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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2084750 views.
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From: Kathy4905


So.....will this post go to the old ( LOL....no pun intended....) Sensational Seniors?  What about the post I sent in the old Forum ? 

I'm confused.......



From: ModDee


Hi Kathy,

Good to see you. I'm sorry  but it may be confusing for a minute,  but I'm sure you'll catch on real quick.  The two forums the old one at about.com and this one at Delphi.com are not connected in any way except that Terry and the mods had to very quickly find this new forum and get it up and running before the old forum closes down on August 31st.  S.  We're working with two forums right now.  We got this up as soon as possible so our members would have some place to call home could get used to it before the 31st when About.com takes the old forum down.   To answer your question,  basically what you post here stays here, and what you post at the old forum stays there.

We were able to create  a lot of the folder categories like General Chit-Chat and Quit Buddies unite , but unfortunately we are not going to be able to transfer all the posts in those folders from the old forum , so it like starting fresh over here.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  We'll get through this.


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From: Bono2099


Good Morning Everyone,

                                          Well I sure hope we can find each other okay. This is going to be a real challenge Thank You Karen for helping me and also Thank You T. I think I need more coffee to figure this all out. LOL!

Bon & Snoopy!



From: Molley66



oh my this is so confusing.  

Old minds don't like changes !!!!  Lol



Mary Ann

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From: Susan1206


To:  All Sensational Seniors

Well, I have arrived....NOT as the phoebemagnolia you once knew me as.....but Susan1206......  

Phoebemagnolia was apparently NOT recognized and I was getting nowhere quick....

Hi everyone!

It's Monday and I hope we all LOVE this new format.  Yes it will take a bit of time for all of us to be able to do the things we want to do.  Wonder if our profile and picture transferred?   No time to explore this a.m.  But soon.....

((hugs)) from the shore of Avon Lake.sunglasses   Susan

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From: Susan1206


Here is my profile picture......Just so you remember what Bonnie....and Miss Kitty....and I look like.....  Yes, I think I will like this format.  Insert and attach....that's what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!    Susan


Deb (fluffersDeb)

From: Deb (fluffersDeb)


Hi Susan & all Sensational Seniors --well we all moved to the new forum. Susan, I must say that picture of the three of you looks like you had a lot of great times. It is always nice to get together with friends and family. I also thoroughly enjoyed my little 3 year old grandson when they visited and I so look forward to when they move back to Canada. Glad to see all the threads are seeing posts now. I look forward to reading everyone's upcoming plans. Take care Susan.


From: Susan1206


Dear Deb,

I am sure you are looking forward to another visit.  Three year olds are just darling........you can just play with them, love them like crazy and then they go home to Mom/Dad when you are tired.......

Just thinking of a week ago Monday when I had the "tribe".  By the end of the day (driving range, putting, swimming, baking and to the Lake), Oma (me) was beyond tired.  I don't know how their Mother does it with being a full time kindergarten teacher.  She is young.... well 40 is young, right?

Enjoying the new Forum.  I must go to Chrome and see if I can do something with a profile picture.   LOL   ((hugs))   Susan

Does it feel like Fall up North?


From: Susan1206


Hi Donna,

Look at you, GIRLFRIEND,  you are just posting and **starring** and everything.  

I need to sign in to Chrome now.  LOL


((hugs))  Susan  aka phoebemagnolia in my last life....



From: Susan1206


Hi Kathy,

Your post came on here.  I think I will only post here.....I can't keep up with two and it sounds like the other one will close soon......

Sensational Seniors CAN learn this new program.  YES....WE CAN....

Hope all is well in Pittsburgh.  Just heard the markets are down....600 points.  Soon, we may have nothing to worry about...no money, no problems.  

Susan aka phoebemagnolia