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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 339486 views.

From: Denim50



    You must have answered as I was typing another post to you, lol. Great minds.... grinning smiley

     I’m so happy you’re enjoying the cheesecake. I hope you’ll find the drink refreshing also. 

     The pools are closed here too. Thankfully the Queen can have her own. relaxed BTW, I love to go swimming too. 

     Majesty, I humbly thank you and I’ve no doubt about your crown. I’m sure it awaits you at the Royal Palace and I look forward to preparing the grand banquet to celebrate your return. In the meantime may I say, welcome back to the Palace of The Six Months. princess 


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From: Cazza2468


Hi Denim

im still having problems with the shoulder. I will probably have to have it scanned or something as resting it doesn’t seem to have worked. I think it’s a couple of months now. I sometimes talk to Suzy on the phone. I might give her a ring again soon. She was well the last time we talked. 

I completed the virtual Camino and am doing 2 more now. Hadrians wall and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland 

it has been amazing how motivating it had been. We have gone back into lockdown 2. It’s harder than the first time. Kind of feels like life will never go back to what it was.  Haven’t been in the garden much because it been very cold and the shoulder is not helping. Been busy painting knitting and re doing all my old Italian lessons.

well the sun is out today so I will get out there and ride again. Spring is probably not far off as I see some of my daffodils have decided to flower. 

Thanks so much for the on going support and I guess we will talk next month

sll the best



From: Cazza2468


Hello Denim, just reporting in to let you know that I’m still smoke-free and celebrating seven months. I’ve still got a problem with my shoulder but I finally went and had it scanned last week so maybe we will find out what’s actually wrong with it. The last massage massage I had about six weeks ago, the masseuse managed to stuff my hips as well so now Both my hips and my shoulder are giving me a horror of  a time. I’m still getting out on the bike every day. The problem is when I get back my hips are so bad I have to lay down for half an hour which feels like I’m kinda defeating the purpose really. Oh well I’m not gonna let it beat me. We are still in lockdown over here which is really starting to get boring. But it is what it is I guess not much we can do about it. It’s spring time now though and the weather is improving which is also making the grass grow so now I have to go next door and ask my neighbour if he can come and start my lawnmower for me so I can mow some grass .

The grass  waits for nobody.Have a great weekend and will talk again next month the queen

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From: Denim50


Hey Caz, 

     Huge congratulations on ten months smoke free. Sorry I’ve not been around the forum for a while but you have been in my thoughts. Are your shoulder and hips still bothersome? I hope they’re feeling better. Are you still riding? How are things going with you? I haven’t written to anyone in our group since I last messaged you. I hope everyone is doing good and staying safe and healthy. The holidays are here and what a year. unamused I hope the New Year is better for everyone everywhere. Nonetheless, in the meantime, I wish everyone as happy a holiday season as possible. I hope you treat yourself to something special today. Ten months is a wonderful achievement and only two months from the Castle Clubhouse Majesty. I’m so happy for you and of course preparations are being made for your arrival. relaxed If you talk to Suzy please tell her hi for me, thanks. I’ll check back in soon and hope that you see this message. Hugs. 



From: Cazza2468


 Hi Denim, thank you so much for wishing me well on my 10 months of no smoking. It’s lovely that you remember me. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for my frozen shoulder and my bad hips. My shoulder has made a phenomenal recovery due to the exercises that the physio therapist has given me to do. He also gave me exercises for my hip. The hip is coming along but not as quickly as the shoulder. I live in hope ha ha.

 We are currently in the middle of summer which is lovely, and we are currently free of community transmission of coronavirus. We have a couple of cases of people who are in quarantine who have returned from overseas. But at this point we are currently free of Covid it’s amazing. All of our restrictions have been eased but we still have to wear masks in busy shopping centres and other places where there’s lots of people. I really hope that we can travel again next year because I really want to go back to Fiji. I do talk to Suzy occasionally on the phone so the next time I’m talking to her I will certainly mention you to her and say you said hello. Yes I am looking forward to getting to the clubhouse and I am fully expecting a right royal greeting. Giggle!   I hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Stay safe 



From: Denim50


Hey Caz, 

     Happy New Year!  

     I hope your shoulder and hips are continuing to improve and that you’re enjoying the warm Summer weather. 

     It’s wonderful to hear that it’s free of covid there. That is amazing. I’ll be happy when it’s eradicated everywhere. Hopefully sooner rather than later.  

     Only a few days until your 11 month celebration. Can’t wait to celebrate with you. I hope you’re planning to treat yourself to something special. 

    I’m going to make a few other post on the forum to send more Happy New Year wishes.

Talk soon.  


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From: Denim50


Cazza, Cindi, Brian, Tom, Mike, Marilyn, Suzy, 

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From: Denim50


CONGRATULATIONS princess CAZZA! Celebrating eleven months smoke free!  

Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner. Did you do something special to celebrate? I hope so. 

The car broke down last week and I had to have it towed and fixed. I finally got it back this week, thankfully. 

How are things with you? Please keep in touch as you get a chance and I’ll try to the same. 

Have a wonderful day. Talk more soon.