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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2012902 views.

From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Laughing…and only a month later.  God Help Us and our United States Postal Service.   

A wet sloppy snow here in Ohio.   I need to make a trip to the post office (laughing) at least they don’t charge (yet) to fax!

Enjoy the day.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

A very nice Christmas picture ~  love your tree.

A wet snow mix here.  Will need to run an errand this morning and feed the birds!  They seem to like the ground feeding rather than the feeder.  I’m not sure what that means.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Your time will come….maybe a big snowfall in March! 

I am a Cleveland Browns fan (pathetic, of course) but one does root for the home team.  I shall cheer on for Cincinnati.  Their quarterback is so young but quite talented.

Snow here…wet and sloppy.  It will be good to get away in February ~ if even for a week.



From: JavaNY


Heavy rain yesterday, it does a good job of cleaning the city. All the cigarette buts, wrappers, and other trash that gets dropped; and missed by sanitation. Down the drain, and hopefully not into the ocean.

Enjoy the day everyone. January is flying by. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Was 34 this morning for our run.  We had a little light rain

on and off.  The birds are sometimes on the ground under the feeder and sometimes on the

feeder.  Doves almost always on the ground.  Like them, they're big but don't chase the little

birds away. 

We have lots of litter in between houses where people think throwing it out of their cars is ok.

Usually to big for the rain to wash it away.  Our grandchildren and I have cleaned up some areas

that got real bad.  Some person thought it was ok to throw out plastic bags of cat liter out every

day.  I started hanging them up on the guard rails and they stopped throwing them out here.

Sorted some things and garbage from the farm yesterday.  Today I need to shovel the snow and

the freezing rain on top of it.  Left the snow to capture the ice.

Wife will be going up north to a niece's baby shower and I will hang back here to watch the pups.

They're still to rowdy for wife's parents. 

Hope all are doing well.



From: Kittyarnold


had to come on and brag about my DH  he has already made the bed cleaned the kitchen, did a load of wash, and started the supper of chicken stew....I just finished my breakfast.....love him....


From: Susan1206


The third time sending may be a charm. Other two would not send!

You are so blessed with Brian and I know how much you appreciate him.

A successful family birthday gathering last night. I am still putting things away today!  Lol


From: Susan1206


The blessings in my life ~

Megan and Molly (the birthday girl).  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, and all.  Fairly warm this morn at 27 before our run.  Gone up to 31 by daybreak.

We have some very cold mornings and days coming this week.  Pups and I probably won't make it out for some

of them. 

We are all blessed with our families aren't we Susan.  We are the very lucky ones.  Pretty girls you have.

I've had a little trouble with posting on my PC.  I was placing an empty Army boot in front of my chair and mistakingly

hit the PC with it.  Started buzzing and reset.  Has quit on me a few times since.  Think it's about 12 years old but was a

very good one back then.  Has 2 terabytes memory.  Think I loaded Windows 10 on it some years after we got it.  My

lap top down in the basement also loaded Windows 10.  Windows 11 is out now but don't think I need it.  I bought 10

troubleshooting my lap top. 

Glad you had a great birthday gathering, love them.

I'm busy getting together the connectors and instructions to connect my latest ham transceiver to my latest amplifier.

I got both used with problems.  If new their combined cost would be 12k.  Right now the late model transceiver is driving

an old tube amplifier. 

Wife has been busy getting ready to travel north to the nieces baby shower.  Wife is taking a grandson with her and visiting

her parents.  So I've been doing the road runs with the pups in the morning and the cross country walks in the afternoon.  The

pups are getting better and better.  I'm thinking in the Spring we can head out on runs later than 4ish AM.

Brother on the farm having all kinds of pain in an arm and ribs from falls I guess.  In and out of the hospital but they haven't

been able to do much for him.  He has a lot of trouble with the effects of diabetes but still doesn't do anything besides the

insulin injections. 

Glad to not be smoking.  Glad Kitty is happy with Brian.

Enjoy the day all.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Sensational Senior friends ~

A cold, crisp morning here by the Lake. I see rays of sunshine so that is a very good thing as it has been gray sky forever.

I am still on a learning curve with the I-Pad.  Way back in the day, I am afraid it would have caused me to smoke those nasty ciggies.  But, alas I have been smoke free for many many a year and I will eventually work the kinks out of the I-Pad.  Currently, it is not allowing me to use saved passwords!!  

Cute picture of the grandson.  My, how they grow.  I rarely see my only grandson.  He is sixteen and is hidden away in his room surrounded by computers/and or whatever games teenage boys do on their computer.  I keep quiet about such matters as I had my chance to raise my own children

Carry on…all….  Into February soon and a short trip to Florida for me.