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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 277933 views.

From: Vic091718


You are way too sweet!!!! Very artistically talented too. Glad you saw some old friends. Sorry for the ones you lost. East coast has plenty of rain. I did get a new roof. The rest of the house is good. Yard always needs help though. But all in all we’ve been fortunate. All is good here. Kids, family, friends - no serious COVID issues. Luckily just simple symptoms for those that got it.  Most are now vaccinated. some caught the variant. Was just minor congestion.  I tested positive for antibodies early March last year but was never sick that I recall. I got Pfizer twice jabbed anyway. Suffered enlarged heart symptom for a week - arghhh!!  We’re a lucky group here. Must be my cooking.  Haha. Closed my engineering company in December. Got to be too time consuming. I’m now doing freelance design and consulting for a local firm here and for my clients in about 12 states.  I’m so overpaid but I’ll take it. I’ll keep going for a while. I like playing golf too much. I still cook up a feast for everyone. My better half n me went on a 2 week coastline B&B trip in CA this summer. Was a blast!  Reminded me when I motorcycle toured the west coast after college.  Anyway I’ll keep in touch. Take care of yourself.

A big hello all Ash-Kickers!!!


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From: awaken1961


Just wanted to stop by and say hello hope everyone is well !


From: Vic091718


Wasssuppppppp dawg!!!!  Good to hear from you. Happy 3 years!  I hope you are doing well. 



From: awaken1961


Yup doing good, staying safe , glad all is well with you also , Pats are greatly improved this year, can"t wait till next week and the showdown with Brady !!


From: CindiS319


Congratulations to all you September 2018 folks on 3 years!!!  That is amazing and I'm so happy you're still here!