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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2085148 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  25 and calm this morn, wind only 4 mph.  So we will probably run soon.

Susan, I would rotate the rear tires to the front for a while, front ones usually main drive tires and steering.

The tire store where you buy tires will usually rotate them at no cost but you probably already know that.

Not sure how you're getting tread depth, probably not measuring them yourself.  I do have a depth guage

and I'm checking mine because of the blunder the tire shop did on my alignment, a company I can't do business

with anymore after almost 40 years.  Businesses and people change.  Many became extremely greedy in

the name of the virus even though no reason there.  They also tried to sell me winter tires that went out of

production in 2019 for $185 each.  I bought couple of these last year for $50. each to run on my winter Baja.

Switching to a tire store some friends have been using for a long time, only problem is they don't have as large

of a selection as I would like and 55 miles away but we don't usually buy tires that often.  My rear sub frame

collapse was an unusual event.

They most likely mean you have 3 mm until the wear marks are gone so you have a little time left.  They are

trying to protect you from going past the wear groves before it's checked again.  Don't know your drive patterns

so can't tell you how much time you have but probably six months past the when it reaches the end of the wear

marks.  Won't pass state inspection after it reaches the end of the marks.  If the wear material is completely gone

it will damage the rotors but you're replacing them anyway and you would hear the metal to metal grinding right


My wife's car needs new rotors and pads in the rear soon after only 21k miles but 3 years in NY salt and other spray.

Getting the best of the 3 rotor types (3 year warranty) Auto Zone sells for it and lifetime warranty pads costs me $200

for the rear pads and rotors and $45 to replace the front pads without rotors.  Rotors will most likely go soon after the

3 years, I know from experience.  Does surprise me the rotors went so soon, usually factory rotors last a longer time. 

Working on brother's mobile ham radio, and squirrel resistant bird feeder.  Have a amplifier I need to fix but 3k volts at

1 amp, putting it off until I feel ready. 

Have a great day all.  Spring almost here.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Yes, the key words are “ you trust”dealing with any automotive issues.  I was alone when I dropped off and picked up my CRV.  I always have felt that women are far more vulnerable when it comes to repair issues.  Few of us have any knowledge of the mechanics of a car.  We will heed Ernie’s advice about the tires, perhaps switching them and return to Discount Tire where I purchased them in 2017.   This time, I won’t go alone…..

A sunny day here.  I have to attend my Questers (National organization for restoration and preservation) and act as the sub President and give my topic on Delft pottery.  I will be happy when that is over.

Snow maybe tonight…but sunny now.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Frustrating to type a whole message and have it disappear.  Grr….  Thanks for the advice and information on the car.  I believe for a small fee I had them rotate the tires rather than go back to where I purchased in 2017.  I do want to keep the car for a few more years, so I will do the necessary repairs.  Jim uses a local mechanic rather than the one who gave me the estimate, so I will have the CRV in there for a second opinion

It’s been a wonderful car ~ I believe close to 90,000 miles and no problems whatsoever.  So, I consider myself fortunate.

A sunny day here….snow maybe tonight.  It’s noon already.  My how the time flies.  Love the bird feeder pictured.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  22 here, cool this morn.  Small snow storm gets here at 2 PM today.

They aren't sure about the one Monday yet, might become a noreaster because of a low coming

up the coast same time the storm gets here from the west.  I did expect a break in the utility bill

when they finally read the meters after 4 months of estimated bills and the warm Winter but it

never came.  I should be grateful I never got a bill for $600 to $1000 that some on our neighborhood

bulletin board got.

We are getting a hugh break Susan.  Saw on the news new cars are $10k more than before the virus. 

Lots of money, much higher payments.  Used almost as bad.  Would enjoy a new vehicle but still paying

for the backhoe which solved a few bad problems we had with our property.  I got an estimate on one of

our excavation projects, $11k to $12k.  Backhoe has already paid for itself and we still have a almost new

machine.  At least was back when 0% interest was common, now I see common is around 4% on special

deals.  When I get a state inspection, the mechanic warns me about things that pass but probably won't

last a year until the next inspection.  So I don't have to come up with $1200 all at once and the shock along

with it.  Wife's car is great though, no big surprises like on my 16 year old Baja.  I had to learn how to make

a good pass on the road, have to shift down 2 gears manually.  Glad we didn't get one of the newer cars

that can't be shifted manually.  Makes for a dangerous pass.  Sounds like you don't put on that many miles

either Susan, tires should last at least until Fall if you rotate, even if you have a state inspection, should pass.

We both have almost the same maintenance this year.  You probably don't drive as aggressively as I do but I

get passed frequently out on the 4 lanes, people going between 80 and 100 mph, where going the speed limit

would be dangerous at times.  Love the quick acceleration of the Monte SS and the bike, glad Spring is almost

here.  Cost me twice as much for gas to take the SS down to the farm though. 

I have to do brakes and tires this year on wife's car with only 21k miles over 3 years.  The tires are close to

$300 each for a company like Cooper and the others. 

The bird feeder has spring loaded bars for the birds to roost on while getting seeds so squirrels will weigh

them down and cut off the seed ports but the squirrels always figure out a way to bypass the springs.

