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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 279714 views.
JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



It is so good to hear from you today! I have had you on my mind a lot today and this evening so it was really a surprise to see a post from you. First, thank you for remembering that I have a two year anniversary coming up in a few days. I am not letting down my guard though even after two years because I do occasionally still have urges. I refuse to give in and go back to square one though.

It did occur to me yesterday that only six months beyond the 2 year anniversary is a halfway point to getting our wings (at 5 years). We are almost to that halfway point.  

I went to Aldi's to stock up on groceries again and I opened the freezer door to get a container of Butter Pecan ice cream and was shocked to see they had stocked Peaches and Cream with 1/2 Fat. Of course my mind went straight to you and your homemade peach ice cream.  I bought two containers of it and had a cone of peach ice cream tonight after supper.  It was delicious and since yours is homemade I know it has to be "scrumptiously delicous".  It just seemed strange that you posted to me today when you were on my mind like that so I looked at the time you sent the post and I had just come out of Aldi's at that time (with Peach ice cream). We may have a psychic connection....lol.

A very big Happy Birthday to your dad...that is quite a milestone.  Are you and your siblings still taking turns staying with him?  

It's good to hear that your nephew and his new bride are settled in Nashville. I have visited Nashville several times and it is really an entertaining city.  You will enjoy visiting them there after this pandemic stuff is over.  But as you said it may be a couple of years before it is safe.  

So glad to hear you are staying safe.  Many people are acting like this pandemic is over and because of that it is more important right now to be vigilant about the safety aspects of being in public around other people.  

Stay safe and I'll talk to you soon.

Hey JR,

BIG Congrats on reaching another milestone: 2 years smoke-free and loving it... Way to Go!! Two years ago, you got back on the horse and kept going. You kept your armor on and fought gallantly on the battlefield...and we made it thru. We kicked Butt...Nicodemon was reduced to ashe that just blew away to nothing. WE DID IT! Who would have thought that summer & fall of 2018 were the good ol' days? When we were struggling with craves and Nicodemon was kicking our butts daily?? Quitting is Not for sissies as Debb says. Some said they did not know we were on the battlefield. We had to become MEAN LEAN Fighting machines...and we did. When the going got Tough, we had to get tough with it. What a roller coaster ride it was. Brian assured us there was light at the end of the tunnel...and it was. 

I finally kinda enjoyed kicking Nicodemon butt when he showed up...Like Oh NO you didn't come around me. Loved sending him on his way. He was a worthy opponent but we came, we saw, we kicked his ashe (lol). We claimed Victory and earned Freedom, Peace & Joy in our Quit. Not in armor now...don't need it!sunglasses Just chilling and getting along great as a non-smoker. We had virtual buddies before it was popular. Thanks for being a close friend when I needed it the most. 

Please enjoy a slice of chocolate cake for me & Molly. Cheers & a Virtual toast to your 2 year emancipation. Working on our Wings.

Let's keep kicking Cig Butt!!


Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflower

Hey everyone,

We are celebrating JR's 2 year anniversary. I want to say one more thing. My brain still remembers that I smoked for 42 years. It pings me sometimes LIGHTLY about a cig sometimes. Not a crave, just a thought about a cig...particularly when I am having a Wonderful cup of coffee with my FV cream and a little sugar. It is PURE JOY...and my mind will sometimes ping CIGARETTE. I smile about it now as my brain remembers how much I enjoyed having coffee and cigs every morning for 42 years. And coffee always tasted better in the fall to me...a little chill in the air, my eyes feasting on autumn leaves. I call this football weather...used to love going to H.S. football games and with marching bands at half time. I could hear the marching bands and whistles & cheers at the games when I lived near a high school for a # of years. I could also hear them practice during the week. Some other posters on here are saying Fall makes them think of and crave cigs. I don't crave cigs, hardly ever think of cigs...but my brain will ping me sometimes with my wonderful hot steaming cup of coffee. I almost had to stop having coffee when I quit smoking as that association was SO strong. I still don't have coffee often now. Not much in summer. I am drinking more this fall since the weather turned cooler. Coffee always tasted better in the fall on cool fall mornings. I might drink coffee now about once a week. And when I have really GOOD coffee, my brain will ping me about a cig. I have forgotten that I ever smoked except for this association with coffee. Just a thought & a smile...more nostalgic now. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Autumn. And for this pandemic to be over. 

