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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2091433 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  24 here this morn, cold.  Will be happier with warmer mornings but then we'll

be headed for another Winter. 

You've done very well on car maintenance expense Susan, doesn't get any less expensive.  Lucky you don't have

a different brand.   If you could stay off salted roads you would be set for life.  If I took my Monte Carlo SS out in

the salt and other stuff in their spray it would be a pile of rust in no time.  Have done that in past years when we

couldn't afford to take cars off the road in the Winter.  Don't even want to say what great cars I've been involved

in them being rusted away.  They sell for more than you could imagine now.  Your tires have become hardened

anyway even if the tread wasn't worn out.  You're gaining much better cornering and traction, less chance of


Sorry about your friend's husband, same thing happened to us with high school friends a while back.  When we

were younger there was much less of this. 

My sister made it to the farm already, most likely went back home last eve.  She just came north from Florida last

Saturday.  Brother's friend is sick, that took him up to Sayre, PA for the shots in his eyes.  Heard him on the radio

and another ducked out.  He suggested he take a bus from there even with the wait for a ride back.  Brother should

be willing to wait instead of others putting in hours of driving.  It's many hours for me, about 7 hours plus the time for

the appointment, getting ready.  My sister just there so not needed to clean up down there right now.  Last time I was

down he said he likes to hang around Walmart watching people rather than being home alone so seems like a hospital

lobby wait wouldn't be that bad.

Have a great day all, warmer in the daytime.



From: JavaNY


Good Susan, Ernie, and everyone else,

I went to a BBQ yesterday. A bit early and a little cool for some, but I like this weather. It was in Fort Totten, built during the Civil War, but never used. Hard to believe I was still in NYC.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Paul, Ernie, Kitty ~

A lovely picture of Fort Totten.  Thanks for sharing.  It looks very nice.

Seems like every other day has been “rain”.  Hoping for sunshine and spring flowers soon.

Enjoy the week-end everyone ~



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Really strange to see the lightning flashes in the camera monitor beside me.

Slipped my mind to shut off all the antennas before I went to bed but they're off now.  Hope no damage, probably

not.  Didn't bother to set the alarm because of the rain forecast.  I actually slept a little late.  smile Only 7.25 hours so

not that much over.  No walk for the dogs and me this morn.

Pictures are great Paul, never been there but I haven't been down to the city much.  Glad you enjoyed the BBQ. 

We also have lots of rain coming with the warmer weather.  At least we're all burning less fuel to heat.  I was hoping

for a break this last bill after they didn't read the meter for 4 months but didn't get a break.  According to the chart we

used more therms of gas than last Winter, don't get it.  I would have thought would be more expensive fuel, not higher

quantity.  I did look at the meters, seems ok.  Should be less this coming week but don't expect a break in our bill.

Did a little more analysis on the transceiver yesterday but still no solution.  Just more ideas and more dead end roads.

Will get it eventually.  I don't think it's the relay that isn't engaging, somewhere in the circuit that drives the relay.  Have

a new one on the way and will probably replace it with a new one since I'm there. 

Wife and grandson went shopping yesterday for Easter place mats.  They couldn't get the ones they wanted because not

enough of them in stock but they did get some.  Will be nice to get together again.  Haven't been having our pizza nights

because the dogs are so rowdy together and daughter's dogs can't be left alone very well.  We got our Easter ham yesterday

along with some other stuff so our grocery budget blown out of the water for this week. 

Have a great day all.


Grandsons at balloon rally.


From: Susan1206


Good sunny morning to all ~

Lots of thunder, lightning and rain during the evening and overnight hours.  Finn was quite disturbed by the thunder so he received a few of his calming chewies before bedtime.

Cute pictures of the boys and the hot hair balloons.   They would fly directly over our home during Hall of Fame week when we lived in North Canton.  You could hear the dogs barking prior to their arrival.

Enjoy the week-end everyone.  We are trying to prepare ourself for the death of our close friend and a drive to North Carolina.  Flights are few and far between because of Easter week and pricy a $600.00 per person.  I don’t look forward to the 10 hour drive but perhaps we will break it up into a day and a half.



From: JavaNY


A warm rainy day here. Should cool off tomorrow, which is good since I have a 4-mile run in the morning. 




From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Snowing and windy here this morn.  Not sure weather to walk the dogs

or not.  Tomorrow is 55 and some rain, then rain most days this week but warmer.  Will be better to walk in

the warmer temps.  Won't need my heated gloves so much.  Think I might need the same surgery wife's mother

got some day.  Stents in the arteries that go out to my arms.  I've had a terrible time keeping my hands warm

for couple decades.  Especially if I'm in the cold and not exercising.  Her arms were actually in pain but that might

be coming for me.

I like the hot air balloons but don't think I will ever go up in one, not a fan of heights.  We have a balloon and speedie

rally here.  Speedie's are just chunks of meat they make sandwiches out of usually.  Somehow it's supposed to be a

big deal for our area.

Sorry you have a death in your lives now Susan.  Comes up to often.  If we ever get to traveling again, I would prefer

to drive since we're retired and not in a hurry.  Have thought about getting a RV and a truck to tow it.  Really no reason

for us to be in the north first 3.5 months of the year. 

Paul, my feet got to hurting and had to quit jogging again but was fun for the 3-4 months.  I feel fortunate I was able

to jog again for a time.  I can still walk fast so I don't get the impact on my feet, almost the same thing.  Just about the

same speed, it's just less exercise.  The dogs don't care one way or the other.  Are you in another planned run today?

I didn't have the speed to be in those.  Think it's a great thing to get exercise and usually raise money for a good cause.

Briefly got involved with our granddaughter but not much anymore.  

Just looking over schematics of current repair job yesterday, upstairs at the dining room table with a mag glass.  Looking

for the commands to enter the board I'm working on.  Received the relays so might put a new one in soon. 

Brother is in the hospital for his legs.  Says his cats will run out of food today so guess I will head down tomorrow.  He planned

on showing them his leg after his eye shots so should have dumped out a lot of cat food before he left.  Guess some older people

stop thinking and planning.  I have to try to put out enough food and water to last them a week.  Not traveling down there every

couple days.  To costly in time and money.  Supposed to have liter boxes cleaned every day or so but they never do.

Cost of flights has gone up lots, don't think we ever will again.  Don't enjoy it anyway.  Airlines are always in the news for one problem

or another.

Glad we're all smoke free, glad we didn't continue on feeding the addition.  So easy to let years pass in it.  The flower girl from our

wedding probably died from smoking.  So wrong to see your flower girl die.  My mom was gone at 61 from smoking.

Have a great day and stay warm all.  Look forward to Easter dinner.



From: JavaNY


Yes, Ernie, it was another planned run. My running probably not much faster than my fast waking, but I didn't hurt myself so that is all that matters. It was very windy before the race so cold waiting there. Great when moving, and the sun came out later. 

I had never heard of the charity, but it was for lung cancer. Chase sponsors it to honor a former chairman who died of lung cancer. He never smoked. I read 15-20% of lung cancer victims never smoked. I wonder if most had some other type of exposure.

Peaceful evening,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  Glad your run went well.  Going down to the farm this morn after I walk the dogs

and get ready.  Replaced the relay in that unit yesterday, didn't think it would fix it and it didn't so continue

looking for the problem.

Fairly good weather until rain this evening.  If it weren't so cold this morn I would consider riding my bike.

Only 27 right now and around 33 at 9 AM. 

Enjoy the day, if 60 here. probably close to 70 there. 



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning....April 5 already.....it might get up to 60 today.....in Connecticut....very cloudy tho......have a wonderful smoke free day