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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2159143 views.

From: Kittyarnold


We had the right about...thankfully it has been mild....so no problem...just want to get the biopsy done etc....just to know what we are facing helps dealing with a crisis if you know what it is....lol...have a good one....


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Watching the nightly news tonight with the pictures of NYC ~ certainly an alarming situation shown.  Our local news calls for some smoke to arrive in the Cleveland area tomorrow and tomorrow night ~ so we will have to keep ourselves apprised of the local conditions.  Not a good thing for those who have outside jobs and respiratory conditions.

Cool here but a bike ride tonight is in order.  They have begun the annual blowing of mulch in the large island flower beds.  Individual condos will be arriving after.

Stay safe.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Looks as if your area is being hit also with the smoke from Quebec.  I watched the nightly news and the situation in NYC looks dire.  

I’m watching two sparrows….one feeding the other a kernel of the new bird seed…one at a time!

Off on a bicycle ride through the area tonight.

Stay safe.  Susan



From: Susan1206


Hi Carolyn,

You are probably very busy with your grandson now that school is over.

My youngest daughter goes to a private nursery school and today, a car struck two of her little classmates as they were being walked from the soccer field to the school.  Apparently, an ignorant driver went around a utility vehicle and struck two five year old boys.  Thankfully, the boys were taken to the hospital and then released with no significant injuries.  Just goes to show one that even though the teachers are so responsible and followed all of the rules, drivers are unpredictable.   

Lovely day here.  Minimal amount of smoke from the Quebec fires…maybe some tomorrow.



From: JavaNY


Hi Susan,

I was out this morning and there was definitely a fire smell. I normally go to my office on Thursday but will not tomorrow. The Air Quality Index is 280 here, but I don't think I ever paid attention to it before. I looked at a map and was surprised it was not higher in New England or Quebec itself. 

I'm sure the new exaggerates a bit. We are lucky it has been relatively cool. I assume it would be worse if it was hotter, but I don't know.


sounds horrible about those two five year olds. You just never know what's going to happen. Another reason for loving each other everyday. 

Yes I have a Ray day each week and we do something different every week. Today we went to the fun center near us. His friends were there also and they played and had fun. Miniature golf, bounce house.etc.  It was very hot.  I'm sure the other mothers were saying "poor grandma.". Having been a teacher for so long, one child is easy peasy.  And Ray is such a good guy.  

Any news from Kitty?  Thinking of her often. 

Take care.  Hugs. Carolyn


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Hope you get the biopsy soon and it's not to hard to deal with.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Carolyn, Paul, and all.  The AQI air quality reached 460 here yesterday but it's raining now and backing

down into the 300s.  Supposed to clear up for a while Thursday afternoon but the wind stays from the north until Saturday so

might be back after the clearing.  We've pretty much stayed indoors since this started, late Tuesday or something like that.  We

go outdoors but don't do any work or stay out long.  Even when the sun is out looks like it's ready to start raining and the sun is

just a red circle in the sky.

Glad the kids hit by the car are alright.  Hope Kitty's biopsy is soon and is better news than they're expecting.

I got my transceiver out yesterday and tried to figure out a work around for the ribbon cable that's damaged, ordered it April 7th

but has to come from Japan and still no word.  I can't see a solution but I was stuck indoors so thought I would try.

Our grandson came over Tuesday thinking he could swim this week if the weather was like all of last week but we are stuck in this

smoke.  So he's using his 3d goggles to play games if that's what you call them.  I've never looked through them.

Air quality still not good enough to walk the dogs this morn and raining anyway.  So the elliptical for me like yesterday morning.  Wife

plans on taking the dogs down to the pet store to walk them around one at a time this afternoon if doesn't clear up.  Smells bad and the

air is hazy all day.

Have a good day all.



From: JavaNY


Be safe everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  AQI down to 91 here so almost over.  Was nice to see the sky yesterday afternoon. 

Really a strange time.  Guess we had a lesser type emergency like it in 2002 but we don't even remember.

Must not have been very bad.  I was changing companies in my career then, wife was changing companies

and type of career.  We were both treated very badly when closing in on retirement.  Glad to be rid of them.

Meteorologist said we reached 480 AQI here and scale only goes to 500.

Think I've found a ribbon cable I can order that will work for my repair project that's been on hold for months

waiting on part from Japan.  Hope it works.  I had to learn types and pitch, besides number of pins, length,

etc...  Will probably order it today and see.

Grandson jumped into the pool yesterday afternoon.  Last I looked the water temp was 65, 9 degrees below the

minimum I will get in.  brrrrr.  Feel bad for him, one of the main reasons he came over was to swim, then smoke

and temperature drop with no sunshine.  At least we have the pool.  Cost us about 17k to put it in, then when I

talked to the pool company in 2010 when we changed the liner it was up to 45k.  Hate to see what it is after the

virus.  Makes no sense to me to raise prices on everything everywhere because of a virus.  Society probably did

the same thing in the past.  I see vehicles came back down 6% last year but a long ways to go.  Very glad I wasn't

looking for one in this time period.   New and late model used all went up about 10k, money thrown away for many.

Wife, me and our daughter changed the pool liner ourselves back in 2010.  Hope I'm still able next time.

Hope all is going well in the city now that the smoke is clearing.  Happy to see it gone.  The pups don't understand

why they were kept indoors most of the time.  At least we know what and why.  Though they can smell 10k better

than us so they certainly knew the smoke was here, even when they were in the house.  We had a small air purifier

we've had running for days.  I'm sure it didn't do the whole house but was a help.  Guess you can go back to work


Enjoy the day all.


My dad in WW2, survived D-Day and many other battles.

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