Let's keep kicking Cig Butt!!


Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: Molly010


Hey JR!  

Happy belated anniversary!!  Fell behind on checking in and missed it.  Hope you are well!  I have been working during all of this but feeling tired.   I messaged Gloria that I am glad I am not trying to quit smoking during this time.  Way too much happening!  All we need this year is for there to be a zombie apocolypse.  LOL  Any plans for Thanksgiving?  It will just be my and my boyfriend this year but I plan to make a big dinner.  Hope all is well!


From: Molly010


Hi Gloria,

I too have the occasional thought of a cig.  Not a craving, but just a "fond memory."  I also dream sometimes that I am smoking and am mortified during the dream.  I can drink coffee okay, but if I have wine I get the thought.  Not very often but drinking and smoking used to go hand in hand.  

I can't travel this year for the holidays because of Covid, but I am ordering some more Christmas decorations to make our place more festive.  I ordered window candles that have a light sensor so I don't have to plug them in all the time and want to get a nice wreath for our outside window.  I have also been doing some vegan baking.  I have mastered vegan blueberry muffins, and am working on brownies.  The one recipe I have is really good but they come out more cake-like than chewy or fudgy.  Hope you all are well and healthy!  Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't hear back from you.  :)

Hey Molly,

I was gonna at least pm you before Thanksgiving so happy to hear from you here. We have to keep these buddy boards about smoking. Glad you gonna be festive since you chose not to travel for Thanksgiving. I will be with Dad on Thanksgiving since it is my day (I do Tues & Thur). I am not going out of town for Thanksgiving as I normally do. We will have a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal as I will fix chicken and dumplings...we don't need a Big meal for me and him. I will get there super early (5:30 am) so my brother can go deer hunting...that is a big Thanksgiving Day tradition in this rural area. We will not have a big family get together this yr due to Covid. I would be home alone if not at Dad's that day. I see millions are still traveling for Thanksgiving after the CDC says don't travel. I am trying to stay safe and hope to have been vaccinated and safe to celebrate my birthday in June. I have also cancelled my yearly Christmas shopping trip with my bff this year as too dangerous and I refuse to go out of town and eat in the car. I can wait however long it takes to be safe to go inside and enjoy a sit down meal in my fav restaurant. That is one thing I miss the most and big family get togethers with lots of food and fellowship. I decided not to make any more homemade ice cream until this pandemic is over. Maybe we can have a big BBQ on the 4th of July and I can make ice cream for 200 peeps like I used to. Hope it will be safe for get togethers by then. Let's keep our fingers crossed and awaiting the Biden administration to get everything set up so the vaccinations can start next year.

Wishing you a smoke-free (and Covid-free) safe Thanksgiving this year.  I actually have most of my Christmas shopping done. I always shop early. I have ordered most stuff online this year. Will make my final purchases soon so I can mail boxes by the first week in December as we will not have a Christmas get together as well. The toilet paper shortage is back!!! I am so ready for 2020 to be HISTORY!! Ready and looking forward to 2021. 

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be back on here before Christmas. Your muffins and brownies sound wonderful. I am fixing banana puddings for Thanksgiving. Keeping my sweet potato pies until Christmas Day.

Even though this has been an AWFUL year, I am counting my Blessings and have hope for the future.

Let's keep kicking Cig Butt!!


Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflower

Hello Molly, JR, Brian, Debbie, Denim & others,

These boards are really quiet now. Think everyone is busy with holidays, the never-ending election and ready for 2020 to be history. What a year we have lived thru...and Thank God the year is almost over. Over 300k Americans have died from Covid this year but the vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel. And we made it thru without smoking...SO Thankful. 2021 is  gonna be a much better year. I am still SO thankful that I made it thru another year without smoking...still happy and joyful to be a non-smoker. Less thoughts of cigs at this time...even when I have coffee. So much other distractions going on...less time to think of cigs. My 92 Y O Dad is doing great and I am still sitting with/taking care of him 2 days per week and other days prn. It is very hard but is a true labor of love. I always think about how he took such wonderful, loving care of 6 kids and Mom most of his life. I remind myself of that each day that I take care of him. I am SO Blessed. We will not have a family Christmas celebration this year due to Covid. Keeping my foot on the gas to get thru the other side of this pandemic. Hope everyone have a wonderful safe Christmas. I will spend Christmas Day totally alone for the first time in my 67 years. I am gonna enjoy the day watching movies, eating desserts, and will wear new pjs all day. Gonna have a fun day with my doggies. Staying positive about Christmas isolation this year. Not gonna visit Dad as I will be with him 12-14 hrs on Christmas Eve. I will be tired and need rest anyway on Christmas Day. Gonna chillax the entire day. 

Stay safe and keep the faith.

Let's keep kicking Cig Butt!!


Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: Molly010


Hello Gloria, JR, Brian, and Denim!

Hope everyone was able to at least have a peaceful Christmas this year.  No travelling to see family for me either Gloria.  Just stayed home with my boyfriend and watched some Christmas movies.  I cooked dinner and he started a fire in our wood stove.  Turned out to be a relaxing day.

It has been almost 2 1/2 years since we quit.  So happy to have survived 2020 without picking up a cigarette!  Covid numbers in Los Angeles are absolutely terrible.  My co-worker's wife is an ER doctor and they are having to set up tents with heaters outside for patients.  So many more people I know have caught the virus.  Battling Covid while being a smoker puts people at a higher risk of death or ending up on a ventilator so we are ahead of the game in that department compared to where we would have been before we quit.  

My best friend ended up getting it.  She lives in Ohio and quit smoking about 6 years ago.  She did develop pneumonia and ended up in the hospital to be put on oxygen.  The hospital was so crowded where she was that she did not have a room for 2 days.  She had to stay in an exam room.  It was scary for her because the staff was so busy with patients it was difficult to get information about her own case.  She was released after 4 days and given remdesivir.  She said she believes she got it because she started to get a bit careless about wearing a mask.  

I hope everyone is well and staying safe.  Looking forward to 2021 and another year as a non-smoker.  

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Just a quick reply to wish all a happy holiday and echo everyone's wish for a better new year in 2021. Funny, I saw a tee shirt with the line, similar to rotten tomatoes, rating 2020 as one half star, not recommended for viewing.

Its been a strange year and holiday. Our boys did come over for the last week, but we agreed on a strict quarantining before hand and while we are all together. Everyone works from home these days, so isolating, (except to go to the store) was easy, no shopping malls, etc. Cross our fingers that next year will be more closely to norm.

I imagine that I would have used the COVID issue as an excuse to not quit smoking, or starting again, but thanks to this forum and all of you, I don't have to deal with that. I really don't think much about smoking. I played golf the other day with two smokers and thought how long it had been since I even smelled cigarette smoke.

I really hope all are safe and healthy and were able to share the holidays with loved ones, albeit differently this year. Let's still keep first things first this next year and have another great smoke-free year to relish. What ever comes at us, we can handle without having to light up.

Take care and stay safe.


From: CindiS319


Hello Friends and Happy Holidays!  It was really nice to see the post from Brian.  I do miss you all and haven't checked in for a while.  Not too much has changed here in snowy Ohio.  Still working from home....grateful to have my job because we've laid off so many people.  With no foreclosures, my company's business is really hurting.  I know it's just temporary but our staff is down to the bare minimum.  Happy I've survived so far.

Holidays were so-so.  Didn't see my daughter or family.  My parents are struggling with health issues down in Alabama and refuse to come back to Ohio.  They are so dang stubborn so I'm dealing with that frustration.  Hubby is still smoke, smoke, smoking away.  Sometimes I'm jealous and think about having just one, but I know what that will lead to and I'm never going back there.  Also still dealing with putting on weight so I need to get that in check pretty soon (before I grow out of my fat clothes....LOL).  Other than all that, things are good.  wink

One other funny note, I just finished the Queens Gambit on Netflix (great show!) and it just struck me funny how EVERYONE in the 60's was smoking everywhere.  It was crazy and so socially accepted.  Just a random thought I wanted to post.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy and enjoying the holidays.  Sending big hugs to all of you!!