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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2085135 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, and all.  28 here so ok.  Love seeing Finn and Kayla.  Very happy

Kitty is complaining about the weather, good sign I think.  I went down to the farm Monday

for routine maintenance, but then Tuesday the frig went bad on the farm, so back down to

PA on Wednesday.  Frig was shorted and blowing fuses.  Brother had a new one 100 yards away

in one of the trailers.  So had to remove the trailer door, take the handles off the frig and get it

across the unfrozen yard.  Did manage it and cleaned the cooling fins on the new frig.  It was

empty in the trailer but still running for three years in with cats.  Transferred all the food, insulin,

stuff over to the new frig.  They also had Pepsi in the new frig that had leaked so took while to

clean the frig.  So read the posts here yesterday morn but didn't get back later to post myself.

I drink caffeine coffee when I drive long distance so don't dose off and wreck.  That disrupts my

sleep when I return home but better than dying. 

We have had some sunny weather and snow.  We have another small snowstorm this evening, 3

or 4 inches is all.  Should melt soon, have 40 degree days after.  Our gravel driveway isn't frozen so

makes a mess trying to use the backhoe to remove snow.  I will just drive over it and let it melt this

time.  I have gravel messes to clean up with shovel and stone rake now.  We have had flowers coming

up and Ly-lack shrubs budding, so many 40 and 50 degree days. 

This PC still chugging away after 12 years I think, the cooling fans are to loud sometimes but I've added

other fans and it didn't help.  This was an expensive, well equipped PC back then.  Think I heard this is the

last daylight savings time unless the law is changed, not sure what's going on.  I will be happy to end going

forward and back all the time. 

Sold and shipped that ham radio finally.  The bank contacted the buyers bank and verified the check for us. 

Glad that's over with.  Very heavy to move around, 69 pounds in a large box inside of another box.  Has to be

packed carefully.  Been about 15 years since I had to ship an expensive piece of electronics gear.

The pups are doing well, we're out running most mornings when we don't get rain, wet snow, or temps below

19 degrees.  They continue to settle down slowly.  Started connecting both leashes to a tool belt around my waist.

Have a great day all.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone. 

I don't think eliminating daylight savings time was implemented.  Either was Spring will soon be here. 


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Happy that all is o.k with you.   A very very rainy day here in Avon Lake.  It's supposed to rain into tomorrow.  Lakeshore and other flooding areas issued.  I hate to think having to take Finn out this afternoon!  

No flowers even poking through the ground and no lilac bush budded.  You must be in a more tropical location....lol.    

Carry on...enjoy the week-end.   Susa


From: Susan1206


Hm….  Google said that the U.S. Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, which would abolish clock changes in favor of daylight saving time year-round.  That was three days ago….

So, we will see………..

Rain, Rain go away….I have to take Finn out to play (oops potty) and it is pouring.

Enjoy the week-end.



From: JavaNY


I was caught in the rain. But it fills the reservoirs and makes the flowers grow, so all good. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  We've had this mix of snow, sleet, and rain all night long.

Still going until 8 AM.  So no run this morn, elliptical.  Pups will be restless all day but will probably

get their short walk around the hill above us later today.  I see the buds on the shrubs have turned

brown so most likely not good for them.  They are pretty big, they block the afternoon sun in the

Summer and let the sun through in the Winter.  I had to cut 5 large branches away that broke last

Winter when we got that heavy wet snow, ice, also has a bunch of strings in it holding up branches

that were bent down.  We have 2 days in the 40s after this so letting the mess melt.  Driveway gravel

still not frozen so makes a mess to try to do snow removal.

Hope Finn got his time to play yesterday. 

I love to have smoking and the companies wife and I worked for in the past but have to be older and see

many die and more to come.  When young I didn't see many I knew die, never knew my grandparents, I

was the youngest in a large family.  All my wife's brothers smoke except for the youngest and he has severe

back problems. 

Radio I sold should reach its destination in Missouri today, so glad.  Cost the same to insure it as ship it but

had no choice.  Hope the guy has many happy years using it.

Attempted to interconnect my most modern ham radio with most modern amplifier yesterday but not successful.

Not sure if I will go forward with that project or not.  The amp works fine with the radio built by the same company

and I have an older tube amp that works with the other radio. 

Have a great Saturday, guess we all have the weekend off, no overtime, though wife had to work for straight pay on

the weekends.



From: Cocoa60


great day to be alive and smoke free.  smiley

  • Edited March 7, 2023 2:41 am  by  Cocoa60

From: Susan1206


Good morning All ~

A balmy sunny day here by the shore of Lake Erie LOL.  A bit of snow on the ground this a.m. and the temperature is now 36 degrees.  

I dropped by car off to a local Christian Brothers shop for a check up and oil change.  Synthetic Oil, rotation of tires, etc.  Whopping $107.00 unless they find other problems (?). My Honda just keeps on giving……looks brand new and Finn is able (with the aide of the steps) to climb into the back.  

I know that Ernie would be able to take care of this on his own……

Loved the pictures of the pups frolicking in the sun.  Finn and I had one walk and will take a longer one soon.  Good exercise for us both.

Carry On ~ Smoke free ~ Surely we are blessed to have found the Forum!


  • Edited March 7, 2023 11:12 am  by  Susan1206

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  25 now but still very windy.  Supposed to slow down about now but not

sure if it will in time for us to run.  Forecast says it's down to 12 already but not sure if it's that low here

on the mountain.  Was 30 sustained yesterday eve. 

My mom was changing her own car engine oil after her divorce, I'm told.  I was still in college and working,

along with a family, taking care of a vehicle and home.  Truth be known, my wife helped me lots, she didn't

cause me more grief or stress when our lives were impossible.  That, besides having one daughter to care for

when college started and two during the hardest parts.  My mom lived about 100 miles from us also.  Made

it difficult for us to break away even for visits.  Didn't know she would be gone 35 years ago or we would have

made time to visit more often.  It's the same for all that go, wish you had done more.  Glad your Honda is still

looking and working well.  Keeping the Baja going but has taken what some people would call major work.  My

inspector calls it routine for a Subaru in our salted roads.  Bought it at our smoke quit in 2007.  No payments on

our Honda or Subaru.  smile

I'm building a antenna mount for a large vhf antenna on the Baja.  Cost about $80 to buy one and I'm retired so

doesn't make sense to buy one.  Besides want to build one to bolt onto a rail of my luggage racks on top and

haven't seen one that would work there very easily. 

We are getting wintery weather but soon will be Spring. 

Everyone enjoy the day.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Ernie ~

The report on the Honda was not what I had hoped for.  Of course, I think these establishments “want your business” so they explore every crevice and give you the bad news.  Saying that I need four new tires.  I did a bit of study and the tread on the front are at 4 32nd and the rear at 5 and 6 32nd.  Perhaps, just buy two tires for the front now……..  Recommend replacing front pads/rotors.  Driver front inside pad at 3 mm and I’m not sure what that means?  Their estimate was $500.00  Rear Brake Components. No problem found.    So, I will address these issues one at a time…  Getting a few estimates from other places for sure.

Sunny, winter storm coming (?) on Friday.  Grocery store shopping today.