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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2159342 views.

From: JavaNY


Good evening, all.

Here it is supposed to clear up by Saturday. Almost Christmas.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  14 here so guess to cold to take the dogs out.  I've drawn our

imaginary line around 18 degrees.  Used to not let temperatures stop us but I was wrong.  Just saw

the rabbit outside, feeds on birdseed that's fallen during the night.  The dogs woke me once I think,

Last night wife had a terrible time, woke me 5 or 6 times. 

Good you're not leaving Finn, he sees the world through the eyes of a 3 year old human child.  To

be alone and sick with strangers isn't a good time.  It's to bad he has to be at the clinic.  Belle didn't

limp yesterday morning so took her on the full walk.  It seems like she will have joint problems for

life.  I guess you heard from the vet late yesterday, hope good news.  I remember him eating stuffing

from his toy.  Our dogs manage to get some stuff before we catch it sometimes, though it's hard for

them to get something past my wife. 

There will be problems for some traveling and breaking down this weekend, especially if they break

down at night when it's single digit temps here.  People will be traveling in vehicles that aren't maintained

well or weren't previously or just break down when a part reaches it's end of use.  Will be many millions

of travelers.  Just hope none of them gets injured from the cold.  We weren't supposed to get snow after

the heavy rain but we are now.  Was just forecast to snow before the rain and would've been melted.  Will

be a mess with the rain freezing, then snow on top. 

I got recycles and garbage taken care of for daughter and us yesterday.  Took the pups for a second walk

around the lawn and field in the afternoon while wife was out shopping.  Glad I did because they're stuck

in the house this morn.  Never got going on any project yesterday.  Have plenty waiting for me. 

Don't remember when you will be traveling Paul but good luck to you, probably not a long trip for you into

New Jersey.  We lived down near Fort Dix for 2.5 years, Browns Mills, NJ.  Tried to locate my best friend from

there but think he died in an accident in 1981, near an Army base in Georgia. 

Don't think I will be traveling to the farm today as I had planned.  I have two sister in laws in trouble.  My

sil in northern NY was in the hospital and incoherent, going to a rehab after leaving hospital today.  My former

family getting very old, as I am but I'm the youngest.  I guess rehab and nursing home almost the same thing.

For most a nursing home would be just about like being in jail, especially if never in the military or something

similar in their lives.  My sil in PA has stopped eating or taking meds. 

Enjoy the day all.  Think good weather today after it warms up a little.


Flock of turkeys underneath our bird feeder in past Winter.


From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

A most beautiful picture.  I believe this is where you walk/jog.  It's interesting that we all come from a very different area....or at least that is how I picture all of us to be!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  It's time to batten down the hatches here in Avon Lake.  From tomorrow through the week-end, it may be very treacherous.



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Paul, Kitty and any who may lurk,

It's a comfort now to have a "meltdown" and not even think about running for the nasty ciggie.  That was before....this is now.  

A sick Finn and a Vet appointment, he with vomiting and diarrhea has just about done me in.  I hate to tell you this, but any who have pets understand.  The Vet bill on Tuesday was $850.00.  I handed my credit card to the receptionist and she said "Merry Christmas".   The good news is that there was no obstruction or blockage and no tumors.  They gave two prescriptions for nausea and stool antibiotic.  He is now eating (finally) and that is 93% fat free hamburger and organic bone broth.  Truthfully, I would have paid thousands just to hear that there is no serious problem.  They did say that the Radiologist indicated there may be a somewhat enlarged liver.  They ran the blood work and it came back a bit higher than a year ago, but well within the margins.  

So, on we go after a cancelled trip to the Lodge at Geneva, a cancelled manicure for me.....a cancelled spa appointment cut, et c.  for him.

Merry Merry Christmas  Love Susan


From: Susan1206


Merry Christmas from the Mayer family ~ Susan, Jim and Finn 


From: JavaNY


Thank you, Susan.  The same to you, Kitty, Ernie, and everyone else.

Yes, the tree is where I jog. Below is the NY Stock Exchange, 3-4 blocks from my apartment. They do a nice job decorating for the holidays. Lit up with RW&B on The Fourth, Memorial, & Veterans Day. 


From: Susan1206


Just marvelous. How exciting for you to live in such a big city.  I have been there twice - once as a preteen when my Grandfather sailed to Europe on either the Queen Elizabeth or the Queen Mary. Once in 1972, seeing Fiddler on the Roof and dining at Mama Leone’s and now I am showing my age!

Merry ~


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Susan, and all.  Rain here all night, snow not melted yet but I'm sure lots of it

is gone.  I was hoping the driveway would be all melted this morn but not yet.  Supposed to be about

an inch of rain. 

Hope Finn will be ok.  I remember it was $500 when they did an xray on Brandy when she slipped and

sprained something and $500 again when they did xray on the tumor in her leg.  These were in and out

appointments, 30 - 45 minutes.  Both before the virus when everyone everywhere took the opportunity

to raise prices weather it affected their business or not.  Now we have to keep calling to fit into a cancelled

appt or pay the emergency fee in addition to the regular charges.  I guess use the money from all the cancelled

outings.  Nice looking living room Susan and Christmas tree.  We had to put our rug away until the dogs mature

some.  No coffee table for us anymore, needed room for our adult children to sit and grandkids also.  Dogs try

to fit in also. 

Wife got our dogs these antlers to chew on.  I have to take them away at 3 AM or they won't go to sleep, 2 mornings

in a row.  Some mornings Belle limps and only take her for 1/2 mile walk.  Many mornings she walks ok,  She's been

on Glucosamine for weeks.  Cocoa had to have it her whole life. 

I'm still jogging.  My knees sometimes give me problems and I have to wear the knee support on one knee or the other.

My feet seem to be ok so far.  They used to hurt and swell up like I got stung by a bee, for years.  Right now both knees

are ok.  Think we will be able to head out this morning during a break in the rain.  After that it's forecast to be below 18

degrees for 5 mornings in a row I think.  So I will have to try to get the dogs out for a walk during the day.  We don't have

a rifle hunting season right now so can take them up the mountain some.

Still not sure if I have the Baja rear suspension fixed.  Might not be sure until I run some used tires for a while.  The upper

control arm links in the rear should do it but not 100% sure.  Haven't found a deal on tires I want yet.  Many with used tires

like to get almost the new price like they are new ones on sale.  Haven't had the Baja out of town since the repairs.

Hope you are all having a good season.  Haven't heard form Kitty in a while. 



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone. 

Strange looking at the forecast here with a high of 52 and low of 13 degrees.  Be safe outside.



From: Susan1206


-32 wind chill. Blowing snow. Wind 40 mph. I have fed my bird friends twice and it’s only noon. They are hunkered down on the ground.  Not expected to get better until after Christmas Day.  

Stay safe everyone!