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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2013481 views.

From: JavaNY


Yes, a beautiful day. Supposed to hit 75 here this weekend. Somewhat scary. 

You need to have a dentist you trust. Anyone really, doctors, mechanics, electricians. We are paying for their expertise, and everything becomes more expensive technology advances. But it's not good to feel cheated.

I voted today. Polls are open 11 days in NY. I can see being open the Saturday before for people who need to work, but 11 days seems excessive. Hardly anyone there.


From: JavaNY


The head does look real.

An ex-girlfriend loved haunted houses. But I never found them scary because I knew we were going into one and it wasn't real. 


From: Susan1206


It is scary to me.......but then I am from the Midwest.  Your door and steps look inviting.  Did you have any children come looking for candy?   LOL    Susan


From: Susan1206


I voted via mail...... wondering if people are watching that TWO first-class stamps are needed to mail,  There may be many envelopes that end up in some dead-end box.    Conspiracy theory?   Hm... Laughing out loud.  These days, everyone thinks there is a conspiracy theory one way or the other....



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Sorry if your paintings were destroyed.  Looks like a lot of tedious work.  Looks

like something to be proud of.

Love this November weather.


  • Edited November 3, 2022 3:25 am  by  Cocoa60

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  My plan didn't have dental work included until this year, just preventative with copay.

But thing is it looks like they were going to destroy a good tooth to make money, time will tell.  It's been a year

or more, still no problems with the tooth they said had a problem in the xrays.  They submitted $1600. charge

to my insurance company.  They've started closing Wednesdays from lack of work and patients, I guess.  I don't

have that many real teeth to lose one for profit. 

Cute picture.  I have some new pictures of grands on the pumpkin farm but on my phone. 

We went in yesterday for wife's check up.  They said there was a scuff on her eye and covered it with a temperary

contact so eyelid didn't constantly rub against it.  Scuff is a word for a cut or wound that's healing, I think.  Temperary

contact comes out Friday.  Wife said felt like something in her eye or like it had just been poked with a finger or something.

So now feels better. 

Hope your day is good.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  I should get down to the mall and vote early.  Might avoid long lines on election day.

I would love there not being any other voters there and just walk through. 

The dental cleaning lady said my sonicare toothbrush is keeping my teeth clean so I probably won't bother

with dentist office for a while.  I hadn't for years before that, except for the free events they have once a year

and they're very long lines very early in the morning with 200 people in a line.  They did xrays so I probably

can't get them covered by insurance for 3 years or so now. 

Didn't get much done yesterday.  We went and got my wife's prescription eye drop, along with some other supplies.

We got a little rain so letting the lawn dry before I make about 20 trips through it with the backhoe removing pieces

of the tree.  I tried to save that tree.  I couldn't hear the beetles inside it anymore after I sprayed it a few times,

back in July 2021.  Was to late, only a small part of the tree survived on the side away from the house.  Wife would

have planted that and the other pine tree that died around 1980.  Still have 3 of them left.  One is a little weak, smaller

and the needles were off color a little.  I put those food steaks down in the ground around it.  I have another pack of

them for it.  The other two are huge, around 70 feet high and spread out. 

Was the month Brandy died I was trying to save that pine tree in July, 2021.  That's how I remember the time.  Miss

Brandy and the tree.

Woke early and hope to get back to sleep for a while.

Great weather, hope all are enjoying it.


Pine tree back in 2021.

Our Brandy.


From: JavaNY


That picture wasn't my building, I saw it as I walked about. But not many children came trick or treating where I am. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  40 here this morn, pretty warm for November.  I did get down for

early voting on our way out of town.  Was great, only two people in front of me, instead

of 50 or 100 like there usually is in an important election.  I was in and out.  We went on

a picnic yesterday, first of this year.  A place a little over an hour away, close to my original

hometown.  Had the whole picnic area to ourselves, just joggers and cyclists around.  I took

the pups for a walk up and down the creek and up and down the mountain after I got the

charcoal going and hamburgers on. 

They say the pine they're using for Rockefeller Center is around 90 years old, hate to see a tree

that old killed but guess it's done every year.  Tree was sorta big the day I was born.  On the

part of the mountain above us there's a large pine the previous owner put a deer hunting stand

in and the tree had grown around it, so the current owner cut the tree down.  Could've used a saws

all with a battery to cut the deer stand out of it.  That tree could've been older than me also, was very


I will probably clean up that dead tree I cut down today, lawn has had time to dry.  Grandson said he

will help me, look forward to spending some time with him. 

Wife has to go to eye clinic today to get that contact removed they protected that healing cut with.  Things

should be all good with that eye now, except it takes a while for it to completely heal.

Kids stopped holloweening here in the 80s.  Think the poison tylonal scare stopped everyone in our lifetimes.

I'm certain everyone is enjoying all the nice days here in November.