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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 387852 views.

From: slowblumer


Hi Cindy and Denim and Mike,

Wow, 3 whole years smoke free.  What an accomplishment!

As I have said before, you guys are true warriors.



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From: Vic091718


Hi March quit buddies. Congrats on 3 years!!  Fantastic job. Denim has been a great friend to our group at September Ash Kickers 2018. I am here to give you some home made snacks to celebrate.

Take care.  Stay strong.


From: Cazza2468


Well done Denim

Amazing achievement and I know you will continue winning at life. Great party BTW



From: Denim50



Thank you! 

We feel the same way about you! 

Big congratulations on your upcoming retirement.  

It’s so great to see you here posting more again. relaxed  

Have a wonderful evening. Talk again soon. 




From: Denim50


Hey Suzy, 

Thank you so much for your sweet message and for helping to get us get here when we started out. We’ve found that roller coaster does stop to let us off, so hang in there, and it’ll stop for you too. relaxed 

We’re all so happy you came back. It’s great to see you posting and staying close to the forum. It’s one of the best things we can do and I look forward to celebrating your upcoming 2nd week milestone with you this weekend. 

I’ve missed a lot of messages since the party but I’m trying to catch up again. There’s been a lot going on recently. I got a chance to log on in the wee hours but, after I posted the first message to Marge, I fell asleep where I was sitting. I was so tired. Anyway, here I am trying again. Things will be continue to be busy here at least for the next three weeks but I’m going to try to get back on here each chance I get. I have to say though, after falling asleep the way I did, that I feel fortunate my hand wasn’t on the blasted keyboard, lol. So if you see zzzzzzzzzzzz, or some other nonsense posted by me, I guess we’ll know what happened. joyblush 

Okay, I’m going to get on with a bit of that catching up but we’ll talk more soon.  


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From: Denim50



I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom falling. I hope she’s recovering okay. I’m also sorry to hear what all of you are going through. I hope everything went good with the realtor and the move. Sending love, caring thoughts, and best wishes to all of you.  



From: Denim50


Hey Marge, 

Thank you for your message and for helping us through that first difficult year. Through the milestones, the ups, downs, twist and turns. You supported us, cheered and encouraged us, and informed us. We’re all so grateful to you for that and are happy that you’re here celebrating this milestone with us too. Thank you! Also, big congratulations to you on celebrating six years this month. relaxed 


  • Edited March 17, 2021 11:52 pm  by  Denim50

From: Denim50


Hey Vic, 

Thanks for celebrating this with us. All of the ‘September Ash-Kickers 2018’ have been great friends to me too. Thank you for sharing the ride and all of the delicious food and drinks along the way. relaxed 



From: Denim50



Thank you so much Majesty. blush 



From: Suzy2018


Thanks Denim, and I will hang on in here!  I've learned a lot from past mistakes, and this time I intend to hang on until the rollercoaster glides to a nice, controlled stop.   

I'm sorry you're so tired and I hope you manage to get caught up with stuff.  At least when you fell asleep, though, you didn't get ash all over your face - yet another benefit of quitting!  

Take care, and see you soon.