Things got worse during and after the virus Susan.  I've lost relationships with 2 businesses I've dealt with for around

40 years because of their greed, trying to make more in some kind of a movement.  I probably won't do much better

changing but the older companies cheated me already and were trying to do worse.  Leaving bad reviews online so

others won't be cheated.  Very sad, lost some that I considered lifelong friends. 

I'm finishing up the heavy duty antenna mount for the ham radio antenna on the Baja.  Would like to put a radio in

the SS but haven't figured out how I would put an antenna on it.  Not factory paint so a magnetic mount would likely

damage the paint.  To put one on the bike difficult also because not much metal to put on a magnetic mount. 

Enjoy the day all.  It's a great life without smoke. 


Brandy's sister Dixie on the left and her friend Charlotte.  Hope to get back there to walk them sometime but wife's parents can't tolerate our wild pups.  These dogs live next door.


From: JavaNY


Good luck with your cars, Ernie & Susan. Makes be glad I don't have one.

I never heard of Questers, Susan, but it sounds like a good thing. My building has landmark status. It's a bit of a pain to fill out forms when things need to be replaced, but worth it to keep nice buildings from being torn down.

Enjoy the day everyone. 


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

A light snow falling here now.  I believe either 1-3 or 2-4 expected.  Jim reports that the street and driveway is icy, so it may be a backyard walk for Finn this a.m.  Taking no chances with falling.

Interesting as I rarely keep track of such things.  I stopped for gasoline at a local station connected with Giant Eagle grocery store.  Previously we would get perks for shopping and gas, but they discontinued that about a year ago.  So, I filled up to the tune of approximately $40.00.  Was curious as to when the last time I filled up and sure enough after reviewing my check register, it had been ONE MONTH since fill up.  So, as you can see, I don’t do a lot of driving.  

I will explore the rotor first and wait until Fall for the tires.

Have a good day…it’s TGIF for all.  We will attend our church Fish Fry tonight. $20.00 seems a bit high for a salmon/or perch dinner but we do like to support the parish.



From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

Yes, I am sure you are saving $$$ lots of money by using public transportation.  Parking a car in the city would most likely be problematic.   I have my eye on a Mini Cooper some day down the road….but that will wait for now.  Honda’s seem to be made to go the distance.  I love my CRV and take good care of it.   This will be the first expensive repair that I can remember.

Snowing here now…. Finn will have to make do with a backyard (common) walk this am. No icy streets for me.

Enjoy the week-end.  Would love to see a picture of the front of your building.  My Delft program was well received and all of my wares are safely back home.



From: JavaNY


Hi Susan,

Here is one that was online. The top 3 floors have lots of terra cotta, which is dang hard and expensive to replace. Few companies manufacture it anymore. We received permission to use Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).  I could not tell the difference holding it in my hand. The engineer could, but probably not when it's 200 feet above ground. 

I'm glad the program went well. 


Continental Hotel - Fantrippers


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Still snowing here from yesterday around noon but usually light.

Think we have 2-3 inches so far.  The storm Sunday night into Wednesday is the one to watch.  Could

turn into a snowy noreaster with a low coming up the coast to join it.  They are the ones we sometimes

get feet of snow and drifting.  At least we can take our time getting out and I don't have to listen to

corrupt managers protecting their friends digging out and harressing people they don't appreciate.  I didn't

have that problem anymore the last 17 years of my career but was a pain earlier and still remember.

I remember drifts we shoveled that were over our heads. 

I still love the freedom of having a car, coming and going as I please.  We pay the expense because we learned

about the freedom as teens and still want it.   Walking miles or trying to get a ride, or sometimes just skipping

events we wanted to go to.  Still remember the day of my driving test.  smile Hope you get some good rotors Susan,

don't want to be back here any sooner than necessary.  I got the best Auto Zone sells.  If I wasn't going down south

to the farm I would be driving about the same as you Susan.  Takes more than half a tank to go down and back.  Last

time had to fill up to go, then filled up when I returned, then had to run right back down for defective frig, now I'm

down to a quarter of a tank again.  Would have been much more expensive to drive the SS with it's 383 cubic inch

stroker engine but lots of fun.  Has a lock up torque converter for overdrive so 2200 rpm on the highway but still

low miles per gallon and needs premium fuel. 

I was about to return to church and got an email they just had two people with the virus quite a while back.  I'm not

afraid of the virus but no use pushing it.  I don't want the flu either. 

Paul, the building looks fantastic.  Can see why they want to preserve them.  Don't know if I've ever seen anything

like it.  The tour I got of the city was at night when we went to some classes just over the border in NJ. 

Finished the heavy duty antenna mount for the Baja but still have to install it on the vehicle when we get some nicer

weather.  Have many projects to move onto.  Might try to shovel up the little snow we got so it doesn't add to the next


Don't think I will jog with the dogs this morn.  Lots of salt and chemical spray on the roads and my knee hurts from tripping

couple mornings ago.  Probably use the elliptical this morning.  I wash off the dogs feet when we get back from salty roads.

Enjoy the day all.


Granddaughter years ago.


From: JavaNY


Raining in NYC, I'm sure we're done with snow. Only had a light snow once this season. Headed to Red Cross at this ungodly hour. 

Enjoy the day, everyone.