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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2092976 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  26 here.  Lots that I did in front of the storm was for the whole Winter

season.  Some should have been before the first smaller snow but had work to do in the calmer weather.

Subaru and stuff.  Got the Baja when I stopped smoking so it's going on 16 years and I got it in January

so it was out in the first Winter.

We usually take the stuffing out of toys after there's a rip that starts leaking the stuffing out.  We let them

play with the outer part, isn't much left to some of them but doesn't take much to make them happy.  They

are both 1 year old tomorrow, went by fast for everyone else I bet.  So will get them toy to play with for their

birthday.  Wife puts meat she cooks on the dogs dry food every day.

I went out today to get wife and grandson a gift, that's the end of shopping for me.  Only shopping I didn't do

online.  Traffic was very bad on the other side of the highway and river, where all the stores moved to.  Some

that were over here at the mall just went out of business.  JC Penny's owns their own little part of the mall so

they're still here, that's where got my wife's gift.  Health clinics and restaurants are moving in place of stores

that left.  Dick's sporting goods is building a big store here.  I'm glad of that because I rarely go to restaurants,

they put lots of ingredients in food to sharpen the tastes to get people back but they aren't good for diabetics.

I didn't think they would get replacements when they wouldn't lower the rents for all those stores but they seem

to be getting them.  Lot's left, big and small.  Sear's, Macy's, Tops and Bottoms, Forever 21, Bon Ton, etc...

We are certainly wintery here, wish you had the snow if that's what you want.  Guess it's pretty but everyone will

still have a good Christmas because it's about the seeing people you love and the spirit of the season.  Still time

for snow before the day. 

So grateful for granddaughter talking me into stopping smoking that last time and this forum for helping me to

keep the quit, also Chantix. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.




From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Kitty and Paul,

Greetings from a cold and somewhat light snowy afternoon in Avon Lake.  

Finn is still having digestive problems (hate saying the word diarrhea) and I called his Vet.  They have taken off Saturday and today so I guess there is no choice but to wait.  Have decided to switch over to the boiled chicken/white rice meal with two Imodium AD three times a day.  Will call first thing in the a.m. and hopefully have him seen or get medication.   A prayer would be appreciated as I worry a lot about his well being!

We plan to travel to a Lodge at Geneva on the Lake with the youngest on Friday for an overnight get together.  I am especially concerned because he will be boarded and I want him to be better by then.  

All except one gift for my SIL has arrived.  The tracking says it arrived at the Avon Lake Post Office five days ago?  Hm..  All gifts are now wrapped and Christmas cards sent.  Only baking remains.....

Enjoy these fleeting day before Christmas.  Let's all jot down what our plans are for the day ~

Christmas Eve with Jim's Family (Open House)

Christmas mid-morning to my youngest daughter and son-in-law and dear five-year old Bronwen.  Gift giving

Christmas late afternoon to my eldest daughter, son-in-law and two grands for dinner and gift giving.

All will be well ~ Susan


From: JavaNY


Hello all,

I hope Finn feels better soon, Susan. I just remembered my cousin Susan has a dog named Finn. Part beagle I'd guess, never asked her. Nice dog. 

I will go to my sister's home in NJ on the 24th, most likely stay there until the 26th.  My nieces and nephew will be home. 

Had a Christmas dinner with some ex-colleagues tonight.  I'm tired, hopefully will be asleep in 10 minutes.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  26 here, heavy rain coming Friday so much or all the snow

will be gone.  Sorry Finn is sick Susan.  Hope he recovers tonight.  Think it would be rough for both

of you to leave while he is sick.  One of our pups limps a lot.  Started her on Glucosamine a while back. 

They were one year old yesterday.  Yesterday brought Belle back after 1/2 mile walk because she was

limping.  Never got them out for a afternoon walk around the lawn, my knee was bothering me quite a bit. 

Put the support on it and started exercising, painful at first but got better as time went on.

We will have daughter and grandsons over for dinner on Christmas day and open gifts.  Same as every year

but still love it.  Actually never know when granddaughter will show up.  She has us and her inlaw families

now.  So as time marches on our grandchildren will grow and have lives of their own and things will change.

My wife's parents have a hard time with the dogs so for a long time my wife will have to go up alone while

I keep the dogs here.  As they get older they don't seem to like grandchildren we take with us or me anymore,

just their daughter.

Glad you are on good terms with your ex-colleagues Paul.  I don't have any get togethers with mine.  I see some

at hamfests, Amateur radio flea markets sort of.  People in the industrial electronics industry are usually out to

cut the throats of the workers next to them, if it suits the management, so I would rather not see most of them.

Wife's job, they had to work a weekend to make up for a weekend day off even though they were using a vacation

day.  Then it got so couldn't get a weekend day off at all for the last few years.  Had to miss our nephews wedding

and other things.  Weekends were standard pay and had to work every other weekend.  They once told her she

couldn't have any holidays off though the routine was they get some of the holidays off some years and the other

ones every other year.  She would rather not be reminded of her old job.  We made it to retirement and that's the

important thing now.  Really enjoying retirement and especially weekends off. 

Paul, it's something you have a cousin Susan with a dog named Finn.  Hope you enjoy Christmas at your sister's.

I might go to the farm to help tomorrow, not sure yet. 

