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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2086998 views.

From: Susan1206


Good morning, Miss Kitty ~

You were up at the crack of dawn.  Not me… Even with the time change, I wake around 9:00 a.m.  

Thank you for liking Finn’s picture.  Wasn’t he just the sweetest of pups?  I remember the drive home from near the PA border and I wrapped him in my woolen scarf and he sat on my lap while Megan drove to Avon.  Hard to believe that he is eleven now.

How lovely that you enjoyed dinner at your daughter’s home.  We ordered out….Jim a corned beef sandwich and I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with chicken noodle soup.  No leftovers for us!

Snowing here now ~ always a snow, of sorts, around St. Patrick’s Day.

On we go…into April and better weather.  I noticed my neighbor’s daffodils poking through the soil.



From: Susan1206


Good morning to all ~

I could say “top of the mornin to all” but that was yesterday.   Today, it’s snowing and 28 degrees (wind chill brings it down to 15 degrees).  

Watched a bit of the college basketball playoffs yesterday ~ Jim attended Xavier so he was pleased about their win.  Unfortunately, Kent State University, where my granddaughter attends, were not so lucky.  I am much more into football than basketball but the college playoffs are fun…March Madness at its best.

A low key St. Patrick’s Day for us.  Spouse now has the cold and coughing that I am trying to get over.  We may have dinner out compliments of a gift certificate from a family member tonight.  It beats cooking.

Carry on ~ Have a great smoke free day.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  23 here, not sure about the chill.  Looks absolutely still outside but

I will go out and check in a while. 

Sorry you're both sick now Susan, hope it ends soon.

Couldn't find the large and thin lock washers I need to build my mobile antenna mount and they

were expensive online.  Found some couplers for my antenna cables, coax, that included them so

ordered them.  Now I will have the couplers and the washers. 

O-rings for the dirt bike arrive Monday so I might put off trip to farm until Tuesday. 

Yesterday I worked on buffing the slight coat of rust off my dad's old shotgun, finished cleaning it

and oiling it after that.  Still another one that's not so easy.  A solid coat of rust where it must have

been exposed to cat urine for years at my brother's place.  Not completely sure I can restore that

one but will try. 

My wife doesn't appreciate cooking as much as in the past, guess it gets old.  Eating at home is much

safer for a diabetic.  Can't tell what chefs are putting in food to enhance the taste to get people back.

Which is a big part of their job.  My brother eats out 6 - 7 days a week. 

Monday and Tuesday are great weather here, sunny and close to 50 or over it.  Hope all have couple nice

weather days to enjoy.



From: Susan1206


Good morning (almost afternoon) to everyone,

A snowy morning here by Lake Erie ~ a few inches of white fluffy snow.  T.V. Weather report said we have had more snow in March than in February.  Cold to ~ 27 balmy degrees.  We live streamed Mass and spouse just left for a stat care facility as he is coughing, etc.  I am at the end of the medication and feeling better.

Ernie ~ wish I had as many projects as you do to keep yourself busy.  Cleaning seems to be my #1.  I agree with your wife.  A lifetime of cooking and it gets old.  We dined out last evening.  I had a delicious salmon with Bernadine sauce and lentils.  The service was poor and the waitress gave us complimentary desserts.  My caramel flan was the best part of the meal.

Enjoy the day ~ Kitty, Paul, Ernie and any who lurk… 



From: JavaNY


Glad you enjoyed the dinner, Susan.

Cold and windy here, a 25 degree drop from yesterday. But warms up tomorrow, the first day of Spring. I'll be complaining about the heat soon :)


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  21 here but wind chill below threshold for the pups.  No walk

but looks like this is the last morning in the 10 day this low.  Supposed to be near 50 and sunny

today so the remaining snow should disappear. 

Glad you are better Susan, now you have to watch Jim going through it, all over soon I hope.  I still

have a free meal out from veterans day, we should cash it in soon.  Also glad you enjoyed your eve


O-rings should arrive today so I can finish the dirt bike.  Cut the foam for the air filters yesterday,

oiled, and installed them.  Glad I got it right the first time, think I have enough foam I could do one

side a second time.  Has 3 grease fittings and greased them.  One carburetor was over flowing so

removed the float bowl and cleaned up with carb cleaner, seems to have stopped the float from

sticking.  Should be ready for it's maiden ride soon.  I should buy some used side covers that have

been missing but not this month.  Spent a lot on parts this month.  The resale value of this little

1972 Honda 350 is higher than any of my other bikes.  Getting rare, I guess.

I prefer to hot weather to to cold but Fall is my favorite season, just have to know Winter is close


Hope you all have the good weather today.


Cocoa and puppy Brandy years ago.


From: Susan1206


Happy first day of Spring. A bit of snow remains but sunny and getting warmer.  

Definitely a walk for Finn this afternoon, even if I am bundled up with a winter coat.


Years ago, I was given a pale pink #### Willow bush and forsythia grew in my garden.  


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Breezeway (internet service) spent most of the morning here trying to determine why the televisions and computers keep droning.  It’s all quite a complex problem to me.  Computers set on one range, television sets including Apple and Roku on the same.  Cell phones on another.  It seems like technology is progressing faster than our minds can comprehend.   We have three remotes now…. two for downstairs Roku and one upstairs for Apple TV.  Could they not make it any more difficult for seniors?

Lovely day.  Sunny and 44 degrees.  This is dreaded “tax week” ~ find out how much I owe the government!

And on we go…. Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Total agreement here ~ love Spring and temperate Summer and Fall.   Summer presents its problem with higher humidity but we are blessed a bit with being so close to Lake Erie.  And then, there’s always air conditioning.

Enjoy the first day of Spring.  Finn and I will be taking a nice leisurely walk soon.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  Off to the farm this morn after 5 mile walk.  Bike is loaded in

Baja, just barely fit, but did.  Had to get help to load it so see how unloading will go.  Thinking

of risking leaving it there a month or so to ride a few times.  Thought I was going to transport

it back and forth but not so easy. 

We have willow branches in a vase here some place but none growing.  I think we still have traces

of snow mostly where it drifted or was plowed.  Will be gone today.

I guess you have separate services to save money.  At least we still have the old service but they

gave us a bunch of grief switching boxes 5 times and 3 the next time.  One girl tech said there was

a problem back at the office and it worked after that.  So that's a clue to me they messed us up on

purpose.  Can't believe they want older people to opt in to their newer higher priced service.  All the

companies are so friendly to us on public releases. 

We haven't paid in to income tax for a long time except for national health care.  Previous government

had us paying about $400 a month for a place holder insurance.  We had assistance from local health

care org and needed to have insurance to get it until wife was old enough for medicare.  I'm a little older.

I'm guessing it's because Jim still has earned income you are paying tax.  We would by now on our 401k

but leaving it alone until the DOW recovers.  Now the banks, so could be a while or a long while.

Will get a picture of dirt bike loaded into Baja sometime this morn. 

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day.  So glad Winter is ending.  smiley