more dental work for me today....hope your day is wonderful... 


From: JavaNY


Next weekend highs here are 73 & 76. Forecast isn't always right but odd for November. Enjoy All Saints Day.


From: Susan1206


Good Tuesday morning to Kitty, Ernie, Paul and to those who may be visitors ~

The weather has turned warm once again so I'm questioning whether this is our Indian Summer or NOT?

Whatever it is, I'll take the warm days through this week-end.  Last night was fun traveling around the block to see my granddaughter meet up with her friends.  They literally RAN down the street from house to house.  I tagged behind the parents and running wild children but it was all fine.  A picture perfect night with leaves covering the sidewalk and streets in Bay Village.  

Nice pictures Ernie and Paul.    The time change will happen soon and then it will be dark here by 5:30 p.m.  It is not my favorite time of year....... makes for very long evenings inside.

Take care.  Carry ON....smoke free.  Congratulations, Kitty on fifteen years.



From: Susan1206


This is pretty scary.  The display in the right has a head buried in the lap?  Not sure, I would venture up the steps for candy or anything else.....  Ah...it is Halloween.....  Susan


From: Susan1206


Such a beautiful blue sky.  I hope your wife does well with her second surgery.  Our sky (particularly beginning now through Spring) is not very blue.... More of a gray shroud surrounds Lake Erie....... A bit depressing......  Susan


From: Susan1206


I hope your dental work is not too painful.  Getting older is NOT for Sissies.......  Have you heard any reports from Sanibel.  I did see that a temporary bridge was opened and the energy trucks and contractors were ready to go over....................  Susan


From: Kittyarnold


have heard from some of our neighbors....one is having theirs cleaned....5 inches of mud  .....,our house is toast....still standing but all windows and doors and screen porch is gone...glad we were sold etc....


From: Susan1206


So very sad for everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty, Susan, Paul, and all.  Warm mornings and days, love it.  A little warmer in NYC than

out here but still love it.  The ocean heat doesn't reach 175 miles inland.  We get lake effect snow from

almost the opposite direction.  The meteorologist says we even get rain off the lakes.

I'm sad to hear Kitty's old home is so broken apart.  I still remember when Kitty had all the windows

replaced with hurricane windows.  Most likely some of Kitty's paintings on the walls and floors were


Kitty, I remember back in 07 and 08 when this forum and stopping were all new.   Very painful but every

day was an adventure into our new world.  I stopped smoking so many times, like many, but my longest

was 11 months if I remember right.  Had a run in with a corrupt manager, there were many of them in

the industrial electronics industry. 

Wife finished her second surgery, this one was much rougher than the first but hopefully the result is good.

We go back in for a check up early this morning.  Her eye feels like there's something in it but will go away,

hope.  A nights sleep can make all the difference with an eye, as we all know from all our years on this earth.

I got disgusted with my dental group, will change to my wife's if I go back.  I was supposed to get cleanings

for a $10 copay but they wanted $20 with the cleaning and exam separate charges.  They told me that wasn't

it, so called my insurance company and they said it was the reason.  Dentist office said the finance office would

call me back but never did.  Then from my xrays they said a nerve had changed in one tooth and it needed a root

canal and crown.  I didn't have it done and the next time they tried to schedule the procedures and a payment plan

since my insurance didn't cover it.  I called back to get the name they said was wrong with my tooth,  didn't tell

me and again no call back.  Tooth is still good with no problem and no pain.  Red flag is getting bigger and brighter.

I can't believe a doctor way high in the 6 figures would be trying to get more money on unnecessary payments

from older patients along with damaging good teeth.  Probably a common thing.

I'm sure everyone is enjoying the good weather.  I finished cutting up the dead tree in the back lawn yesterday

and will move all the pieces across the road when the lawn dries a little.  Another tree fell exactly where I wanted

it with no damage to anything, sorry we lost the tree though. 


Sanibel Island