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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2154322 views.

From: JavaNY


Will be in the 70s here tomorrow and 80s on Thursday & Friday. 

Easter was good, though it flew by. Seemed like I was getting on NJ Transit and 36 hours later returning in a blink of an eye. 

Enjoy the evening. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  35 here so not to bad, have 50s forecast mornings for a few after this.  I see it's

cooling back down next week.  Might put an AC unit in the living room later today.  If it's 80 outside

it will try to reach 90 in the living room with the afternoon sun.

The flowers look great Susan.  We probably should've gotten some for our Easter dinner.  We did

have a great dinner.  Granddaughter set up an Easter Egg Hunt for her little brothers.  Was fun, we

still have one out there somewhere that wasn't found.  I ate to much but will work it off in this good

weather.  I have so much to get done with the property, vehicles, and the house.  It's to early to go

down to the farm but might ride the bike down there one of these warm days. 

I don't envy you the funeral Susan.  Like I said, they're coming up to often as we get older. 

Events always go by quickly Paul.  Find myself realizing that when waiting for something with anticipation.

I know it will be over so quickly.

Father in law fell in the doctors office trying to pick up a shoe.  Cracked a vertebrae in his back so can't do

much and taking pain pills.  He's a very active old man so a huge change.  Can't even watch his western

movies, has to go lay down often. 

Got the bike out of the basement for good yesterday and adjusted the John Deere cover so I can fit the bike

underneath it.  Changed the engine oil in the Monte Carlo SS and greased the front end.  Modern vehicles

have all sealed front end parts but the SS has grease fittings all the way across.  The floor mats are staying

angled so tried washing and drying them, see if that helps.  I need to put a stereo in it this Spring.

Have a great day all, enjoy the weather.

16 years since stopped smoke for me so think 16 in July for Kitty.  Two or three of us still check into the April Ashbustin Army every April.


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From: JavaNY


Congrats on 16 years, Ernie. 

Nice weather here, but I came down with a head cold. Sneezing all day. Going to head to sleep now. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  48 here, not bad.  Didn't sleep all night on Tuesday night but did on Wednesday night.

So feel good this morn.  Have a hard time getting the temp of the room adjusted.  Left my window open all

night and slept all night.  Put AC unit in the living room but don't want to in the rest of the house yet.  Can't

open the windows after that.  Will get whole house AC in some day.  Thanks for congrats.  So glad we all made

it.  My longest time without making it was 11 months, sticks in my memory as long as I have one.

Thinking about riding my bike up to Morrisville today to walk Dixie, Brandy's sister, and Charlotte. 

Have a great day.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Ernie, Paul, Kitty ~

A beautiful sunny day here.  We trekked to Massillon, OH for the burial of my best friend’s spouse.  Enjoyed a luncheon with the family and returned home at 5:00 p.m.  A blessing in that he suffered from Alzheimer’s for many many years.  He is at peace.

Sorry about your cold, Paul.  Allergies?   I have many.  Usually worse in the Spring with the budding flowers and trees.  

Congratulations, Ernie on your 16 years of being smoke free.  Did you ever put silkquit on your computer?   I have mine on the desktop of my old computer.  I will have to fire it up one day and see how many years and months I am at.  

Enjoy the day everyone.  I’m going to work on transplanting and moving some of the perennials today.



From: JavaNY


Hi Susan,

I don't have allergies that I know of. My sister acquired them in the last ten years, so maybe I also did. But I've always had many colds, in part from smoking. I generally get back pain with a bad cold, so I don't think it's allergies.

Enjoy the weather all, though too warm for me. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  I did go up north yesterday on bike.  Walked Dixie and Charlotte.  I

took an advantix box and a one month packet for a dog we see along our route.  Last Fall

Lily had ticks all over the back of her neck but none so far this year.  Will see if same next

time.  Will try to get the owner to try Advantix if has them next time.  Did talk to the owner.

He had a dairy farm but lost his milk contract and no company wants to take him on.  So

sold his herd and renting his farm out to a large farm organization.  Can see how he would

have a lot on his mind.  I always have to knock on the door because Lily follows us down the

road.  She doesn't have a collar and no place to put her.

I never had the silkquit application.  Bought a Subaru about the time I quit and it's also 16

years old.  A little frame work to keep it going. 

After a few trips on the bike I have to put it back in the basement and remove front and rear

wheels for new tires.  Pretty much a full dress bike and heavy so burns up tires fairly fast.

Saw our nieces new baby and wife's brother's other granddaughter that looks 2 or 3. 

Have a nice day all.


Dixie and Charlotte

Charlotte and Lily


From: Kittyarnold


good morning all.....if anyone needs us old folks we are here.....stay smoke free.............


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Good to see you.  Will be 16 for you in July.



From: Susan1206


Good Spring morning to Ernie, Paul, Miss Kitty ~

Spring?  Here in Ohio?  We have had snow flurries yesterday and today.  It’s a balmy 37 degrees but with the wind chill, 27 degrees.  My spring posies are shivering.  I decided not to cover them…..and take a chance.  Most of the perennials are decently hardy.

So, here we are April 17th.  One day until dreaded tax day which I am sure all of you are aware.  They’ve even cashed my check so the government is rich for one day.  LOL

Not much new here.  We’ve attended two funerals within a week.  My dearest friend euthanized her Golden this week-end and that has been so very sad.  Kayla would have been 12 in July and is Finn’s best friend for years.

So, on we go.   No smoking and feeling hopeful that Spring will come to Ohio sooner than later…