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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1976544 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Susan.  Supposed to be a nice sunny day here, might finally work outdoors

on the Subaru brakes.  Our dinner will be Saturday. 

Thanks Susan, I'm thankful for this forum also.  Thankful for many things in my life.Worked on an audio

amplifier yesterday a little.  Took the rider mower out and mulched up the remaining leaves.

Hope you had a good time helping your daughter get ready for the dinner Kitty.

Enjoy Thanksgiving day all.


Pups in their warm days.


From: JavaNY


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm headed to my sister's house in NJ soon. Probably be there till Sunday.


From: Susan1206


Enjoy the weekend ~


From: Susan1206


Enjoy Saturday with your family ~. Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  Paul in NJ now I guess.  Rain here this morn so probably

won't get the dogs out for a walk.  I have both drivers side brakes all torn down on the

Subaru Baja.  Have to go get new parts and reassemble, today I hope.  Was lucky to get

good weather yesterday.

Looks like my brother's wife had to go into a home so the remainder of the farm is lost.

She was calling 911 to get the state police to locate my brother even if he had just finished

talking to her or getting her food or something.  Also calling the hospital for help constantly.

I would hear her call him for help to put a safety pin in the drawer.  I had hoped we could

save the last little portion of my parents farm and revive it into a small horse farm for future

generations.  I will just have to try to enjoy some time there before my brother dies but he's

had a few mini strokes so maybe not so long.  I will probably keep track to try to be there for

the auction but don't know if  I will bid.  PA has inheritance tax even for us lower middle class

and the poor.  NY you have to leave a substantial amount, up around 5 million in assets. 

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving day.  We've lived through so many but still thankful.



From: Kittyarnold


good morning all.....hope your Thanksgiving was awesome....ours was...all but two of the grands were there....2 we don't see often because they live further away....one in Iowa and one in Maryland......also met two great grands, toddlers and adorable....they hadn't met us before.....dinner was so good as usual.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Glad you had a great family get together and dinner.  My wife made a pie she hadn't

made before, pecans, apples, and caramel I think.  Today she will make all the rest for the dinner. 

I took all the brake parts from the Baja in and got the warranty parts for the front, will pick up the rear parts

this morn.  Yesterday it would get sunny for a few minutes, then windy and rainy, so I never did any actual

work on the Baja.  Parts have gone up so much in price, $250 a wheel for caliper, rotor, and brake pads. 

$1000 for the whole vehicle and it's a light weight vehicle, not counting labor if you had someone do the repairs.

I will probably get the Baja brakes done while the Thanksgiving dinner is prepared today, supposed to be

about 52 and sunny.  A real gift for someone to work on a vehicle without a garage. 

Look forward to see everyone for dinner, just like you all did Thursday.  Will see my granddaughter that I used

to see almost daily.  She's so busy with college, work, marriage, and her medical problems she barely has time to


My brother's wife is going into a care facility about two hours south of the farm so her and my brother likely won't

see each other again.  Painful for brother to travel and he needs a driver, usually in daytime, always at night.

Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather today if you have it where you live.

It's a great time for most of us.


Granddaughter many years ago.


From: JavaNY


Sad to hear about your sister-in-law, Ernie. My father was healthy until 92 but ended up in a home for his last year.  Not the way I or most of us want to end our days. Sad the farm may not remain in your family, but maybe it will work out.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. I came home last night. Good to see my family, but good to sleep in my bed. Two nights on a couch starts bothering my back.    


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  Rain from 10am on yesterday with few breaks.  Maybe today I will get to service

the two wheels I didn't rebuild the breaks on.  The auto parts doesn't want to see me around there

again right away, I don't think.  I did have an easy time bleeding the brakes this time.  I use a bleeder

that uses vacuum, then have someone pump them a couple times while I bleed them that way, but

sometimes they can still be a pain.

Has to work out Paul, what happens is mostly out of my hands, no crying over spilled milk.  Maybe daughter

and I will see a small piece of land near here to raise a couple horses on but will be without a house on it.

Have to build anything we have on it most likely.  At least in NY we don't have inheritance tax for the poor

and middle class up to 5 million, think it is.  In PA it's 4% for your kids and 11 % for grandchildren, siblings,

or anyone else.  A large sum of money for people like us to come up with.  The end times are coming up

for all of us.  Brother is alone now.  I will get down there when I can but can't stay there because the cats

would wake me during the night and they stink up the house.  I can't smell things very well but can smell the

cat urine before I even reach for the door knob outdoors. 

Glad to see you made it back safely.  When younger could sleep just about anywhere but a good and comfortable

nights sleep becomes more important now that I'm getting older. 

I started working on the boom box I use for snow shoveling yesterday because it's coming up quickly now.  Stopped

working properly when using it in the Monte Carlo SS during the Summer.  Mostly it's super gluing stuff back into

it's place.  Our driveway is about 150 feet long so takes quite a radio to cover it while shoveling.  I sometimes put it

out by the pool also.

Had a great Thanksgiving here but goes by to quickly. 

Enjoy the day all.


Granddaughter at Dickens Christmas back in my hometown many years ago.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all ...have a wonderful day