Enjoy the day all.  Before Friday's storm for us.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Your Christmas itinerary sounds very nice ~ always good to be with our family on the holiday.  Interesting, a cousin Susan and a dog named Finn ~ great name for a dog!  LOL    We dropped Finn off this morning at the Vet's office.  He will have x rays, etc. to make sure their is no blockage.  He continues to not have an appetite and diarrhea so I am praying that this will all be ok.  We have cancelled our adventure to the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.  I just won't board Finn with all of this going on.

The sun is shining but the weather prediction is for extreme cold temperatures and wind.  

I found a fair amount of bird feathers by my gate a few days ago...no bird....just feathers.  Yesterday, a very large hawk sat upon my rod iron fence so now I have put 2 and 2 together to come to the conclusion that a hawk is watching my feeder!   

And on that note.......have a good day.    Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Your holiday sounds lovely ~ always fun to be with family.

We dropped Finn off this morning at the Vet's office.  They will be doing x -rays, etc. and will call later.  I suspect they feel there may be a blockage and I am praying that is not the case.  I think his digestive system is just out of sync....been giving him the Immodium A.D. and perhaps that is not helping.  So, I will sit and worry and pray until I hear from the Vet later today.

We have cancelled our evening at the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.  I would not want to board him under these circumstances.  Enough to do to get some baking done (my Mom's date bar recipe) and baked apples that my teenage grandson loves for Christmas Day.

They are saying......minus wind chill temperatures by Friday.....cold and very windy but not much snow......Hopefully, not to effect those who are traveling over Christmas.



From: JavaNY


Good evening, all.

Here it is supposed to clear up by Saturday. Almost Christmas.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  14 here so guess to cold to take the dogs out.  I've drawn our

imaginary line around 18 degrees.  Used to not let temperatures stop us but I was wrong.  Just saw

the rabbit outside, feeds on birdseed that's fallen during the night.  The dogs woke me once I think,

Last night wife had a terrible time, woke me 5 or 6 times. 

Good you're not leaving Finn, he sees the world through the eyes of a 3 year old human child.  To

be alone and sick with strangers isn't a good time.  It's to bad he has to be at the clinic.  Belle didn't

limp yesterday morning so took her on the full walk.  It seems like she will have joint problems for

life.  I guess you heard from the vet late yesterday, hope good news.  I remember him eating stuffing

from his toy.  Our dogs manage to get some stuff before we catch it sometimes, though it's hard for

them to get something past my wife. 

There will be problems for some traveling and breaking down this weekend, especially if they break

down at night when it's single digit temps here.  People will be traveling in vehicles that aren't maintained

well or weren't previously or just break down when a part reaches it's end of use.  Will be many millions

of travelers.  Just hope none of them gets injured from the cold.  We weren't supposed to get snow after

the heavy rain but we are now.  Was just forecast to snow before the rain and would've been melted.  Will

be a mess with the rain freezing, then snow on top. 

I got recycles and garbage taken care of for daughter and us yesterday.  Took the pups for a second walk

around the lawn and field in the afternoon while wife was out shopping.  Glad I did because they're stuck

in the house this morn.  Never got going on any project yesterday.  Have plenty waiting for me. 

Don't remember when you will be traveling Paul but good luck to you, probably not a long trip for you into

New Jersey.  We lived down near Fort Dix for 2.5 years, Browns Mills, NJ.  Tried to locate my best friend from

there but think he died in an accident in 1981, near an Army base in Georgia. 

Don't think I will be traveling to the farm today as I had planned.  I have two sister in laws in trouble.  My

sil in northern NY was in the hospital and incoherent, going to a rehab after leaving hospital today.  My former

family getting very old, as I am but I'm the youngest.  I guess rehab and nursing home almost the same thing.

For most a nursing home would be just about like being in jail, especially if never in the military or something

similar in their lives.  My sil in PA has stopped eating or taking meds. 

Enjoy the day all.  Think good weather today after it warms up a little.


Flock of turkeys underneath our bird feeder in past Winter.


From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

A most beautiful picture.  I believe this is where you walk/jog.  It's interesting that we all come from a very different area....or at least that is how I picture all of us to be!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  It's time to batten down the hatches here in Avon Lake.  From tomorrow through the week-end, it may be very treacherous.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Paul, Kitty and any who may lurk,

It's a comfort now to have a "meltdown" and not even think about running for the nasty ciggie.  That was before....this is now.  

A sick Finn and a Vet appointment, he with vomiting and diarrhea has just about done me in.  I hate to tell you this, but any who have pets understand.  The Vet bill on Tuesday was $850.00.  I handed my credit card to the receptionist and she said "Merry Christmas".   The good news is that there was no obstruction or blockage and no tumors.  They gave two prescriptions for nausea and stool antibiotic.  He is now eating (finally) and that is 93% fat free hamburger and organic bone broth.  Truthfully, I would have paid thousands just to hear that there is no serious problem.  They did say that the Radiologist indicated there may be a somewhat enlarged liver.  They ran the blood work and it came back a bit higher than a year ago, but well within the margins.  

So, on we go after a cancelled trip to the Lodge at Geneva, a cancelled manicure for me.....a cancelled spa appointment cut, et c.  for him.

Merry Merry Christmas  Love Susan