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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2085525 views.

From: Susan1206


Good morning, (afternoon) to All on this dreary, drizzly Monday morning……..

So far Finn and I have taken a soggy walk, swept the entire downstairs with three sweepers.  What I would give to have my old Hoover upright sweeper……the new ones just do not pick up like that one did.  I think the years we had it were 1969 to 1990.  A long time.   Of course, Finn’s copious amount of long golden dog hair does not help the cause!  So therefore, we have a Hoover Linx for quick pick ups, a Dyson for heavy duty sweeping and a hand sweeper for the steps!  It’s exhausting.  I had a girl come in for a short time ~ $50.00 an hour.  Two hours for her to do the downstairs.  She does a C- job.   I could justify $100.00 for the entire upstairs/downstairs.  So, every once in a while I get in the mood to do more than dusting and sweeping and today is the day.

Not a busy week-end.  Rounding the bend on March soon.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  33 here and a little rain or snow coming down. 

Woke in the middle of my night again.  Took some melatonin, will try to go back to

sleep in a few minutes.  Tempted to look at the schematics of the unit I'm working

on but not a good thing to make me sleepy.  Got the dogs out for a walk yesterday

but not sure about this morn.

Glad you got Finn out for a walk Susan.  Probably the highlight of his day.  We used a

Kirby for the house for many years but it's been retired to a basement vacuum.  Think

it's Oreck vacuums we use in the house now.  We only have one floor of living space but

I do spend lots of time in the basement but don't vacuum down there much.  Pretty good,

$50 an hour.  Guess you have to travel to each job though, along with transportation

problems, place to eat, other stuff.

Glad the wedding was nice Paul.  Like them much more than funerals.  We get to many

of the latter.  It's now been 50 years since I stopped at my mom's work and told her I

was moving near a city in a neighboring state to live nearer to my future wife.  I did marry

her the next year, was a great life decision.  Really miss my mom though.

Think our weather is fairly nice today after this morning rain / snow front.  Have a great day




From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Thought of  you today as (very early) I dropped the CRV off at a local Super Lube establishment.  I guess it’s time for the Honda to start needing repairs….new rotors and pads.  See how much $$$ you save by not having a vehicle.  It would be tough out here in the suburbs not to own a car.  I am hoping to get a few more years out of it…especially with Finn.

On we go…..at least the sun is shining.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

I love the picture.  Do you ever look at these and wonder where the years have gone?   I do!  And, how did we look so young!

I told Paul that I dropped the Honda off early (8:30 a.m. for me) at our local Super Lube.  This would be the second opinion and they judge that I need rotors and pads on the front.   I will have that necessary work done.

My, you were up early.  Hope you were able to get some rest.  A sunny day here but cold.  The ground is super soggy.  More rain coming every other day this week.   Susan


From: JavaNY


Yes, Susan, apart from the car maintenance itself, insurance and parking would be a killer in the city.

Stopped by a friend's house after the wedding. They got a dog during COVID.  Friendly German Shepherd probably 2 1/2 - 3 years now. They have her sleep in an indoor tent. Otherwise, she goes wild, as Ernie describes, if someone wakes early. Their cat on the other hand, ignores them. 

Have a peaceful night, 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and everyone.  28 here so not to bad for March.  Have a snow squall coming through

tonight around 8 PM but should melt off soon the next day.  I did get back to sleep yesterday so was to late to take

the dogs out on the road but we will get out this morn.  I don't blame them for celebrating everything in life, their

lives are so short.  They don't have time to waste. 

I've had to rebuild the brakes over and over on the Baja.  Not as good of a system as your Honda Susan.  Many people

have had lots more problems than us with engine, transmission, electrical, etc...  We get a break because I went to auto

repair schools for years and worked in it also back in the 70s.  Not a good career choice but I wanted to race cars back

then, very difficult without being born into a racing family and wanting a family of my own.  I would suppose they will tell

you the brakes are going.  Wife's car has rear brakes failing much sooner at 21k and only 3 years old.  I have the parts in

the basement waiting to be installed.  Also' front pads are worn out.  This surprises me, Toyota went cheap on these parts.

