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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 248306 views.

From: ColainMC


Hey Bo! 

Way to go on 1 month!! clap

I'm on week 3 now too and remembered that special name you gave it today as I burst in to tears over basically spilt milk today. grin All is well now, however! 

Keep up the good work! 


Free since 15 September

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From: Vic091718


Hi all. Congrats to Bo for 1 month!  Your crushing it!!!  Same congrats to you Michele - 4 stars - amazing.   I have now smashed hell week, stomped heck week and am in my 3rd week. Looking forward to getting my first of many stars!  Hang in there Ash Kickers!  Keep up the great work.

 Victor....quit 9/17/18

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Michel

I really love that fourth starfish - hope you've got a never-ending supply!


From: Mrissa


Thank you Bo-Congratulations on your star!!!! Great job!! It's incredible and a major victory!!


From: Mrissa


Thank you relaxed 

It helps to know what's 'normal' or expected...

I'm going to try some of these things 

Hope your day has gone well!


From: Mrissa


Thank you  Sue!

Reading articles is helpful. I'm going to try some of the suggestions. 



From: RoberTu


Hi Sue, thanks again for your support!

September 2018 was the first month since I was a child where I took no non-prescription drugs - no nicotine, alcohol or caffeine.  My only prescription drug was the anti-smoking drug Champix, and this month I only took a total of about three pills, and none for the last two weeks.  I plan to make this permanent, as a healthy and disciplined body and mind are so much greater sources of pleasure in life.

I loved the Very Well Mind blog about delayed gratification - it really helped inspire me


I have been doing hot Bikram yoga three times a week, and that has been fantastic for my overall health and fitness.  The feeling of struggle in the middle of the class, the natural endorphin rush through sustained effort, the glow and achievement on completion each time, getting up early for regular class, all add up.

One of my favourite blogs is Atomic Habits by James Clear, adding up constant tiny efforts to be mindful leads to an overall better direction.


From: DLGR


Hi Mrissa,

Glad you made it through another weekend. I did too   I am switching back and forth between red hots and sunflower seeds and my tongue feels like it does when you bite off pizza that is too hot !  Drinking a lot of water. I try to keep busy and need the diversion while watching TV.  It is not annoying me as much when my husband says "we are doing it baby!"  Because we have a long long way to go and enthusiasm is not really what I feel... Hahaha ...we can do this


From: Lgor


Thank you Bo! 

1 day at a time. I am feeling ok right now. I am using the patch, and nicotene gum if having a strong urge. Im trying not to use the gum too much. 

I have to quit for good!! I'm too old to be still smoking, and I'm starting to really feel it.

I will say however....today my lungs feel clearer. I'm lazy and resting alot, which I can do cause I lost my job a month ago. 

I always used my job and stress as an excuse for being unable to quit, so it just made sense to do it now. I picked sept 29th as my quit date cause it was my birthday. It could go down in history as the best bday gift to myself. 1 day at a time, of course. Thank you for welcoming me



From: Nanp123


Hi Gloria,

Well said - thanks for the needed support! Congratulations on your 64 days and 2 stars!!! 

Today has been a struggle & the beast has been shouting at me  

I am staying strong - I don't want to start over - the first time was hard enough!

I have noticed in the last 9 1/2 days if I have a real bad day, the next day is better so I am hoping tomorrow is an easier struggle.

This forum is my go to place and I am so happy I found it!

Have a great night!


Quit 9/22/18  New season - new beginning