It's not like either of us rides the brakes while we're driving.  3 year warranty on the new parts and I expect just after 3 years

these parts will be shot.  Will be anxious to hear about the Honda.  I believe we are very fortunate to have vehicles to get around

in, so many don't or they're broke down.  I have a sister in law that lost the transmission in her car years ago and only goes

somewhere when her sister comes and picks her up.  Her husband works on roofing lots and rarely goes back out after work

and his vehicles aren't usually much good.  They live 100 miles from us. 

Took care of everyone's garbage yesterday and got one of our daughter's garden tractors running, will have to change the oil,

sharpen blades on that soon.  Already started on ours.  Lawn mowing will be here in less than two months along with pool opening

here.  Then put thread lock on her porch door's lock set screws, keep coming lose for me to tighten.

Didn't get anything done on the radio that's down yesterday.  Wire came lose in a cable connector and burned out a relay, I think.  I

have two of the relays already on the way so can replace them quick if it's the defective part.  It's an expensive transceiver so need to

take my time in troubleshooting.  I have a backup so it's not like I'm off the air during the repairs anyway. 

Lot's of years are gone but we lived them well, mostly anyway.  Hard to define, any person's opinion is going to be different than the

next.  Human nature to question the past. 

The pups came out rowdy to greet me this morn.  They're so precious.  Hope Finn is doing well today.

Hope you all enjoy this day.  We are so lucky to have our lives and smoke free even.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

The sun is shining through the windows and even though there is ice on the puddles, it makes it seem warm!

Too cute of a story about the puppy sleeping in a tent.  What we pet owners do to keep our fur kids happy and we stay sane.   Finn has always been a sleeper and I am thankful for that.  Perhaps they adapt to their owner’s schedule ~ 

Have a great smoke free day.  I believe today is our first day of baseball for our home team….the Cleveland Indians (no longer pc) but the Cleveland Guardians.  It’s an away game which is a bit odd.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Yes, new front rotors and pads and I have no clue about these kinds of parts…I do know I bought the Honda brand new and have adhered to all service requirements.  I have spent very little money except four new tires about six years ago and now this.  I will address the tire issue this Fall…And so, that is where this retiree’s $$$ is spent.

We may be flying to North Carolina soon as my best friend’s husband is in critical condition.  

On we go…….Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  24 here this morn, cold.  Will be happier with warmer mornings but then we'll

be headed for another Winter. 

You've done very well on car maintenance expense Susan, doesn't get any less expensive.  Lucky you don't have

a different brand.   If you could stay off salted roads you would be set for life.  If I took my Monte Carlo SS out in

the salt and other stuff in their spray it would be a pile of rust in no time.  Have done that in past years when we

couldn't afford to take cars off the road in the Winter.  Don't even want to say what great cars I've been involved

in them being rusted away.  They sell for more than you could imagine now.  Your tires have become hardened

anyway even if the tread wasn't worn out.  You're gaining much better cornering and traction, less chance of


Sorry about your friend's husband, same thing happened to us with high school friends a while back.  When we

were younger there was much less of this. 

My sister made it to the farm already, most likely went back home last eve.  She just came north from Florida last

Saturday.  Brother's friend is sick, that took him up to Sayre, PA for the shots in his eyes.  Heard him on the radio

and another ducked out.  He suggested he take a bus from there even with the wait for a ride back.  Brother should

be willing to wait instead of others putting in hours of driving.  It's many hours for me, about 7 hours plus the time for

the appointment, getting ready.  My sister just there so not needed to clean up down there right now.  Last time I was

down he said he likes to hang around Walmart watching people rather than being home alone so seems like a hospital

lobby wait wouldn't be that bad.

Have a great day all, warmer in the daytime.



From: JavaNY


Good Susan, Ernie, and everyone else,

I went to a BBQ yesterday. A bit early and a little cool for some, but I like this weather. It was in Fort Totten, built during the Civil War, but never used. Hard to believe I was still in NYC.